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How To Be a Better Spouse-This May Hurt

Marriage can be one of the most wonderful things in life!! But you have to work at it…hard. Here’s something that will really make a difference.
Seek to be the best partner and spouse that you can possibly be. Yes, there is always room for improvement! 馃檪
194503_1817019538008_472500_oWant to save your marriage? Want to drastically improve your relationship in every way? Then start with this one simple tip and you’ll soon experience the difference.
Here’s to your newly improved marriage!

How to Evaluate Yourself & Be a Better Spouse

I want to share an experience I had which really made a big difference. I went on a speaking tour up to the states and I super missed my family and I couldn’t wait to get together. While I was there I had plenty time to think and evaluate myself.

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  • 1185922_10151869812947412_1422219833_nHow can I be a better husband and a better father?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • How can I be a better me?

I made some commitments and then when I came home I did what I want to challenge you to do. To be honest, this can be tough but you have to be willing to do it and set aside all your ego and move it out of your way.

The challenge is I want you to sit down and ask your spouse:

  • How can you be better?
  • What he/she wants you to improve?
  • Are doing things that annoy her/him?
  • Would you like me to do things you wish I did –that I don’t–?

There may be things you have been doing for your whole married life and your spouse had just dealt with them. Therefore, I want you to go at the right time and in the right way and do the challenge. And yes, keep in mind to be open for anything! And this is such a great way to get your spouse to be totally in love with you again. You also need to keep in mind 聽to be cool and not defensive at all.

Everything Gets Better As You Do

Marriage matter so much my friends! We all want to have a happy awesome marriage; totally authentic, open, exciting, wonderful and fun. Hence, we need to work on improving ourselves as much as we can and we need to be willing to change any kind of a habit that gets in the way of our happiness. And I promise, if you do that, your spouse will jump out on board and you’ll create an awesome marriage!

Always ask your spouse how can you be a better person and your marriage will be better as well. Because everything gets better as you do!



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Derogatory Marriage, One Sure Way To A Mediocre Marriage

I see couples who are very basic to each other. Indeed, even in jokes or in dos, never at any point do that! Try not to turn down your life partner or yourself. In any case, rather, be a person that is constantly positive, constantly complimentary, continually enlightening and particularly your spouse.聽

Derogatory Marriage

There are a few things in life as great as a great marriage. And on the other side there are a few miserable things as a marriage when it is not working. I want to talk this morning about one thing which is a DEROGATORY MARRIAGE.

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de路rog路a路to路ry : /d蓹藞r盲伞蓹藢t么r膿/聽adjective

  • 聽Detracting聽from the character or standing of something 鈥攐ften used with to, towards, orof

  • 聽 Expressive of a low opinion :disparaging <derogatory remarks>

  • showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
  • Expressing a low opinion of someone or something : showing a lack of respect for someone or something.


The word DEROGATORY means disrespectful. Well too often I see couples who are critical to one another. Even in jests or in jocks, never ever do that! Do not turn down your spouse or yourself. But instead, be a person that is always positive, always complimentary, always edifying and building others, especially your spouse. Make sure to always speak good about your spouse and yourself as well.

Be Positive and Always Focus on The Good

So let us make sure to be always positive, to always build others and ourselves. When you are speaking about your spouse in front of others, speak highly. ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE GOOD! This will affect the way you think and it will affect the way you treat your spouse. And the result is to have a fantastic marriage!

Never Ever Turn Down Your Spouse

One great principle is to NEVER EVER EVER turn down your spouse! Always seek to build and compliment. It is a little thing though, but I promise that it will make a huge difference in the quality of your marriage!




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Two Commitments For A Remarkable Marriage

Life is often a matter of ‘gettin-er-done’; of doing the things we must. In the aspects of life that really matter, we’ve got to move beyond “I should do that” to “These things I will do.”

Marriage is one of those critical aspects of life. Certainly in the ‘Must Succeed’ category.

Winston Churchill once said that,

“it is of no use saying “I did my best.” You must succeed at doing what is necessary.”

I believe these two commitments are part of ‘doing what is necessary’ for a successful marriage.

1 Commit to make the most of yourself.

Many individuals consciously, or unconsciously, commit to make their spouses better. But too few make and keep the commitment to consistently improve themselves.

Make it easy for your spouse to stay attracted to you. Don’t let yourself go… emotionally, socially or physically!

-Some couples take up permanent residence in their sweats, and then consume junk food until they push the elasticity limits of those sweats. Get in shape and stay there! Eat well together. Exercise together. Continue trying to look good for each other.

-Avoid the temptation to become social recluses. Go out together to meet and serve other people. Be active, kind neighbors and friends.

-Fight off the tendency to let go of your emotional control. You are NOT a victim of your emotions, even during ‘that time of the month.’ You wouldn’t act like that in public (I hope), so don’t act like that at home. I think it is tragic that we allow some of our worst behavior to be toward the people who mean the most to us, and we are ‘on our best behavior’ in public among strangers.

It may be helpful to you, as it is to me, to pick someone you admire and ask, “Would I act like this if he or she were here?” When it comes to emotional mastery, if you wouldn’t behave like that in front of someone you admire, then certainly don’t do it with the most important person in your life!

The Love Triangle

339393_10151036270962412_1171794137_o-There exists a beautiful Love Triangle. Picture it in your mind. At the top is point is God. The other two points are Husband and Wife. As you each move upward, drawing closer to God, you automatically draw closer to each other. We draw closer to God by striving to live by ‘every word that proceedeth forth from the [His] mouth.” In other words, study His teachings and apply them in your life. Be Christ-like in all that you do, especially in your marriage.

-Commit to be a life-long learner. Read and study. There is never a graduation from education! Learn and grow and share what you learn with your spouse. Study personal development and marriage.

-Commit to be financially wise. Stop wasting money. Pay tithing. Pay yourself at least 10%. Consumerism is consuming us. Don’t get sucked in!

-Commit to prioritize your life and act accordingly. Put first things first. If secondary things remain unaccomplished because you are giving time to your highest priorities, so be it. Too many of us give our precious time to the things of lesser importance.

2 Commit to love and serve your spouse.

Love is a choice! It is not something we fall into and out of. You are not a victim of your emotions. We decide! We were sent here with the power to choose and act, not just to be acted upon.

Someone once said,

“Choose your love and love your choice.” Enough said.

-Make service a habit. Look for small ways to serve your spouse every day, and then discipline yourself to serve even when you don’t feel like it. In fact, especially when you don’t feel like it. That is when it is needed most.

1185922_10151869812947412_1422219833_n-Consistently do kind and romantic things for your spouse. Some of these will be small and simple, like a love note in the fridge or a letter of sincere gratitude. (Yes, the post office still sends letters. 馃槈 Other times, you will be richly rewarded for doing something great. My wife recently took a trip. She expected all of us (5 kiddos and me) to pick her up at the airport. I surprised her by getting some friends to take the kids overnight so we could stay at a nice hotel and have an awesome date together.

Don’t become part of the statistics.

Up to 60% of marriages in the US are ending in divorce, and the median length of marriage is only 11 years. This is a very sad trend. These numbers reveal even sadder stories of hurt, sorrow, despair, anger and misery. Do not allow your marriage to become one of these statistics.

Marriage should be, and for me is, a wonderful adventure of love, learning, growth, work, play and service.

Married life can, and should be, FANTASTIC!194503_1817019538008_472500_o

If yours is not, then do something about it. Act on this marriage advice. Make better decisions; become a better person. Think more, do more, be more. Again, avoid the temptation to try to improve your spouse. Begin with yourself; it will inspire your spouse to growth with you.

Your marriage will not succeed by default. You have to plan for it, prepare for it and work at it. You can’t put your marriage on cruise control or auto pilot and expect to succeed. We have to be actively engaged in the relationship.

Expect it to be wonderful and then do something today, and every day, to make that way!

Here’s to your AWESOME marriage!



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