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How to Become a Minimalist

A lot of people understand why they should become a minimalist, but may not know how to become one. In this blog post we cover some of the first steps.  In order to change anything in your life, you first have to change how you think about it. To become a minimalist you have to begin thinking like one.

Here’s an Answer for You Withing The Following Lines

Well in my other videos I talked about MINIMALISM and it’s principles. But people asked how to actually do this? How can the person  make that convergence and how can he make a change?

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Too many of you know my story. I grew up in a broken home… I found myself alone in an early age… but I went through stages when things started to get better in life and I started gathering stuff… And I had to have more…

I guess what I have to say  about how to become a MINIMALIST is that you have to know what you really want. And then there is a point when you realize that too much stuff -stuff which brings no value to your life- gets in the way of what you really want.

In order to become a MINIMALIST, you have to really know what you want.  I guess you have to get to a point when you can get a value experience and a quality of life more than the quantity of stuff. And that can be difficult for a lot of us because we live in a society where clever marketers have convinced us that having a lot of things is the dream and that you’ll be happier and you’ll be better . So you have to make a mind shift and say no I value the quality of life, I value freedom and time and experience, more than I value stuff.

So we have to go through that transition. But first,  you need to have that mindset of selling valueless things. I know that this could be very hard especially at the very beginning. But guess what! You will get your FREEDOM back!

We Are Minimalists and We Live an Awesome Life!

Denning FamilyWe –me and my family– live as minimalists and we have few positions. We keep the things that we can pay for them cash and that bring real value to our lives. We have very few things so that we can travel without that weight and without to worry about the stuff and who’s taking care of them. We have the freedom to go out and experience life.

And I would say that most people are stressed out and want more freedom. They want thoughts freedom, energy freedom and financial freedom.

From my own experience in life, I figured out that living with few things can make life  richer, and a lot freer.  You only have to shift your mind and bring everything in your position  to test. If it doesn’t match up with your highest ideals, then let it go, just get rid of it!

If you are questioning about something just leave it aside in somewhere as long it is gone and you can live without it. And the people who did this challenge feel that they have more freedom and that they don’t miss those stuff. It even gives you thoughts freedom to focus on you and on your relationships.

Here’s a Challenge for You

So my challenge for you is  to  start clarifying what matters for you most in life.

Make that mental converge, know what you want, identify it clearly, put everything you have in your position to the test and then take action. And you will  start moving into a life of freedom, fulfillment, and real happiness.



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Minimalism Lifestyle and Family Life.

Lifestyle matters! A minimalism lifestyle is one of the most rewarding and freedom-filled ways to live. But for those who really want the rewards and the results, it has to be a lifestyle, not merely a checklist. For those of us who embrace the minimalism lifestyle, the benefits and blessings for our families are spectacular!

Minimalism As a Lifestyle

I want to share a quick message with you today about MINIMALISM as a LIFESTYLE and how to FIX FAMILY.

We are here in the stunning shores of Costa Rica for a few weeks as a family on vacation and it is just spectacular!  We came down here with almost nothing but just a few changing clothes and some books.

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And here is what I did this week, I have been reading three books:

And all these books meet together and show how MINIMALISM can make life so much FREER. In each of these books, there are real people who lose their freedom and got so cut off, they are so busy, they are over scheduled and have too many things going on.

Work As Hard As You Can, and Then Take a Good Rest

Sometimes we think that MINIMALISM is ‘get rid of your stuff’ and that the more things you have the more bills you’ll have. Some people are so stressed, their life is so hacked and this affects their health, their relationships, their emotions and everything. This is because they have so many bills to pay, so many things to take care of, they are over scheduled and they just don’t feel FREE!

So we have got to be able to set aside  free time,  to just relax and recover. Too many of us are  just like “ go,go,go..” and never stop to recuperate.

So when you are going after it, go hard, work hard and push all your limits physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Push hard but then rest. Don’t get so overworked, so over scheduled  with so many things that do not allow you to have time to just practice MINIMALISM and real FREEDOM.

How About Taking This Good Challenge

I challenge you, in each of these important areas in your life, to eliminate something that brings you more freedom. Whether frees up from stress, whether frees up from financials or even a little time. Because maybe some people are thinking so much,  they always work so hard, the first thing they do in the morning is checking Emails, answering messages, checking their Facebook and so on! Those people are so SWAPPED!

So I am challenging you in each of those areas to eliminate one thing that can bring you more freedom, peace, and more time just to relax and recover.

So push yourself hard but then have recovery time because that will affect your family and everything around you.

So this week, take action and eliminate something that brings more freedom and happiness to your life and your family. And I promise that your life will be so much BETTER!



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Minimalism Matters, Frugal Living Can Give You Perspective and Freedom!

It’s great to have nice things. There are so many wonderful inventions that make our lives so much better. If it edifies you and brings real value to your life, then keep it. If not, maybe you should consider living without it. Living simply makes a difference.

You Actually Own Nothing

I am Greg DENNING, the author and creator of Get Out and Live How to Create a Life That Really Matters and The Five Fundamental Factors for a Fantastic Life”.

the new testamentA great story in the new Testament where a rich young ruler comes to Jesus and says: “Master what do I need to do to be saved?”

And Jesus says to him: “You need to keep the commandments”

And he named the commandments and the rich young ruler said: “ I have done these in my youth. What lack I yet?”

And Christ responds to him specifically: “Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor”.  And the rich young ruler went away sorrowing because he had many great possessions.

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I’m not exactly sure what all of this means and there may be multiple meanings but here is what I know.Being ATTACHED to stuff and to things, PREVENTS us from making PROGRESS in our lives. Whether that’s spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially or in our relationships. Being attached to things can cause problems. There is a Chinese saying that says:

“I never saw the rise of the moon, so well until my house burned down”

Once you are free from that, you will see better. Things are great and I do love things. I love having nice clothes, I love my MacBook, I like cameras and lighting systems.. and there is a lot of great stuff in the world, but we have got to be careful how much of that we bring into our lives. And more importantly, we’ve got to be careful how  attached we get to them.

You really CAN’T own anything! Because when you die and leave this life, you are not taking anything with you EXCEPT WHO YOU HAVE BECOME. That includes knowledge, experiences, characteristics, values, beliefs and understandings. Everything else that is physical remains. And that is a profound lesson for all of us, everything is  temporary and we are just taking care of it for a time.

So how that does change things for you?

You really CAN’T own anything. Does that shift your mindset now about how you feel toward things?

-Bertrand Russell- said:

“It is the preoccupation with possession more than any other thing that prevents men and women from living freely and nobly”.

So what do you become when you are attached to possessions?

How to Be Detached From Ownership

You need to learn how to detached from that kind of ownership that ties us to something. Eventually, you get to a point where your possessions possess you. And you don’t own things because they own you because you end up giving all  of your time, effort, energy, money, and resources to taking care of your stuff. And that brings us to an idea of having sufficient for your needs. And I am not about getting rid of everything because I know that there are some good things that bring real value into our lives.

I can never judge or tell a person what is sufficient for their needs We just can’t do that. But I can wholeheartedly and without reservation encourage and challenge everyone to live simply, to live freely and to live without the burden of possessions and to try to reclaim your life and break away from being consumed by consumerism.

There is a great example of this in the great book “Les Misérables by -Victor Hugo-  the priest in the beginning who is an absolutely incredible man. The first 100 pages describe how a great  man he was. It says that  large sums of money passed through his hands but it did not change the way he lived. He stayed with a simple life doing good and serving and so he was able to let all of that abundance come in through his life without changing the life of simplicity that he had chosen. He wanted to live purely, fully and meaningfully.   

Here’s a Challenge for You

I want to challenge you today, and this could be tough, to get rid of anything and everything in your life that you keep because of status or ego. And learn to eliminate anything that is unnecessary from your life. Remove anything from your life that tears you down, that is holding you back and distracting you from living with purpose. And this gets to anything or anyone that brings negative energy to your life, or anything that makes too many demands on your time, attention, your feelings, your attitude and even your stress level. A lot of people are stressed out  because they live in a constant state of fear or worry about their things. But if they would remove all of that then life would be so rich and fulfilling.

So start today, grab something that is ATTACHED to your ego or your status, something that is just taking too much, and if it is not edifying your life, if it is not blessing your life and your family, and if it’s not adding real value to your life, then have the courage to get rid of it.

Start today to clear the path, get the obstacles out of the way so you can really move forward without that extra load. And get to where you are free to focus on what you want your major purpose to be in life.

Learn From Gandhimahatma

Gandhi did that so well. He had so few possessions and ironically he had far less than the people he served. And that is because there is a difference between living simply and being poor. Poverty is a mentality and a lot of people think that if I have few things then I am poor. Gandhi chose to live simply so that he could focus on serving the people. And look what he did for billions  and we are still talking about him today, and yet he had so few material positions.

I don’t think that all of us should get rid of all of our stuff and go out and live that ultimate simplicity, although there may be some of you that want to do that and if that desire is in your heart then go make it happen.   

But otherwise, I just challenge you and invite you again to get down to a minimum level. It’s like things pile up to the point where you can’t see because they block your view. We need to bring them back down so that you can have a clear and proper perspective of the world and of life and to clear away the rubble and the clutter out of the way so that you can take off running in the direction of an EPIC life that is so exciting and fulfilling for you.

We have become experts in acquiring more stuff but completely incompetent to be able to use value and enjoy what we already have.

We can minimize. So many people have done it and it’s hard but once they drop that extra load, life becomes so much better. Some people even say that they don’t even care about their stuff anymore and life is so much more enjoyable because they don’t even have to think about their stuff and they can focus more on their children, and service, and on what really matters most.

Bertrand Russell also said:

“To be without some of the things you want is indispensable part of happiness”

There is also a Swedish proverb that says:

“He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself”

Again, keep what you really need and the rest  give it away.

Attachment to stuff  is a cage that keeps a bird from soaring to freedom.

I want to give you another challenge. I sincerely think that everyone at some point ought to move away from what they know and from where their comfortable and just break away. And move to another country or city or just move to another place. Go somewhere else where you don’t have your status and things, and for some time, you can even disconnect from technology. I don’t want to be extreme because I love iPad’s, iPhones, the internet and all of these wonderful things we have. But it’s started to overcrowd our lives so we have to be able to disconnect and have quiet time. I challenge you to just leave it and go away. Break away from that a little while and just live with who you are and see how it opens your vision and understanding and changes the way you view things.

Again, I challenge you to focus on what matters most, remove the clutter and live deliberately. Don’t let it jeopardize your relationships and your purpose. And don’t die with your song inside you because you were distracted by things and stuff.

Ivan Illich who I’ve mentioned before was trying to keep up with social expectations and had spent his whole life trying to get the things, status,  and recognition. Ironically he died while trying to impress people. He fell and got hurt and on his deathbed he asked  what if my whole life has been wrong? He is a fictional character but there was a real woman who spent her life with all her nice things and her house was so fabulous that she didn’t want her children or grandchildren to come over because she was so concerned that they would break things. Later, she found out that she had a terminal illness. She regretted so much about carrying a lot about her stuff and things and neglecting the ones she loves the most.

So let’s not do that. Let’s create and design a wonderful life and let’s not get the barnacles on us like a huge ship so that we can’t just really move forward or cage ourselves in our things.

Go out and create your world. Get rid of something today, get down to a minimalist level where you can see clearly, where your  path is clear and you can move forward to the direction of your DREAMS.


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A Call For Minimalism. Your Things Are Keeping You From Living On Purpose!

Too often we don’t own things…things own us. Everything you have takes up either thought, space, energy, money or effort. So make sure that whatever you have really adds value to your life’s mission and purpose. Minimalism brings freedom! Here’s a six minutes video that will show you how to be a minimalist.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

Get Rid Of the Unneeded and Do Something You Love

anonThis next section on luxury needs a bit of processing so I am not misunderstood. I want you to know that we operate from a bounded mentality.

I want to really define that luxury and the definition says: It is nonessential but desirable thing that is either expensive or difficult to obtain.

We had a huge house and a wonderful car and that was great and really fun to have all those things! But once we got rid of them and cut down to what we really need -things that help us to live on purpose-,  the feel of FREEDOM and RELAXATION came and replaced the things, which is WONDERFUL indeed.

You don’t have to have all the things. There are so many people in our culture that have gotten in the trap of excessive consumerism.  Buy the things that you really  need and want, and cut out the rest. I don’t ask you to live small but to live on purpose. So there is a fine line there if you cross it, it leads you to distraction.

The message is do something you absolutely  love.

Do Not Exchange Your Life for Money!

a stuffI mentioned that I am not willing to EXCHANGE my life and my time just for MONEY. I don’t want to exchange my life with something I don’t want to do or that I am just doing it for money. 

We have to do something that we love and that we are so passionate about. Something we can do and bring great value to the marketplace with it. It doesn’t have to be a “job”, but it is living on purpose, creating values and doing what you love.

So this is the EXCHANGE! I want to EXCHANGE my life to live on PURPOSE!
Well, you don’t have to live in poverty, you don’t have to live with nothing -although some of you may want to do this-  but do whatever works for you.


Focus on Great Purposes

a richI want you to focus on a great purpose. To be happy, successful and to have great relationships. And this doesn’t require luxury.

Sometimes luxury can be good, but when it gets to be a life distraction, then it is time to cut and get rid of it and to focus on what really matters.

And honestly, we have found so much happiness and joy with total simplicity. When you don’t have to care about all those things then you are free to focus on LIVING ON PURPOSE. And when you eliminate all the stuff, when you cut the adds and the unneeded things, you get freedom and a wonderful life.And it is just peaceful and I love it!



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Life is Not a To do List. Living a Life of Simplicity

Do you want a more meaningful exciting life? Do you want to be your best self? Do you want to have great relationships?

Too often and too many don’t know how to take the first step toward their goals. Righteous, powerful and meaningful goals.

So whether you are struggling in relationships, you are sick of being overweight, you are battling depression, you hate your job or you just want to have a meaning and purpose in your life, then the principles I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your dreams today!


Live a life of simplicity,

…of meaning,

…of purpose,FootballLasPenitas

…of significance.

Live a life that matters!

Life can have a simplicity that is so real and so enjoyable.

Life is something we experience, not just do.


There is great value in having goals and objectives and working hard to achieve them. But there is also tremendous value in a life of simplicity.

We’ve all felt the frustrations of being pulled in too many directions; of having far too many things “to-do.”

 Life is not a ‘to do list.’

Beware of the “burden of possessions.”

Too many attach their personal value and success to how many things they can acquire.

We’ve been so blessed and privileged to live in third world countries where we have observed the simplicity and happiness of so many wonderful people who have so few worldly possessions.



We will talk about the great principle of living with simplicity.

You and I have felt those frustrations of being pull to all different directions and having too much on our plate. But wait a minute, life is meant to be enjoyed! Life can have a simplicity that is so peaceful, so sincere and so real. Life is not a ‘to do’ list, life is something we experience and there is value in having goals and having a list of valuable things to get done. There is also a tremendous value in having a life of simplicity.

So I want to illustrate this principle starting out with Aesop’s Fabel.

The Fir Tree and The Bramble.

ass“A fir tree was boasting to a bramble and said somewhat contemptuously “you poor creature, you are of no use whatever. Now, look at me I am useful for all sorts of things, particularly when men build houses they can’t do it without me then”. But the bramble replied : “Oh that’s all very well! But you will wait till they come with axes and saws to cut you down and then you wish you were a bramble and not a fir.”

Better poverty without a care than wealth with its many obligations.

The fir in the fabel illustrates the ego in so many people. Those who always want to elevate themselves above others and they get cut in their foolish pride and their ego. When the axes and saws come, so many live beyond their means.

Often, one of the great struggle that comes to many is the burn of possessions. Many people think that owning stuff gives them value. And life is not about things!

It’s been such a wonderful privilege and lesson for me because I was cut up in it. I wanted to have all the nice things and own all these great possessions.

We lived in a few third world countries and we have seen there absolute simplicity and great happiness! And yet, they own SO FEW things!! So little of what this world has to offer and yet they are still happy. And this was a great lesson for me.

There is joy and peace that come from simplicity and from owning fewer things.

Is having things bad? No, not necessarily. But it can be distracting. And the less you have things to take care about, the more time value you’ll have.

  • Better simplicity without a care than complexity with all its many obligations.
  • Better to have your needs fulfilled without a care than to have your greeds with its many obligations.
  • Better to be small and debt free than to be large and debt filled.

Let’s reach upward toward a life of simplicity and get all the distractions out of our lives. And live life that is simple as base level where we can really focus on a life that really matters.