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How to Prioritize Your Life and Live Accordingly.

How to prioritize your life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.
Most people do not live according to their priorities.
They say one thing, but their actions and habits are incongruent. Learn to clearly identify your top priorities and then set up your goals, schedules, actions and habits to actually do what you know.

Feed Your Spirit

You and I need to have our priorities straight, though it can be so frustrating sometimes because we know what we should do but we struggle a lot in doing it. As I am coaching and mentoring I find that people do not do what they know they should, therefore, here is a great lesson that helped in solidifying things for me.

No Bible No Breakfast

It was just after Rachel and I were married and we went out to visit my mom’s cousin –I have never met him before–. We knew that he lived in a beautiful mountain  town just outside of Sun Valley Idaho. So we went there and stayed for sometime and I have the habit of getting up early in the morning to read scripture and great books.

So I got up at 5:30; it was cold winter time, I went down and set on fire and he was already down there reading his bible! Then I asked him how long he has been doing this great habit and said that he was doing it for years and years. I asked him again how he actually can discipline himself to do that though it is very hard? And he said, –well, I know that it is as  important as to spirit and nourish my mind as it is my body! And  I made a commitment with god, no bible no breakfast–.

I found that this was really awesome! Because reading the bible and nourishing his spirit was at the top of his priorities.

Put First Things First

Thus, I want to share this idea with you. You need to put first things first and you need to DISCIPLINE yourself. My cousin refused to feed his body until he first fed his soul, therefore, I want to challenge you to do the same thing. Set up a system, a rule, a commitment or anything that works for you well and that helps you to put your priorities first. Where the things that matter most, get done.

We should not be going through life and struggling for years and years doing things just like that. Instead, we need to be doing the things we know we should be doing.

So come up with your own little commitment and make sure every day to do the things that are most important.



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The Tripod of Success: 3 Essential Elements of EPIC Life!

Life is precisely what you make of it! That’s great news. We get to choose how our life will turn out and who we will become. We are not pawns or victims; we are agents. I’ve been studying successful lives for over 20 years and I’ve learned that there are three essential elements to living an epic life: Passion, Priorities, Perspective. Read this brief article to learn how to build your epic life on this powerful tripod.

Find Out How to Live an Epic Life

I really do live a FANTASTIC life! I am not saying this to just be –in your face– or something like this, but I am deeply grateful for a wonderful life! And I want to make it very clear that this was not the life I was born to. With God’s and some really awesome people’s help, I have built my life from the ground up. And you can do this too!

I believe that an EPIC LIFE is built on a TRIPOD of three things:


[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

#1 Passion

Passion: noun  pas·sion  \ˈpa-shən\ It is defined as the enthusiasm and the excitement. Something that just lights your fire. And in this case, it is a PASSION for life! So I have to ask you:

  • Are you really alive?
  • Are you truly really happy?
  • Are you passionate about your marriage?
  • Are you passionate about being a great parent?
  • Are you passionate about keeping your body in a great condition?
  • Are you passionate about eating great healthy food?
  • Are you passionate about God?
  • Are you passionate about maintaining inner peace?

I constantly say and sincerely believe that if you don’t get out of bed excited about your life, then something needs to change! There is no reason that you do not wake up every day excited and alive! Life is exactly what we make of it, so let’s make it with passion

So I want  you to do a little exercise.

If you were to take a pie chart and divide it up, what’s the emotion that you feel most of the time? Is it frustration, anger, anxiety or just ‘blah!’?

What is your predominant emotion?

Find out what you are most passionate about. Make sure to not be passionate about dumb things because that won’t bring you the results that you want. Instead, get passionate about things that matter. So find your meaningful passion and start living it today!

Passion will change your life!

Be passionate in every role and life will be EPIC!

#2 Priorities

Priorities: noun  pri·or·i·ty  \prī-ˈȯr-ə-tē, -ˈär-\ It is defined as a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

I have to spend most of my time with my wife and my children. For the moment, we live in beautiful Costa Rica, we travel together a lot and we have such an amazing life. This is not because we are lucky but because we are intentional and we are prioritized. The one important thing that I have learned during the climbing off my loneliness and hurt is prioritizing. I learned that I had to put the most important things first. And then I had to live according to my priorities. Most people  do not even have a written list of their top priorities.

So I challenge you to prioritize your life, give it the time, the intention and you have got to have the discipline to put boundaries in place.

You want an EPIC LIFE, then prioritize it!

Put first things first, do not make exceptions to those rules and your life will fit in the place!

#3 Perspective

Perspective: noun  per·spec·tive  \pər-ˈspek-tiv\ It is defined as  the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance

Losing perspective can bring about so much misery and so many problems. But if we maintained perspective, then that is one of the greatest keys to success. To see clearly and keep things in their proper place is one of the things that I had to do in life and it helped me so much in creating an EPIC LIFE!

Whenever things didn’t work out, whenever there were failures, whenever  plans didn’t go as we thought they would or anytime that there was a time of trial, struggle or turmoil, if we remember what matters most, then problems will be solved!  

So keep the perspective! Remember what matters most. Remember that you can always outgrow your trials. And that life can be fantastic and EPIC, if you will MAINTAIN PERSPECTIVE!



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How to Stop Being Bothered by Small Things and Actually Live Your Priorities!

A lot of people live in an almost constant state of frustration; being bothered by all the little things that often go wrong. There’s a way to get over that; there’s a way to out grow it. The other great tragedy is that so many people go through life talking about their priorities but rarely ever LIVING their priorities. There are a few proven strategies that you can put in practice right away to make sure you live your priorities.


You will have in your life the things that are most important to you, and you cannot outsource your priorities! For example:

  • You cannot have someone to do pushups for you.
  • You cannot have someone to eat healthy for you.
  • You cannot have someone study for you.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

You will have something in your life that is most important to you, and you will improve that by your ACTIONS!

Our actions, words, and thoughts reveal us. We can actually say what is important for us, but what we do reveals the truth.

We have got to line up our ideas, thoughts, and actions so they are moving toward our goals and dreams and living on purpose!

Being bothered by small things is the business of small people!

What Bothers you, Reveals the Real You

a bothered


What bothers you to a large degree, reveals your level of development!  It reveals where we are in our priorities. And big people are concerned with big things obviously. We cannot maintain excellent priorities and pathetic priorities at the same time. So it is very insightful for us to take a good look at what bothers us. Because it is indicative at where we are in our priorities.


What we are consumed with, what we are concerned about and the things that can bother us can be indicative. And so if you get bothered by small things -like me- my invitation is to outgrow that. You need to establish those priorities so clearly that small things don’t even get in the way.

a focuse


Take a good inventory of what bothers you and keep your look focus on what matters most. Let’s move past the ‘Mickey Mouse’ problems! And keep your focus up! Let’s look to God, to greatness, to our top priorities and not be looking down at the little things that can get in the way.



Let’s reveal our ACTIONS and let’s make them crystal clear. Every positive change in your life will come with a clear unequivocal decision to either start something or stop something. That clear decision of where are you going.

Eliminate everything else gets in the way! If you have to move to a minimalism, then DO IT!

Write down how are you going to dedicate mind, thoughts, energy, and emotions to live your priorities.

Decide clearly:

  • What obstacles are in your way.
  • What things that are lower in the priorities list are acting as blocks
  • Make a resolution.

Be determined and disciplined to remove out of your path whatever prevents you from moving forward fast.

Make sure you make those clear decisions


Go after your DREAMS, go after your GOALS, set higher PRIORITIES and GO FOR IT!



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You’re Not Taking Your House to Heaven! Perspective and Priorities

It’s so easy to get distracted by things that don’t really matter that much. It’s also very easy to allow your priorities to get out of order.
A balanced and happy life, is the result of living according to your priorities.But most people spend their days doing things that aren’t their top priorities! And how you spend your days is how you spend you life.Watch the video to learn how to live your top priorities.

You’re Not Taking Your House To Heaven!

Isn’t there something wonderful about having a nice cozy home? A comfortable place, your own little haven, and your own refuge. Having a nice place that you can call yours. Where you can go out in the world and have your experiences and your adventures and travel and come back and have a place that’s yours. It’s wonderful; you can fix it up and make it nice and have your own paradise. But far too often, too many of us get too attached to a house or a home and we get our lives out of balance. We spend too much time, money, energy, thought, effort and emotion on the temporal things that surround us. We get too worried about what the neighbors think about our house and about the decorations being all perfect. We get out of balance. But you’re not going to take your house to heaven!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

What we take to heaven is what we’ve become, or who we’ve neglected to become. When it’s all said and done, when we leave this world, we leave behind all temporal things. That sheds a lot of light when some of us are more worried about the dishes or the kitchen than we are about our education. We don’t think about what we’ve learned and what we’re learning. We spend way more time cleaning the baseboards than we do reading great books and memorizing great things. You’re not taking your kitchen sink to heaven!

I really doubt that when we get to heaven God is going to ask for an accounting of how many nights you went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. He’ll probably ask you about your knowledge of the scriptures and his word and about how many people you served. About how many great things you read to your kids and how much time you spent with them. We lose perspective when we are more worried about what’s hanging on our wall in our living room than what is hanging in our minds and what feelings are going on in our hearts.

The Inside Is What Matter Most

Let’s not be so concerned with every detail in the house until we’ve been concerned with every detail inside the heart. I suspect that the lord is going to ask us about our relationship with our spouse and about our relationship with each of our children. He’ll ask us about the positive impact we’ve had in the world, and most importantly, who we’ve become. He’s going to ask about the state of our souls, and if our spirits are strong. He’ll ask if we filled our lives with great things and if we’ve filled our minds and hearts with wonderful things. If we’ve developed self-mastery and self-discipline.

I want you to remember that. I want you to remember that you’re not taking your house to heaven! Or your car! Or your wardrobe! Or any other things because it ALL stays behind. What you take is who you are.

Have You Reached Your Potential?

 Have you developed a fantastic attitude? A well rounded and refined character? Let’s maintain perspective when we get worked up about the floor needing to get vacuumed or swept, or when the kids track mud all over the house from some hole they dug in your yard. Again, let’s  keep perspective because you’re not taking your house to heaven. Let’s be less concerned with temporal things and be more concerned about eternal things. The most important thing is who we are becoming and not how much time we are spending on things. Many of us are very particular and concerned about the outward things and even our outward appearance and we neglect the deep things.

Spend more time on your education. Spend more time on developing attributes and characteristics. Be more disciplined  and hard on yourself about your growth. Be concerned about you! Don’t neglect your mind and your body and your important relationships. Go after it! Go after your improvement! If we were half as concerned about our personal development as we are about our living room then we would really start to make progress.

Let’s reach upward! Remember what matters most. Have a long term vision. Think into eternity and care about the things that we ought to care about most. We can’t do everything but we can do the things that matter most. So let’s do them and,



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