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How to Upgrade Your Life to the Next Level

Are you ready to upgrade your life? I think you are, and I know you can do it! I promise it will make the biggest difference.
After over 20 years of studying personal development and peak performance, I’ve learned that the most effective way to upgrade your life is to upgrade your thinking.
By upgrading your thinking, you will automatically upgrade your life. Here’s one simple technique to do it.

How Can You Upgrade Your Thinking in Order to Upgrade Your Life

To start with, a lot of you know my story. But if you don’t have any idea, here’s a little piece of it.  I grew up in a broken home and I was out on my own in an early age. I went through some really hard years and I wanted so desperately to upgrade my life.

I have been studying personal development and peak performance for over 20 years and I realized that the best way -and the only way- to upgrade your life is to upgrade your thinking.

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The question is: How you can anybody do that?

Well, there is a little trick here that helps. I want you to choose somebody who really inspires you and who’s actually really successful. Then, I want you to think through each of these important areas of life and ask yourself: what would that person think?


What would your idol say about your look and appearance?

What would your idol say about your relationships?

What would your idol say about your health?

What would your idol say about your spiritual side?

What would your idol say about your education?

What would your idol say about your financial state?

Note: Your idol can be anyone. In other words, it could be someone from the scripture, some philosopher, a member of your family, a friend… and so on and so forth.

Personally, Theodore Roosevelt Jn is my inspiration of all time. But there are others of course like Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington… etc And I always ask myself: What would they do in my situation? What would they think about challenges and obstacles? What would they think of the things I am worried about?

The point is we need to shift those thinking habits and alter them in order to upgrade our life.

Your limiting thoughts keep you from upgrading your life!



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How to Stop Caring What Others Think

Life is so good! And it is so individual. Each of us has a special path to follow. You have a mission! You were born to do something great. So do it; and stop caring what others think.  Live greatly, and leave others’ opinion of you and your life, with them.

Live Your Life on Your Terms

One of the most important things you’ll ever do is to stop caring about what other people think! Some people think that it’s impossible to care about the person and not care what they think. But I think that the opposite is true.

I grew up in a broken home. I was on my own in an early age, and I struggled with insecurity, with confidence, with depression. I was so timid and so shy! I couldn’t look somebody in the eye, let alone look at a camera and talk! I couldn’t get in front of a crowd and especially couldn’t talk to girls. I just lived in a shell and walked around with my head down hoping that no one would talk to me. And I lived with this fear of what other people thought. People would make fun of me for all different kinds of reasons, and I lived with that. And I had to overcome that. I had to grow through it.I didn’t want to have walls around my heart, my mind and my life. I didn’t want to be bitter or hurtful, I wanted to love people sincerely and genuinely. I wanted to have great relationships and great connections with people without giving too much power and allowing too much influence from what others thought. At some point, you have to live independent of the opinions of the others so you can live your life at YOUR LEVELS and YOUR TERMS!

How to Live Unconventionally

If you want to go for greatness and want to live unconventionally, if you want to do some crazy things that are great in a great way, then a lot of people are going to criticise you and a lot of people are going  to be bitter. You should hear some of the things that people said to us because we’ve lived unconventionally. We don’t play by the rules of society. We don’t live according to the dictates of social conditioning. We’ve taken our six children to go out and travel the world, make a difference and live a great life. And a lot of people have tried to tear us down and have said horrible things about us. And at some point, you just have to disconnect yourself and say ‘you know what! I value and respect you but I am not going to take on your crap! I’m not going to take what you’re saying into my life. I’m going to disconnect.’

And you may be wondering how to do it. And here is what I’ve learned. It doesn’t always come instantly, but it can. I think that I learned it the slow and hard way, but I would say that the number one way is to have a vision. To have a crystal clear vision of who you are becoming and where are you going. And if you know that, if you’ve got it so clear in your mind and you are just heading there confidently; knowing that it’s great. It’s not pathetic, it’s not mediocre, it’s not bad or negative. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing! You have these desires, these aspirations and this drive to do something great. Hold on to that vision, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Because you know where you’re going and you’re actually taking steps in that direction. At that point you have to say ‘I love and respect you, but I am going to live my life’

Even when family say all of these things you’ve got to say “Sorry. We love you so much but we’ve thought through this very carefully, we’ve studied it out and we have a vision of where we’re going and what we’re going to accomplish.” And if you hold on to that vision, then you get going and it’s awesome and you can be confident in it. Then you get to the point where you don’t even have to think about it. Somebody can say something  great or somebody can say something horrible and you can live independent of the opinions of the others because you know where you are going and who you are becoming, and it’s awesome!

There is greatness in you, huge potential, there is  genius in you. Do not allow others to tear you down and do not give them POWER over your DREAMS! Get out and make them HAPPEN!



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This One Mindset Is Making or Breaking Your Life

Literally, what we think about we bring about. Our minds are powerful beyond our understanding. Your mindset determines who you become and what you accomplish. As a man thinketh, so is he. Seriously, your life will be directly determined by your mindset.

The Difference Between “Can’t” and “Won’t”

I have had the wonderful privilege to travel around the world with my family. I have had the privilege  to meet thousands of incredible people, coach, mentor, speak to large audiences and help youth, adults, rich, poor of many different races, backgrounds and languages. It’s been such a wonderful journey! And one thing I’ve learned that there is a huge difference between CAN’T and WON’T.

Playing The Victim Role Won’t Get You Anyway

Often we get focused on limitations and sometimes we get tempted to play the victim role! In reality, many of us are using the word CAN’T, when really the message we’re conveying is WON’T.  Maybe it’s because of a high price. Everything great has a great price tag. And to often we say ” I can’t do that” when really it’s won’t. ” I won’t pay the price. I won’t get up early. I won’t stay up late. I won’t read those books. I won’t sacrifice some of those silly and trivial things around me.” Get rid of those things and get them out of your life so that you can live in an excellent way.


Set High Standards and High values

I want to challenge you today to set really high standards, get your values super high and be proud and pleased with that quest for excellence. And don’t allow the critics to tear you down.

Stop saying I can’t and start doing it, get that vision and start doing it. And the most important, stop allowing yourself to say “I can’t”. Whatever it takes to be great you will do it because greatness is in you, genius is in you, and awesome-sauce is in you!

So let it come out, do what it takes and join this journey for greatness, for awesome life and for becoming your very best self. Think about this for a second and let it permeate your soul. Envision your potential!   Don’t ever let that “can’t” or that “won’t” get in your way. Clear that path. Forget about what others say to tear you down and to try to stop you. Set a quest for awesome, high standards and super high values. Live that unconventional, great life. Go out and make it happen.



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Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Thinking Patterns. “As a Man Thinketh”

“The men and women who get on in this life are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, they make them.” GB Shaw. Thumbs up for Earl Nightingale and George Bernard Shaw
I completely altered my life by completely altering my thinking patterns and habits. Changing your thinking changes your life.
As a Man Thinketh is one the best books in print. Get a copy and read from it everyday.

How My Life Changed

I want to share a story  about how my life is changed! I remember years ago, I was listening to The Strangest Secret by –Earl Nightingale-. I’ve probably listened to it about 50 times! In that he quoted –George Bernard Shaw– who said:

“ People are always blaming their circumstances for what they as aare. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

That idea just blew my mind! SERIOUSLY! If we change the way we think and what we believe about our circumstances, we can create our own circumstances!  

 I grew up with the “Victim Mentality” where things just “happen” to me. I would say ‘I hope I’ll have a good day’ or ‘I hope that things go ok’…  instead of creating and making things happen!

Here’s what –James Allen–  says in As a Man Thinketh:

“Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realises that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being, out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself”

Denning Family in TulumThis quote is so powerful and so exciting! And so I went out  deliberately to CREATcreat the life I wanted to live! And I’ve done it. My wife and I live a PHENOMENAL life together with our six children! We travel the world and live in a meaningful and purposeful way! We do work we love! And we have so much HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT!!


I am not saying you should live our life, I am saying you should live YOUR LIFE! 

So what’s your dream and how are you going to achieve it? I promise that a huge part of it will come when you take ownership of your circumstances, and you make it happen.




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