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Why You Should Question Conventional Thinking

Some conventional thinking is good; some of it is terrible! Do not be one of those people who floats along blindly through life accepting all the scripts that other people hand out. Choose to question conventional thinking and then wisely embrace the good you find after asking hard questions. Nonconformity can be wonderful, if you’re moving in the right direction. Life is so much better when you find great answers to hard questions.

Conventional Thinking

I want to challenge you to do something and also ask you how you maybe have done it. The invitation is to question conventional thinking! I would love to know: — In the comments section below.

  • What things have you questioned?
  • What is some of the conventional thinking that you’ve  questioned and has brought excellent results to your life?

I wanted to bring out this challenge because I think that it’ s so important. Too many of us are just going through life embracing or accepting or acquiescing to a socially conditioned path! We’re accepting scripts that others are handing out and accepting conventional thinking that was just given to us! And nobody ever stops  to think that there may be a better way! And I believe that each of you has genius and greatness in you. I believe that there is a unique path and a unique mission  for each family and for each individual. BUT, you have to question conventional thinking before it is too late!

Too many people don’t ask until it’s too late like Ivan Ilyich, Tolstoy’s character in his book “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” who doesn’t ask until the end of his life, on his deathbed, and he says: “What if my whole life has been wrong!” But it’s to late then! And the exchange rate has been way too high.

So, I want you to question conventional thinking. But I want you to do it with the right intent! And it’s not just to do something different or just to break away. Some of us just do it to be rebellious, but you don’t want to do that! Don’t do it just because it’s different. I want you to think through it. And you are going to find that some, or a lot, of the conventional thinking is okay and might fit in your life! BUT, at least you’ve THOUGHT through it!! At least it’s deliberate. At least you are choosing it! And that’s the big thing.

Some of it you’ll find, doesn’t take your life where you want it to go. You may want to live differently, to live unconventionally, to live deliberately, to live life on your terms and not fit into the little plan they have prescribed for other people!

Ask Good Questions and Get Great Answers

So whether it’s social or financial patterns and habits, where you live, how you live, your work, mental, emotional or physical patterns… just look around and ask good questions.

Here’s the most important principle,  and I hope that you really let it sink in. One of the best thing we can do in life to can ensure that we have a great life is to ASK really HARD QUESTIONS and get really GREAT ANSWERS!



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This One Mindset Is Making or Breaking Your Life

Literally, what we think about we bring about. Our minds are powerful beyond our understanding. Your mindset determines who you become and what you accomplish. As a man thinketh, so is he. Seriously, your life will be directly determined by your mindset.

The Difference Between “Can’t” and “Won’t”

I have had the wonderful privilege to travel around the world with my family. I have had the privilege  to meet thousands of incredible people, coach, mentor, speak to large audiences and help youth, adults, rich, poor of many different races, backgrounds and languages. It’s been such a wonderful journey! And one thing I’ve learned that there is a huge difference between CAN’T and WON’T.

Playing The Victim Role Won’t Get You Anyway

Often we get focused on limitations and sometimes we get tempted to play the victim role! In reality, many of us are using the word CAN’T, when really the message we’re conveying is WON’T.  Maybe it’s because of a high price. Everything great has a great price tag. And to often we say ” I can’t do that” when really it’s won’t. ” I won’t pay the price. I won’t get up early. I won’t stay up late. I won’t read those books. I won’t sacrifice some of those silly and trivial things around me.” Get rid of those things and get them out of your life so that you can live in an excellent way.


Set High Standards and High values

I want to challenge you today to set really high standards, get your values super high and be proud and pleased with that quest for excellence. And don’t allow the critics to tear you down.

Stop saying I can’t and start doing it, get that vision and start doing it. And the most important, stop allowing yourself to say “I can’t”. Whatever it takes to be great you will do it because greatness is in you, genius is in you, and awesome-sauce is in you!

So let it come out, do what it takes and join this journey for greatness, for awesome life and for becoming your very best self. Think about this for a second and let it permeate your soul. Envision your potential!   Don’t ever let that “can’t” or that “won’t” get in your way. Clear that path. Forget about what others say to tear you down and to try to stop you. Set a quest for awesome, high standards and super high values. Live that unconventional, great life. Go out and make it happen.



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Train Your Brain: How to Practice Better Thinking Habits!

Truly, as a man thinketh, so is he! Thoughts are things. And what we think about we bring about. The great news is that we can train the brain to think in the best way possible. You can alter your thinking patterns and thereby alter your life. Just like you exercise a muscle or practice an instrument, you and I need to practice thinking well.

How to Train Your Brain

Today, I want to talk about TRAINING your BRAIN!

This is, probably, the most important skill and practice you’ll ever have in your life! I know that is a huge bold statement! but , believe me, it really is. Because:

“As a man thinketh in his heart so he is he”

If you haven’t read that book “As a Man Thinketh” by –James Allen– go read and reread it. (You can get it here)

In As a Man Thinketh, –James Allen– clearly points that the way you think affects your health, your circumstances, your character, your relationship, your purity, your spirituality, your attitude, your thinking habits, your thinking patterns and almost everything. It, simply, shapes your whole life.

Now, the great news is that you can actually TRAIN your BRAIN! It is just like you would practice an instrument, like you would practice your skill, your hobby, like you do for work and like any other skill you want to develop. And to be great at anything, you’ll have to train and practice a lot. And it is totally the same with your mind, you have to practice and train your brain. Moreover, that will make the biggest difference in your life!


Let me tell you a little bit of my story as far as brain training. Well, I grew up with all the limiting beliefs. I grew up with the negative Endophasia’!

Endophasia: [en-doh-fey-zhuh, -zhee-uh, -zee-ey] internal speech with no audible vocalization.

So I was telling things to myself like:

‘You are ugly’ / ‘You are fat’ / ‘You are a loser’ / ‘You are stupid’ / ‘You can’t do that/ you can’t do this’ / ‘It is just my luck’

But this is not the right thing. Do not ever identify yourself with that. You have to train your brain to think differently because there is a huge correlation between IDENTITY and BEHAVIOR! In other words, if you tell yourself you are something, you will do it!

There is a great  scientific term called ‘Anticipatory Anxiety’. It means that when you anticipate something, you think about it so much, you actually make it happen! Thus, you have to train your mind to think positively first about yourself and next about how you are going to perform.

Train Your Brain as One of Your Muscles

If you want to get in great shape, you have to train your muscles consistently and push them hard. Right! Well, it is the same with your mind! Whether you want to memorize something, whether you want to become a positive thinker, whether you want to master how your mind approach to problems, and whether you want to become enthusiastic and optimistic, you have to train your brain.

I want you every day to pick something positive and start saying it to yourself consistently. I want you to catch yourself when you are thinking negatively and replace that. The mind can only handle one thought a time, so thought replacement is the best way to do this. So start replacing negative thoughts with positive once. And this is a part of brain training.

This Can Literally Transform Your Life

You can literally transform your habits to think differently. Wherever you feel weak, say that you are going to improve, you are going to be stronger and better. Just train your whole thinking and start doing it with positive thoughts.

You can  literally TRAIN your BRAIN to think POSITIVELY, to respond APPROPRIATELY and I PROMISE YOU this will literally TRANSFORM your LIFE! So train your brain to think the way you want it to think. How? By consistently and repeatedly thinking about positive thoughts  that you know will bring you great success.



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How Super Successful People Think

I know it sounds crazy, but successful people simply think differently then unsuccessful people.
The Great news is that you can change the way you think!
From what you think about most of the time, to how you think about challenges. Altering your thinking habits will literally alter your life.

Five Ways the Way Super Successful People Think 

I will share with you five ways that super SUCCESSFUL people THINK! I am pretty sure that your first reaction  would look like —Come on! How can thinking change something!– But I am here to tell you that it does change a lot! There are thinking habits and thinking patterns that actually work all the time.

Don’t you believe me? Then just give it a try and if it didn’t change anything, sue me! Oh no! I am just kidding haha. But I am super serious about those thinking habits.

thinkAs I moved through my own journey, moving from being alone, homeless and broke to what I am now, gave me huge experiences. I have been studying voraciously for about 20 years! I have been studying success principles and studying the lives of really successful men and women. And I discovered that they think differently! The way they think about a situation, the way they think in general, their habits and thinking patterns are different. And that’s the biggest determining factor! Because what we think about, we bring about!!

It is absolutely critical that if you and I want to be successful and create a life of success; like how successful people have done throughout history; then the first thing we have to do is to learn to think like they think.

#1 Successful People Think in a Successful Identity

Successful people identify themselves as a successful person. So in their mind, they say “ I am SUCCESSFUL!”. Thus, the first thing you have to do is to require a successful identity.

A loser mentality is like “I don’t know how to do this so I can’t do it”

A winner mentality is like “ I don’t know how to do it, but I am going to find out how!”

So, you have to overcome yourself doubt and overcome any thoughts that tear you down. And believe in yourself that you can figure out how to do things and work them out. Successful people eliminate the excuses and say “ I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!” so acquire that thought habit right now and then make it happen!

#2 Successful People Think About The Result but Not The Method 

Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do! For example, if you want to be really healthy and fit, then you have to forgo some of the sugar, junk and all the garbage food. You are going to have to discipline yourself to the right proportion. Well, you don’t have to go into some crazy diet but you need just  to be disciplined and eat healthy food; that taste great as well; with the right amounts.

Remember, always ask yourself this: “ What is the result that I want and what is the price that I have to pay; and be willing to pay that


#3 Successful People Think: First Things First

A lot of people talk about balance, and they think that each thing needs equal time and attention and that’s just not true. Real balance, is giving each thing appropriate attention and time. Successful people think first things first. They get up in the morning, usually write a list of the things they need to do in the night before,  and then they work on that list. Because they have priorities and they identify things that need to be done first.

There are some cool books about this topic:

First Things First by – Stephen R. Covey

Eat That Frog by –Brian Tracy

#4 Putting The Small Things in Place

Extremely successful people do the small things and they do them well. Like what!? Like:

  • Daily rituals.
  • It is choosing to listen to an audio book instead of listening to music all the time.
  • It is the little things like saying ‘I love you’
  • It is the small thing of smiling!

Small people are bothered by small things but great people do not allow themselves to be bothered by small things.

So make sure you do small things in a great way!

I highly recommend you to read:

As a Man Thinketh by –James Allen

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life by –Brian Tracy

Thinking For a Change by –John Maxwell

#5 Successful People Have a Fail Forward Mentality

Really successful people view failure as fertilizer. They are willing to try and fail, knowing that that is the real path to success.

You have to get out, try, stumble and learn new things. Get out and think of failure as a way to succeed. To avoid failure is to failure! But the right way to success is not to be afraid to fail! Super successful people view failure as the path to success!



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Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Thinking Patterns. “As a Man Thinketh”

“The men and women who get on in this life are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, they make them.” GB Shaw. Thumbs up for Earl Nightingale and George Bernard Shaw
I completely altered my life by completely altering my thinking patterns and habits. Changing your thinking changes your life.
As a Man Thinketh is one the best books in print. Get a copy and read from it everyday.

How My Life Changed

I want to share a story  about how my life is changed! I remember years ago, I was listening to The Strangest Secret by –Earl Nightingale-. I’ve probably listened to it about 50 times! In that he quoted –George Bernard Shaw– who said:

“ People are always blaming their circumstances for what they as aare. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

That idea just blew my mind! SERIOUSLY! If we change the way we think and what we believe about our circumstances, we can create our own circumstances!  

 I grew up with the “Victim Mentality” where things just “happen” to me. I would say ‘I hope I’ll have a good day’ or ‘I hope that things go ok’…  instead of creating and making things happen!

Here’s what –James Allen–  says in As a Man Thinketh:

“Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realises that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being, out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself”

Denning Family in TulumThis quote is so powerful and so exciting! And so I went out  deliberately to CREATcreat the life I wanted to live! And I’ve done it. My wife and I live a PHENOMENAL life together with our six children! We travel the world and live in a meaningful and purposeful way! We do work we love! And we have so much HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT!!


I am not saying you should live our life, I am saying you should live YOUR LIFE! 

So what’s your dream and how are you going to achieve it? I promise that a huge part of it will come when you take ownership of your circumstances, and you make it happen.




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