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The Top 3 Ways Of How To Make A Living2 min read

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were earning more money doing something you love? What if I told you there is a way?!

Great Wealth vs. Great Poverty

I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, meeting wonderful people and witnessing their lives and their economies. I have been in countries like Guatemala and Peru where there is great wealth alongside great poverty. What I have come to realize is that, essentially, there are three ways to make a life and a living.

A few years ago I was sitting with a friend who had recently graduated from law school who was smart and did well. He got out of law school and there was no work for him. So, he to get a job at a bank instead. This is nothing new – I have seen the same story over and over of smart people with advanced degrees unable to find employment in their chosen field.

Three Ways to Make a Living

There are three basic ways to make a living. There are those who have some basic training, perhaps some formal education and they end up with jobs that are usually significantly under $50,000/year. There are those who go on to pursue undergraduate or, even, advanced degrees and end up making anywhere between $50,000 to $150,000/year. Most people think these are the only options, the only ways to make a living. Very few people think about another way that some refer to as “The Third Economy” or entrepreneurship. We live in a time of incredible connection and availability of vast amounts of information. The internet has literally changed the world economy and has enabled learning, working and earning possible from anywhere in the world. I personally have worked from several different countries. It’s been wonderful to meet all these individuals, couples and families who are living or traveling all over the world while working using the internet to earn an excellent income doing something they love. The internet has created opportunities for people to easily enter into entrepreneurship while traveling or parenting.


I want to emphasize that there are nearly endless opportunities for entrepreneurship, especially for remote work, that do not require undergraduate or advanced degrees. Though, please understand I am all about education! In fact, I believe that there is never a graduation from learning. Whatever path you choose – whether formal education or not – do it in an exceptional way and become the best at what you do. Just consider that, in terms of earning power and creating a life you love…entrepreneurship is one of the best and surest ways. Entrepreneurs are, by far, the highest paid demographic.