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The Only Way to Succeed at Anything

Success in not really that complicated; it’s not easy, but it is simple. There is really only one way to true happiness and success. 
You deserve to be super happy and successful! And you can achieve, but you have to follow the rules of success. There are certain principles that must be applied in order to succeed in anything.

The One Way to Succeed at Anything in Life

I am going to reveal to you the only way to succeed at anything in life!! What I am about to tell is not complicated or some crazy magic system, it’s actually unbelievably simple! To be more honest with you, it’s actually ridiculously simple! But it’s the great divider which divides mediocre from the great!!

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The one way to succeed at anything and everything… are you ready? ‘You just have to do it’ Still can’t you get it right? Well, in order to succeed at anything, you have to do the things that need to be done and do them consistently. –Yeah Mr. Right you are wasting my time!!– I am sure that this is what you are saying right now. But trust me, too many of us are casual about our commitment to succeed. Whether it’s with health, family, spirituality, financially…etc whatever it is you want to succeed in you have to do it.

You Have Got to Go All In

Here’s the key, anybody can work out once or twice, anybody can be romantic to their spouse for one night and anybody can work hard for a month or even a year but only successful people who will keep doing it consistently.

You have got to go all in!

I want you to evaluate yourself with these questions:

  • Are you all in?
  • When you are going for workout, what percentage do you give?
  • When you go to work, what percentage you give?
  • When you are studying and reading a great book, what percentage do you give?
  • Are you giving a 100% to your pursuits?

If you are 100% present in everything you do, then you have succeeded!

I invite you right now to make a list of the things you want to succeed in. Pick 5 things that you really want to succeed in.

  • I want to accomplish this…
  • I want to be this kind of person…
  • I want to read this many books…
  • I want my life to be this way…
  • I want to improve this thing…

Whatever it is, write it down and then do it consistently.

Do everything in a great way and be all in.

Be all in, day in and day out, weeks, months and years.

Go after it and you’ll see your life totally transform before you!



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#1 Factor For Success and Happiness in Life

More than any other thing, this seems to be the determining factor for real happiness and success that I’ve observed as I’ve traveled around the world and worked with thousands of people.
Success leaves clues. There’s a formula; and it’s not that complicated. Happiness is the same way.
There are simple things that you and I can do everyday to ensure our happiness and success… but we have to actually do them.

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The Number One Key for Living a Happy & Successful Life

What we do with ourselves when we don’t have to do anything else is what makes all the difference! Therefore, the number one key for success and happiness in life is your habitual culture.

benBen Carson’s mother was working as a cleaning lady and went over to a professor’s  house and he had a huge beautiful library and she asked him -you read all these books?- and he answered -yeah because reading is what makes the differences-. Hence, she  realized that the children and the people in her neighborhood watch TV, and the children and people in the wealthy one read great books. And so she went home and made a decision which is watching 2 TV programs a week and spending the rest time at the library and learning new things. At first, the children weren’t happy about this decision but she was firm about it and that led them to a love of learning, which led to a desire for a great education and which eventually led to who  Ben Carson is today!

What Are You Doing With Your Time?

And the same can happen for you and for me as well. It’s all about what you do with your free time. Every single qualification for success and happiness comes through habits. And you are the person you are because you have formed the habits of that kind of person.

So what are you doing with your time?

Do you spend it on the phone?

Do you spend it on social media?

Do you spend it on playing video games?

Do you spend it on watching TV?

So in your life and in your home, I want you to take a really great examination: What are your defaults? Are that the kind of things you want to happen?

Because the only way we are ever going to change and become the people we want to become and live the kind of life we want to live; is if we set up those habits and discipline ourselves to live those habits until they become natural. And I promise that this literally will change the course of your life!

Life is exactly what you make of it and you make it by the habits you form!

The kind of habitual culture you create -in large major- determines your life! And that maybe the number one determining factor in how your life turns out!



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How to Set Yourself Up to Success. (You May Want to Stop Hanging With Those People)

Don’t be one of those people who sabotages their own success!
Success leaves clues; it’s a science. It’s not guess work or luck. But you have to follow the proven principles and do the right things in the right order.
Too many people fail to set themselves up for success, and therefore miss out on the incredible life that could have been theirs.
Don’t. Do. That.

Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

I want to share an amazing story in just a second and teach a principle that’s so important which is you have to set yourself up to succeed.

Believe me, it’s never going to happen by default. And it’s not going to happen by crossing your fingers and hoping it happens either! You have to be deliberate about setting it up. A lot of people sabotage their success by not being deliberate in setting themselves up to succeed.

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Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling

So here’s the story now.

The story is about Lindsey Stirling. Maybe you have seen her videos before. She plays the violin and she is a very talented musician. Well, she had some serious critics  in the beginning though, but then she has blew passed that.

I watched an interview of her recently and I was really impressed by what she said. She said “you have to set yourself up to succeed” and she also said that in order to succeed, she surrounded herself with people who had the same vision, ideals, and standards. And she made it very clear who she was, who she wanted to become and how she was going to live, operate and perform. In other words, she made it very clear the kind of level she wanted to be at. And that’s one of the most important lessons in life!

What Determines How Your Life Turns Out?

Who we choose to spend our time with and how we choose to spend our time will, in large major, determines how our life turns out. Hence, if you are trying to reach excellence, then limit the time you spend with mediocrity. Because who you surround yourself with and where you put yourself has a huge impact and influence in your life. And so if you are constantly around people who are thinking, speaking and acting in mediocre ways, it’s going to have a negative influence on you. That’s just pure science right there!

So, set your vision and then surround yourself with people who have the same vision.

For example, if you want an excellent education, then surround yourself with people who are learning great things. If you want to be in a phenomenal shape, then get around people who are exercising vigorously and going after it. You want to have a positive optimistic attitude, (then read posts like this 😀 🙂 ! get around people that are optimistic and outgoing  and that have the characteristics, qualities, skills, abilities and mindset that you want to acquire. And I promise that it will have the biggest influence in your life!

I challenge you to be deliberate, intense and disciplined. Set yourself up to succeed bu surrounding yourself with excellence in every way.



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Keys To Success- The Right Key for The Right Door.

So often we don’t reach our goals or obtain success because we are trying to open doors with the wrong keys. Big doors will only open with Big keys. Those are the keys to success.

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Les Misérables

Today, I want to share a great lesson that I learned last night reading Les Misérables by –Victor Hugo-.

les miserables    “Some doors will only open with those kind of keys”.

This sentence is from the great book “Les Misérables”, and what a great principle gives! So often we don’t reach our goals or obtain success because  we are trying to open doors with the wrong keys.

Big doors will only open with Big keys.

Well, some of us are trying to open doors like that, some tough doors, and they are trying to open them with  little dinky keys! And the fact is that they will never open! Am I right? The doors are really tough and hard and they need BIG KEYS. They require big strong keys with a lot of work and strength.

The truth is that you are not going to remove a huge bolted door that holds the secret to success with a little dinky key.

We have got to use bigger keys! And these are big habits, big consistency, and big changes.

Those are the kind of  keys that open up the doors that we want access to.

What big doors are you trying to go through and what specific keys are you going to use to get in?




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How to blow your chance for success

This is one of my favorite recordings.  It is chuck full of great principles and proven practices for success!

You WILL learn something in this that may alter your life.

Are you doing one of the things that kill the recipe for success?  One of the most common killers is focusing on the effects and neglecting the cause.  Are you guilty?  Find out.



Fable 23: The Mistress and Her Servants.

assA Widow, thrifty and industrious, had two servants, whom she kept pretty hard at work. They were not allowed to lie long abed in the mornings, but the old lady had them up and doing as soon as the cock crew.

They disliked intensely having to get up at such an hour, especially in winter-time: and they thought that if it were not for the cock waking up their Mistress so horribly early, they could sleep longer. So they caught it and wrung its neck. But they weren’t prepared for the consequences. For what happened was that their Mistress, not hearing the cock crow as usual, waked them up earlier than ever, and set them to work in the middle of the night.”

First, the lady had a great recipe for success. She is thrifty, industrious, gets up early, and a hard worker.

There are some great benefits to getting up early in the morning. Some people do like the morning and function better but the others don’t. It is true that we all have our very best time of the day, but believe me, there are some huge benefits from getting up early in the morning. And we ought to try to do that as often as  we can. What? Is it hard for you? Well, just give it a try. Exercise some self-discipline and start your day with some prayers and some studies and get that morning routine going.

Second, attitude.  The servants disliked intensely getting up in the morning. And ignorantly, they thought that the cock crowing was the cause. They didn’t know that the cock’s crow signals the morning; it doesn’t create it, nor does it create her habit and her self-discipline.

How foolish to think that the chicken was the cause of her industry, her thrift, her hard work and to think that killing it would change her good habits.

How often are people – you and I included- working on the effects instead of the cause?

Let’s just quickly hit a couple of ideas.

Many people think that the lottery would solve all the financial problems. And I am here to tell you nope it wouldn’t! Because as a general rule, those who win the lottery are broke again within 18 months.

Another fault idea is that liposuction will make you healthy. Not so my friend!  Because the problem is about the habits and not the surgery. Many people who have liposuction have their weight back within a short time because the cause is the mouth to stomach and the eating habits.

Therefore, if you keep fighting the effects it’s just not going to work. You have to look at the causes in your life.

There are some other principles in this fable. You cannot pick up the choice stick without also getting the other end of the stick which is consequence. In other words, you cannot make a choice without getting the consequences. If I make a decision, I am necessarily going to receive the consequences of that decision. We have to watch out our attitude and how much it affects what we do.

Someone once said that as we persist in doing things, they become easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing changes but our ability to do is increased. So think about that. It may be difficult, hard for most, but necessary for success to do these things.

Let’s focus on having a great attitude. Whatever it takes, go for it. And let’s focus on the cause and not the effect, so whatever your goal or dream, fight for it.

You and I have got to stop focusing on the effects and really focus on the cause.

Focus on the cause and the effects will take care of themselves!



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