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Discover and Create a Profitable Passion! Do Work You Love and Live Your Legend!

Close to 90% of people dislike what they do for work, or are unfulfilled with it. The average working adult will spend the majority of their mortal life at work.

You deserve to do work that you love and that is very fulfilling  to you. 

Sing Your Song!

Stop focusing on making a living…

Start focusing on making a life.


Thoreau said,

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their grave with their song still in them.”

In large measure, this is because the majority of workers dislike what they do and are unfulfilled.

Do NOT continue doing something you despise.

We are going to talk about how to find your dream, how to sing your song and how to live on purpose!

Well, you have something special to offer this world. If you can get to that strength zone and could work there and create value, then that’s the ideal.

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The question that may be in your head is how to make that happen?

Well, you have to know, absolutely crystal clear, what is your PURPOSE. Then it is going to take a lot of creative thoughts.

  • How can you make it profitable?

  • How can you monetize it?

  • What can you do?

Look around in the market and see if someone is taking any talent that is similar to yours and try to see what he has done with it. And then try to make your own twist and your own touch.

How to Become a Location Independent

There are so many ways to become location independent just because of the internet. You can create your product and start your own business from your own place. Or you can have an informational blog and you can make money that way!

There are many ways from which you can make money, you need just to think creatively and find out how can you create something that people are willing to pay you for it. This will absolutely take some time, so get a big sheet and write down everything you can think about. Do your research and ask other people. Try to find out what you can do!

There are some resources on about how to find a job, so make sure to take a look!

If you are one of the people that hate their dreams, then I highly encourage you to change it! Take the risk and go for something that you love to do. Go after your DREAM! Live your life! Do something that gives you energy and excitement!

If you do not wake up to your opportunity clock in the morning ready to go after it, then something definitely needs to change! You have to live on PURPOSE!

  • If you have to learn some skills, then learn them!

  • If you have to study for something, then study for it!

  • If you have to work hard, then do it!

  • If you need discipline, then try to be disciplined!

I assure you that you can learn things from almost nothing! There is so much valuable information available for free or very cheap on the internet. So make a profit from this!

So if you want to change your field, then go for it!

So again, there  are:

  • Jobs abroad.
  • Your profitable passion.
  • Jobs via internet.

These are few ideas that you can make money from!

There are so many ways that can make you live inexpensively and obtain  that lifestyle! You can go out and have great experiences! Because every experience a person go through, makes him a better person!

It Is Not the Way We Have Been Told It Is

Now, this program has been general. But if you have some specific questions, please feel free to email me and ask me your questions. Also, one of the most valuable resources that we are offering is our lifestyle design course. It is designed to go for a full year. There are many valuable information in that course with specifics, details, videos, audios, writes, and workbooks. There is so much to help you to design your life. And it is so worth it!

I want people to live  their lives, I want them to sing their songs, I want them to get out and see the world, I want them to have INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES and I want them to know that it is not the way we have been told it is!! There are so many alternatives and so many other ways to do it!

Life is exactly what we make it, so let’s make it awesome!



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No Matter Your Circumstances, Life is What YOU Make It!

No matter your past, no matter your obstacles, no matter your circumstances, you have the power to create a life you love! Life is what YOU make it! Let me help you design and create a meaningful and fulfilling life that you will look back on with joy and gratitude. Here’s a video that may literally change your life forever. 

How I End Up With an Amazing Life!

I want to clearly establish one thing. Whatever you passed, whatever your circumstances and whatever your obstacles you can create an AMAZING LIFE! If you are not truly really happy, something has got to change.

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Greg Denning I am Greg Denning. I am an officer speaker, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a life coach. I live an AMAZING LIFE, though I grew up in a broken home! I was all on my own in an early age and life was really tough for me. I went through some really hard times. And I do remember the frustration of knowing that life could be so much better, but not knowing what to do!!

And we will jump forward today, now, I live a FANTASTIC LIFE I have a beautiful wife, we have six wonderful kids and I have so many good relationships.  And together we travel the world. Yes! We travel the WORLD! Our LIFE is truly AMAZING!

I want to assure you, that you can build a fantastic life! Because, if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! If I can go from where I was into where I am now, then SO CAN YOU!!

Life Was Meant to be Fantastic. Here’s How!

Life was meant to be absolutely  fantastic! And there are steps that you can do in order to make that fabulous life.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Put in your name and email below, and I’ll send you great information right away. I’ll send you steps and strategies that are proven and that will certainly bring you results and lasting change to help you create the life that you were born to live.

Wherever you are in your journey right now, I want to help you to take your life to the highest level.

I will certainly help you:

  • To live on purpose,
  • To reach your full potential,
  • And to rock it at peak performance.

You have the POWER to LIVE life on your TERMS!

You DON’T have to settle for a HUMDRUM existence!

You can DESIGN and CREATE an AMAZING life!

AWESOME is always an option! So let’s take this journey together and let’s start today to build the LIFE of your DREAMS!



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How To Live On Purpose

You have a special purpose in life! The key is to find out what it is and then work toward it every day. Your life is SO precious and special. You have a mission to make a difference.

Live On Purpose!

You have a divine purpose in life!  You were born to do something great.  Don’t ever doubt that or let anyone tell you otherwise.  You have gifts and talents, knowledge and abilities that those around you need.  The world must hear your music.

Get up and live each day on purpose.  Why? Because living purposefully every day will quickly add up to an epic life!

You have a special purpose in life! The key is to find out what it is and then work toward it every day. Your life is SO precious and special. You have a mission to make a difference. LIVE ON PURPOSE!

How many of us have no central purpose in life? Just like a Yacht without a destination! Because they have no idea about the way they are taking.

Here are some great quotes from -James Allen-

“They who have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles, and self-pityings.”

“ A man should conceive of a legitimate purpose in his heart and set out to accomplish it.”

These quotes are super great! If we don’t have any destination, if we are not going somewhere and have no clear vision of the way we are taking, then the waves and the winds are going to crush us and leave us in the nowhere!  

Find Out Your Central Purpose

We have got to have a central purpose. We have got to know -with clarity- where are we going. We have got to get up each day and work on our central purpose. So if you don’t know what it is, find out! Don’t go to sleep this night until you have at least some kind of directions.

You may not know a quick clarity today, but start working on it though!

Go After Your Dreams

This is a big deal! You don’t want to get to the end of your life and look back and say -What if my whole life has been wrong!- Do something today and each day that moves you towards your central purpose in life. Something that is meaningful, that is fulfilling, something that really matters and gives you direction! Find out what your central purpose is, go after it, live for it and wake up every day on purpose!

We all have to sing our song and go after it.

Live every day and every moment ON PURPOSE!



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What is My Purpose? Discover Your Passion And Purpose In Life

What you are about to listen to is a recording of Mohamed Tohami’s P.A.S. Technique for
finding your life’s purpose. He did this with one our MasterMind groups and the results were fantastic. 
You’re going to love it! How exciting!

“What is my purpose?”  You’re only one hour away from discovering your life’s purpose.



You will need to use this PDF during the course.

Here’s to discovering and living your life’s purpose!


Here’s the transcription:

Greg: Today, we have a great speaker and a friend as well, Mohammed Tohami. He is a best-selling author and the author of the “P.A.S techniques”. Which is the easiest way to find purpose in life. He is known with his series of interviews of successful people.

PS: He has recorded over  150 interviews.

I am so excited to have him here. Well, I already know what is my purpose but I am so excited because I know that there is more.

So let’s get started and let Mr. Tohami expand and explore. So go ahead Tohami it is all yours.

Mohamed Tohami

Tohami: Thank you so much Greg, I am so excited to be with you today. Just for your information, here in Egypt is 4:00 Am and I have just woke up and it is so good to coach at this time. I just want to know if you all have the P.A.S Techniques exercise sheet. So let me give you a foundation about what is the P.A.S Techniques. P.A.S is an acronym, P stands for Passion, A for Advantage and S for Solution. And I consider those three are the purposes of living. Each sheet that you have has one of these and we are going to cover it so that at the end we will have a very clear and concise purpose. Are you excited about this?

Greg: Yes!

Rachel: Yeah!

Tohami: So let’s start with the first sheet which is Passion. The first small exercise that you are going to do is that I want you to mark all the feelings of interest to you. And you have five minutes to do so. Okay?

Greg: Go ahead and pose the podcast and take your time.

Tohami: The five minutes are over so are you all done?

Rachel: Yes.

Tohami: So the next thing we are going to do is a little interesting game. I want you to imagine that the items you have chosen are in the form of a list. For example, let’s say that you are interested in cooking, traveling, history… etc. So you are going to compare cooking with travel, which one you like and you are passionate about more? So when it is travel, then travel wins and cooking loses. Then take travel and compare it with history, the one which stays wins. So based on this game, you will find out what is your great purpose that you cannot live without.

Now, prepare your list of the things that you like most then compare one item with the other and define which one wins and which one loses. At the end, you’ll come up with one dominant passion.

Rachel: Okay.

Tohami: This doesn’t mean that you have to neglect all the other secondary passions from your life, it is just that you will be focusing on the dominant passion that will lead your life and the other passions with it as well.

So take your five minutes to complete this game.

Greg: I think what makes it so difficult for us to define a passion is that we have so many interests and so many likes.

Rachel: Here’s my list: writing, personal transformation, dreams, and travel.

Tohami: So we have personal transformation and dreams which we find that they are very much related. Therefore, you are left with writing and travel. So let me ask you. Would you like to have a business about writing and write about traveling, self-transformation and everything else you want, or would you like to travel the world and write about your traveling experience and how you see people transform their lives from culture to culture?

Rachel: I pick writing!

Greg: Oh! That’s big.

Tohami: If you are able now to define your dominant passion, we are ready to move on to the advantage part of the game. As you can see in the PDF sheet, you will find fields of interest, just mark the things that you are good at. Except the green box. And of course, if you are good at other things that are not listed here, feel free to add them as well. So take three minutes to complete this one.

We are done with the three minutes guys. And here comes the interesting part. In the green box, I claim, based on 9 years of purpose life changing experience, that anyone can have one dominant advantage in one of five areas (These areas are represented on the green box). So let me explain what each area means so that you can pick up your dominant advantage.

  • Gathering and sharing information: anything that is related information comes under this category.

  • Creativity and imagination: anything that is related to visualization comes under this category.

  • People: the ability to work in teams or to work with new people and strangers. And the ability to understand people and gain their trust.

  • Tangibles: the ability to work with your hands and create things. Basically, anything that you like to do with your own hands.

  • Implementation: the knowledge of implementing things and getting them done.

Of course, you might be good at more than one of them, but we are again looking for the dominant advantage. And you can find it easily by doing one of two things. You can either look at the item that you have chosen in the first exercise and just classify them as you see relevant and then count. The one that has more advantages will automatically be your dominant advantage. The second way is to look at the items that you have marked and see what’s the average and define the dominant advantage that can embrace most of them.

Take a couple of minutes to decide what’s your dominant advantage.

Rachel: I can’t decide which one I’ll pick actually!

Greg: This is awesome! I like seeing this big picture of all the things I like. I love taking the whole picture of what I like and of who I am.

Rachel: So, what did you pick?

Greg: Gathering and sharing information.

Rachel: No wrong! It must be people.

Tohami: Mine was gathering and sharing information too. Although people who know me said that I am good at people but for me, I inspire and move people by the information I already have. That’s why I totally understand why Greg chose gathering and sharing information.

Greg: I love to meet strangers and talk to people but behind it as I looked at all the things I selected, I found that I am so passioned about learning about them and sharing with them what I learned.

Rachel: Yeah! I think your ability to motivate and inspire comes from all the gathering of information you’ve done for so long.

Tohami: Are you all done? If you are, please share with us.

Rachel: Gathering and sharing information.

Woman 1: Mine is definitely people.

Man: Mine is implementation.

Woman 2: I will say creativity and imagination.

Rachel: For me, what helped me decide, even though I like photography and blogging, but to me, it’s less creative than it is actually gathering things and then sharing them.

Tohami: Okay, now let’s move to the final part. It is the easiest one and it is dynamic as well, which means that it can change over time.

Now, you will find items in the white boxes which present ways of delivering solutions. So by dynamic, I mean that the way you deliver a solution can change but still doesn’t do any damage. So pick one thing that you see relevant for you.

Greg: For me, I am going to go with inspire, motivate and counsel.

Tohami: So let’s move to the other boxes, the orange ones which represent the circle of influence. Because to live on purpose you don’t have necessary to change the world. So you are the one who can determine your desire of influence. Would you like to impact a close or a wide circle? The choice is yours. And again it’s dynamic which means that it can start small and then go big and bigger. So just pick one now that you like to have your impact on and then in the future you may want to upgrade it.

Finally, we will come to the most interesting part. From my experience, I claim that we have four solutions that we can deliver to people. These four solutions are represented in the green box.

  • Live better: which is anything related to the quality of life.

  • Connect better: anything that is related to relationships.

  • Perform better: anything related to performing a task in an easier faster way.

  • Be better: how to become a better version of yourself.

So choose between these four solutions where would you fit most. Here’s the question: in which category you want your problems to be solved?

Tohami: Next, you will use this statement to define your purpose in life.


Greg: my purpose in life is to use my gathering and sharing information advantage driven by my passion for personal transformation to help a wide circle of people be better.

Tohami: Awesome!

Man: My purpose in life is to use my implementation advantage driven by my passion for web development to help a close circle of people live better.

Woman 1: My purpose in life is to use my people advantage driven by my passion for cooking to help a wide circle of people live better.

Tohami: My purpose in life is to use my gathering and sharing information advantage driven my passion for success and motivation to help an open circle of people be better.

Greg: Just out of curiosity, how do you define an open circle?

Tohami: That’s the whole world.

I think we are done at the moment and I am so glad to be with you today and I hope that you find this technique useful.

Greg: Thank you so much this was awesome.

Rachel: Yes, very helpful and very concrete.

Tohami: Thank you so much I am so glad to hear that.


Click HERE for Tohami’s website.

Click HERE for Tohami’s FaceBook page.



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