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Why Do You Live Where You Live?

Living in Costa Rica is amazing. We love it here. We live here because we want to live here. You too, can live where you want to live. If you could live anywhere, would you live where you do?


I want to ask you a question: Why do you live where you live?

In 2007, we listened to an audio program called “How to Be a No Limit Person” by –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer– and it really affected us! We were driving through Mexico on our way to Costa Rica for the first time and he asks:

  • Why do you live where you live?
  • If you could take yourself of the earth and look back at the whole earth and choose anywhere to live, where would you live?

Then he asks “why don’t you live there?”


So, I just want to bring that up and ask you:

Are you living where you really want to live?Not because your ancestors moved there or because of a job, but because you really want to LIVE THERE.Kids and me in sea

Right now we are living in southern Costa Rica, walking through the rainforest where there are animals and plants, fresh food and mosquitos, and big, nasty bugs. And there are things like that. For example, we don’t have a water heater so we take cold showers and the power goes out sometimes, but we’re here because we want to be here! We love it! We love the beach, we love the lifestyle! Costa Rica doesn’t even have an army or military and it is such a peaceful place, with a beautiful culture that loves family. It is a good life, but we choose this life.


So I just want to challenge you to stop and take a look at your life and see if you are choosing it. But don’t blame anything or make any excuses. Just look at your life and if you chose to live there and do what you’re doing, then that’s great, as long as it is your own choice, it’s deliberate,and you are living life on your terms. If not, then have the COURAGE to CHANGE!


First of all, it is because this is one of the unique places in central America where the mountains come right out of the ocean, and so we get the mountains as well as the coast and we love both. We can go enjoy the beach, and we can be in the mountains hiking, running, mountain biking, as well as have cooler temperatures, huge waterfalls and beautiful rivers where we can swim with our kids. Second, we have the opportunity to grow different food. We live on an organic farm from which we get fresh meat, amazing salads, and incredible fruits and vegetables. It’s also an amazing community with cool people from all over the world! 

So I invite you today to choose your place. Get out and explore, learn, and create the life you want to live!REACH UPWARD!


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How to Live Life to the Fullest.

Too many of you are like the living dead; missing out on all the potential happiness and greatness that is within your grasp. Snap out of it! Wake up and make it happen. Write your own story and live while your alive.

Are You Really Alive or Among the Living Dead!

“Most men die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 80!”

What a tragedy! Too many people are just existing, are just going through the motions and just spinning their wheels. But this should not be the case! We really need to be ALIVE!

Is every part of your life filled with excitement? Or are you feeling that your life is not going anywhere?

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 I know some elder couples who told me in tears that they wish they had lived when they had the chance. And wish they did a difference in the world when the opportunity was right before us!


Decide today to WAKE UP and make a DIFFERENCE!

It takes action, attitude and consistency to climb the valley of death and start looking around and seeing what you have been missing and really enjoying the greatness that life has to offer.

You Should Have a Life List

I always get shocked when I meet people that don’t have a life list. A list of great things that need to be accomplished before death.

  • Where is the drive to live before you die?
  • Where is the desire to reach your potential?
  • Where is this burning inside to really make a difference?
  • Where is the passion to accomplish something great?
  • Where is that internal fire that lights you up to really go out and do something?
  • Where is your plan to really live?

Most of the people don’t have a list of books they want to read to make themselves better!

If you don’t have a list until this moment, then it is time to make one! Seriously! You need a list.

What Does It Mean to You to Be Really Alive?

I challenge you to rekindle the fire in you and bring it back. Start DREAMING and have a VISION. Don’t let anybody pull , tear or squelch you down! I challenge you to catch a vision of what means to you to really live and then start working on your vision. And you know what! This is going to acquire some improvements. I invite you to get excited about this quest of excellence to get better.

You may not be knowing that experiences that make you uncomfortable cause you to stretch, to reach out and to grow. Because nothing gets better until you DO!

Write your own ticket! Create your own life! Get excited and start getting this drive and passion to reach those heights. Look up way beyond your current view to what you can become!

What can you do with this life?

Get this mentality and mindset:

  • What can I accomplish?

  • What can I achieve?

  • Who can I become?

Remember, you are too great to play small! Your greatness is in you but it is going to acquire great effort to bring it out. Get up and get going and make yourself the very best you can be!

Don’t be like those people who have no goals, no ambitions, and no drives. Instead, work hard on yourself than you do on anything else and guess what! It will affect everything else positively! I promise!

People without a vision, a passion or a drive have no future!

We Live in the Greatest Time of the Whole History! So Make Sure You Get Your Advantage of It

I think we live in the greatest time of the history of this earth! Never before has it been so easy to reach for awesomeness! Greatness is right there within your reach! Never before have had access to so much great information and knowledge. Never before have we had the opportunity to share our message around the world with a click of a button! So don’t allow to be squelched in a time of greatness! Don’t just walk among the living dead! WAKE UP and live a legacy. Get to that point where you live on such a high level.


Here’s What Should Be On Your List

  • What do you want to see?

  • What do you want to experience?

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What acknowledge do you want to acquire?

  • Who do you want to become?

  • What skills and abilities do you want?

  • How do you want to shape your personality?

Put together that list and start making it happen today!

Don’t go through your life making decisions based on other people’s thoughts!

Don’t get to the end of your life and look back with a whole bunch of “WHY DIDN’T EYES!!!”

Decide today to be really ALIVE!

Go out today and be ALIVE!



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Look Up And Live

Good morning,sun

good afternoon,

good night,

whatever it is, it’s GOOD!

There are so many things that have to be done. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking.  Meetings, work, errands.  It never ends. That’s why it’s so easy to put your head down and just march onward.

But we have to stop ourselves and look up!

Make sure that during the routine of life you take time to look up and see all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Take time out to create memories with family and friends, and love them.

Look up and see all the opportunities to make a difference and then do something.

Look up and behold the incredible creations of God, and thank Him for them.

(Recorded while living in the Caribbean a few years ago.)


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bikeI wanted to share some thoughts today. I absolutely love hiking, walking and spending time in the mountains and in God’s creations.  And if you’ve ever read anything that I write, you know that I love getting out and seeing God’s creations and enjoying getting away from men’s creations.

But I noticed something. While hiking in the trials, I used to keep my head down and speed up a little bit. But wait a minute,I haven’t seen anything! I have had my head down the whole time and I missed what I actually wanted to see! For me, I like to go to the mountains to see God’s creations, but if I get my head down, I miss out on a lot of experiences.

When I realized it finally and looked up, I saw an amazing surrounding! I got to stop and take this for granted.nat

For me, I love to keep my head up and look at things and appreciate them.

I can go out every morning and peacefully walk around and be inspired by the beauty that I see, hear and feel.

What a great lesson I learned that day ! To keep your head up.

How often do we get going in life and our heads are drop down and we just go to work?

By putting our heads down, we miss some of the beauty and the wonders of life. We have got to keep our heads up!

Someone said:

“Who is so cut up in getting it done, that they missed out on the joy of actually doing it.”

So, just stop, pick up your head, look up and live!

 Lift up your head and find the joy in the doing and not so much in the getting it done.

Find joy and gratitude all around you.

Look up and find joys and creations,

look  up in the sky, the rains, the clouds, the seasons and live,

get your head off the path,

and look up and live!

In everything you are doing, take that effort to raise your head, where you have a  better perspective, and live your life.

Open your eyes, lift up your head, look up and live! And life will be so much more enjoyable!

Ironically often, as we look up and live, we actually see things that help us get the job done faster, more effective and even better than we could have done it if we just kept our head down.

☛Look up and find that inspiration!

☛Look up and find those other paths!

☛Look up and enjoy the doing and not so much in the getting it done.



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