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The Main Cause of Failure in Life (And What to Do About It)

I am going to tell you a phenomenal story that can teach us about failure in life — and it’s about something we all take for granted.

In the year 1800, there was no method known in Western culture for preserving food. If you had a peach tree or an apple tree you could enjoy it during harvest time but that was it. A lack of food preservation led to times of real need and want, sometimes even famine, starvation and death.

So the French government approached  one of their best scientists –Nicolas Appert– and commissioned him to find a way to preserve food. In 1809 he discovered bottling. What an incredible idea! Now, instead of being able to enjoy your fruits or vegetables at a brief harvest time, you can enjoy them whenever you want!

But I have a question for you. What good is food preservation, or food storage, if you refuse to eat it? You would eventually die after suffering from hunger.

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A Feast of Knowledge

Today the same thing is happening around us all the time, not with food, but with ideas and thoughts! Some great inventors came up with the idea to preserve ideas and thoughts and teachings and they put them into books. Now we can take all of their ideas and save them. Today we even have audios and ebooks and blogs. We have so much information preserved and saved that we can feast on it! There doesn’t have to be a famine of knowledge and a drought of learning. We have access to great truth 24/7.

But just as with the food, what good does all the knowledge in the world do for us if we don’t read and feast on knowledge and truth? Nothing! The result is failure in life, business and relationships.

A Lack of Knowledge Can Cause Failure in Life

It’s because of a lack of knowledge that many businesses fail, families fail, relationships fail and many jobs are lost! Because people refuse to learn, freedom and liberty is lost! Instead of feasting on great truth that can transform their lives, people waste their days  reading garbage, watching TV, playing video games and not digging into this feast of life lessons.

I offer you a challenge to begin to read and learn voraciously and make it your number one habit! I call this habit ‘Bibliotherapy‘ and it is the #1 one habit of uber-successful people.

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Ignorance is Painful and Negatively Affects Our Relationships and Our Life

I want to finish with one last idea and a great story. Ignorance does hurt and affects us negatively all the time. And yet the solutions to our problems are available, we just need to access them. Which reminds me with the story of Ignaz Semmelweise. He was in Vienna in 1847 working with mothers giving birth. There was a high infant and mother mortality rate and he was trying to find the cause. He eventually realized that it was the doctors who were working on cadavers in the basement and then going upstairs to deliver babies without washing their hands, thereby transforming germs that were causing death (this was how germs were discovered — he was considered crazy for believing in ‘invisible’ things that were responsible for spreading disease, and was eventually committed to an asylum for his beliefs).

He tested his hypothesis and had the doctors start washing their hands with a kind of lime solution and the rates of death dropped from 100 to 1. He later said:

“God only knows how many mothers have gone to their early graves because of my hands.”

I think there are many ‘germs’ in our life and so many areas that are suffering because they lack a little bit of knowledge. Our emotions, our minds, our families, our health, our relationships and our spirituality, in each of those things a little bit of ignorance can do a lot of damage.

Hence, I highly encourage you to go out, read, study and become a lifelong learner! Read at least 2 books a week — or even more if you can. Get out there and become passionate and a lifelong learner.



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You Wouldn’t do This if You Knew Better.

If you’re like me, then every time you learn something new, you realize how little you actually know. We are all ignorant in a lot of ways.   AND WHAT WE DON’T KNOW WILL HURT US! What key knowledge are you missing in order to take your life to the next level? What would you do differently if you were an expert in fitness and nutrition? How much money would you be earning AFTER you earned the education of a multimillionaire? What don’t you know, that is keeping your relationships from being so much better?
Ignorance is keeping us down. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

You Wouldn’t Do This If…

I have been studying voraciously personal development for a lot of years. And this made me an observer of people and cultures. I love to watch people and learn from them and to try to make my life better so that I can share, teach and mentor others.

One time I was out for a run -early in the morning- and I ran by a particular fast food restaurant that is known to have deadly food, and it was packed!! There were people everywhere, and I remember that I was shocked! I mean seriously!! People still eat there! They wouldn’t do that if they knew BETTER!

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And that is what I want to talk about today.

You wouldn’t do what you are doing if you knew BETTER! You wouldn’t act, think, say, or believe the same things if you knew BETTER. And that’s the problem. If we were more educated we wouldn’t do that. And that doesn’t mean schooling. That’s another part of the problem. We think that we’re “educated” if we’ve been schooled but real education starts when school ends and you can spend your time getting a phenomenal education.

Now I hope that you’ve read a great book that really altered the way you see things. The way you view the world, the way you think, what you believe. You have one of those books that like Kafka says is like “an ice ax that breaks up the frozen sea inside us.” Now, what if you’d read a hundred of those books, or a thousand! It totally changes you!

You and I wouldn’t do the same mediocre things if we knew better. And my point today is that we NEED to know better. What would change if you knew more?

If you took a great book on health and fitness and devoured it and became passionate about studying that subject, how that would change your life? I guarantee you it would change a lot.

For some of you, you might need to sit down for what I am about to say: YOU AND I ARE IGNORANT! And it is IGNORANCE that keeps us down and keeps us mediocre. We have got to fight against IGNORANCE. IGNORANCE is like apathy, it is the default and it is what happens when you don’t fight against it. The thing about ignorance is that it just happens. And unless we are fighting against it by devouring, learning, thinking, meditating, applying and really trying to gain knowledge, then ignorance happens and we don’t even know it! In fact, the more I study and the more I learn, the more IGNORANT I realize I am. We have got to FIGHT against IGNORANCE. And that will change what we do, what we think, what we believe and will change every aspect of our lives as we fight against it.

I said it and I believe it! YOU and I are far too IGNORANT!

You Are Not Improving Because You Don’t Read

The average American reads less than one book a year!! Another study says that the average American doesn’t even read a good quality book after their last graduation. What an absolute tragedy!! We don’t do good and hard thinking. The kind of thinking that makes us uncomfortable and the kind that DEMANDS change. That’s why we have got to fight off that IGNORANCE with great books and great thinking.

I promise you that you wouldn’t be doing the things that you’re doing if you overcame your ignorance. That makes us hurt but it makes us wonder what we are doing or what belief we have that is caused by our own ignorance. We have to fight off ignorance the same way we would fight off apathy or indifference.

Our muscles are not going to grow on their own, nor is education and wisdom  going to come without reading great books and searching words of wisdom from them. A lot of people do read, but they don’t get the greatness out of their books. They don’t get the wisdom because they don’t know how to find it and apply it.

Go After It!

We need to go after it with passion and enthusiasm. I can say, confidently, that we all can do BETTER but we are all IGNORANT in a lot of things. We can be a lot better, we can be more educated and wiser. That’s why we have to go after it. We need to be disciplined because there are things that we all need to know! There is a high price attached to excellence and to education. Mediocrity is easy and that’s why it’s the average. It’s the norm and that’s why it’s common. We’ve got to pay the price and dig in.

I want you to go after these ideas and expand them in your mind.

Someone said:

“A mind once expanded by a great idea can never return to its former dimensions”.

I want you to change the whole way you see the world. I want you to dig into something so deep and so profound that it alters the way you live. I want you to go after this excellence and really achieve something in the areas that are most important.

The Challenge

Now here’s a challenge for you:

I want you to pick one of these subjects, they are all important but just start with one of them, and dig deep and see how it alters the way you think, the way you act, the way you think and the way you live.

  • Health.
  • Fitness.
  • Leadership.
  • Marriage.
  • Parenting.
  • The Bible

If you really dig deep and study hard it will change you. It will change what you believe and how you feel. It will alter the way you see others and the world. I promise, you wouldn’t do the things that you are doing if you knew better. And you’ll know better by digging in. So that is my challenge to you. Pick one of those topics and dig deep. Pay the price. It WILL change you and you’ll become a new and improved you! It will change every aspect of your life for the better. I promise you that it will change you. Let’s fight off our IGNORANCE and seek EXCELLENCE through a great education.



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Knowledge is power! How To Live Life On Your Terms

Hey guys, Greg Denning here!

Knowledge is power, TRULY!

What you know will make you. What you don’t know will hurt you.

If you long for a more fulfilling life, LEARN!

See what knowledge did for this family!

Knowledge and freedom from Rachel Denning on Vimeo.

Ignorance Is Expensive

Recently, I had an experience with a guy who is doing some amazing things and business. He has a completely located independent business and  has been to 32 countries with his family.

Talking to him, I realized that it is his knowledge and what he knows that gives him power!

Ignorance is really expensive than knowledge! Do you think learning and education are expensive? Try ignorance then! Because what we don’t know will hurt us. The books we don’t read can’t help us.

I highly encourage you to spend time studying and learning. Learn from the leaders and  from the experts. If you want lifestyle design, study it and learn it.

What we don’t know will hurt us.

We need to be learning, studying, moving forward, reaching upward and make a habit of real study.

Leaders Are Readers

bookLeaders hardly know that there is never a graduation from education. They recognize they are ignorant in many ways but they keep studying and trying to find the answers and trying to take it to the next level.

I highly want you to always ask yourself,

  • Is there a better way?
  • What should you read?
  • How much should you read?

Just knowing how to read the letters doesn’t mean that we really know how to read a book and get out of it what’s meant to be received.

A good reading habit will take you to the sky! There’s nothing will stop you but your own  ignorance.

From now on, develop the habit of lifelong learning. Never stop learning!

Admit and recognize your own ignorance in so many fields and just go after it!

Find the answers and pay the price!



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