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How Will You Measure Your Life? What Great Cause Are You Living For?

Each of us wants to live an extraordinary life, but how do you measure your success? Money, things, titles, degrees, relationships, happiness?
How will you measure your life? How will you know if you followed the right path for you?
How will you feel when you look back on your whole life from your death bed?
How will you know if you lived well, on purpose and meaningfully?
You and I have got to ask the right questions and find the right answers. This video will help you do that.

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To start with, if you are not actively involved in a colloquium, please get in one. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is where you read great books together and then get together and discuss great ideas. You might be saying now -isn’t that like a book club!- well, yes kind of but it’s got much higher standards and higher objectives. I run colloquium for both youths and adults and you can find that on

snipAnd that leads us to what I want to talk about today. I read an incredible line from the great book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and I want to share it with you. Which reads:

‘It is of no importance what you put in the other scale.’

This line just struck me!  Our lives are going to be measured and balanced on the scale. And for some things, it doesn’t matter what you put on the other scale. For example, someone said:

“No other success can compensate for failure in the home”

I believe that education is like that. It doesn’t matter what you put on the other scale. If you fail in getting a phenomenal education, nothing else on the other scale will do any good.

Douglass said:

“We can’t judge the validity of slavery by how much sugar is being produced.”

I want you to read the following questions and give yourself some time to answer and consider them.  We all have to take a minute, look at ourselves and say:

  • How do you major your life?

  • What are we doing with our lives?

  • What great cause am I living for?

  • What great principals am I fighting for?

  • What are the great questions you use to major your life?

  • Are you making a difference?

  • Are you living deliberately?

  • Are you alive or just merely existing?




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Two Priceless Principles to Better Your Life

We all want to live fulfilling lives. So how do you better your life? Begin practicing these two simple principles today! What is Your Purpose in Life? 

How Do You Better Your Life?

I love to talk to people about their life purpose. About singing their song!

After a good conversation with a friend, he thought about it for a while and he came back and said, ‘I don’t have all the details, but I’ve got two words that really stand out as my purpose and my mission: PREPARATION and POTENTIAL’.  And I got excited, and maybe I’m more excited about it than he is. I love those two things: Preparation and Potential.


PREPARATION opens doors and reveals opportunities. There are opportunities all around us, but the lack of PREPARATION makes us BLIND! It puts you in this sleep mode, where you are sedated, and you’re just going along and you’re missing all of these opportunities. Get prepared and do everything you have to do to be prepared. Be prepared financially, emotionally, mentally and  get a great education –not necessarily schooling– but a great education. Be prepared in health, be prepared to be self-reliant and be prepared so you have time and means to serve and to live and to sing your song! Do everything you can so when that opportunity arrives, BAAM! You’re on it! You need to be alert, attentive, ready, and fit, so when that call comes you’re ready and you can do it.


Most people don’t give this enough thought, they don’t even consider it. But think what you could become if you gave all your best effort? What could you achieve?

Take this thought: “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you go after?” What would you try? Where would you try to have great accomplishment in life?

Go after your POTENTIAL! The greatest tragedy in life is when you do not reach your full potential! That’s so heartbreaking! It’s so sad. It creates this great life of remorse when you don’t reach your full potential. So go after it! Keep it in front of you constantly, you can write it on your mirror, on your wall, on your fridge, paint it on your wall and do whatever it takes you to reach your potential. Keep it in front of you constantly and always have that vision:

  • What is my POTENTIAL?
  • How can I reach my POTENTIAL?
  • How can I become my very best self?

Be Prepared and Reach Your Full Potential

Put these two things in front of you, be PREPARED and reach your POTENTIAL. And I promise you that life will be so rewarding, so exciting and so fulfilling. Just think about that.

  • What could you achieve?
  • What could you reach if you gave your very best effort?                                                                        

Prepare yourself so that when that door opens you can go flying right through it.



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Overcoming Obstacles-Life Is Easier When You Are Better

Do you want a more meaningful exciting life? Do you want to be your best self? Do you want to have great relationships?

Too often and too many don’t know how to take the first step toward their goals. Righteous, powerful and meaningful goals.

So whether you are struggling in relationships, you are sick of being overweight, you are battling depression, you hate your job or you just want to have a meaning and purpose in your life, then the principles I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your dreams today!

It’s a rather simple formula: the bigger you become, the smaller your problems will be.

Life is often hard, simply because we are too soft.

The more we discipline ourselves to grow and improve, the more capable and qualified we will be to handle life’s challenges.  Overcoming obstacles becomes much easier.  But if we are too easy on ourselves, then life will be hard on us.




CAVI is an acronym I love to use. It stands for Consistent And Vigorous Improvement. When we live by CAVI principles and habits everyday, life is so much more enjoyable, fulfilling and exciting.

10325144_983758868309544_6332295070287311743_nLife my friends is easier when you and I are better. If I am a better person, which means I have a better attitude, better thoughts, better reactions and better actions…etc. Then life would be so much better.

Don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better.

Get better through your trials or have constant reminders  from good words. And remember that input determines output. So either you learn from your experiences or you have to keep learning the same lesson over and over. So get some good input and be constantly on a quest of self-improvement.

If you fill your life with great ideas and great input, then you’ll get great results.  Reading good stuff will help you improve your life.

As you improve through input, you will see and experience circumstances differently and better!

  • Would it be so difficult if I were better?

  • If you were better, would many circumstances be easier?

  • Would you be struggling in relationships if you were better?

These are the questions to ask yourself all the time.

We must vigorously seek personal improvement. We must study and experience new and great things to try to expand our realities.

When we start seeing the big picture, then things are quite different. You begin to see the forest instead of  just the tree. If you get a bigger reality, you can see things more clearly.

So many people live in such a small reality in their neighborhood and literally choose to go with their neighbors, but when they leave their neighborhood they found that life is going beyond their neighborhood. After that they leave their state and then they leave their country and then they start visiting many countries and seeing many cultures. By that, they realize that the world is huge and that there are people everywhere living a different life.

Seek to expand your reality all the time.

So let’s take an honest serious look at our lives and say where can we be bigger and better. Life will be easier if we are better.


“Life will be easy on you if you were hard on yourself.”

Greg DenningSo if we really push ourselves to grow bigger and better, then we can overcome so many more things. And obstacles that may seem really big to us will then be easily overcome.

Take a look of each area of your life and take some time and try to really think.

  • What problems that may arise that I need to be prepared for?

  • What abilities, skills and knowledge do I need to obtain?


Decide to become a better person and discipline yourself to grow.

Remember, life is easier when we are better!

And our problems are smaller when we are bigger!

Please share examples of how this has been true for you.

Please share this podcast.  We can help so many people overcome their challenges by sharing this perspective and helping them grow.



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