GREG'S BLOG How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

#1 Factor For Success and Happiness in Life

More than any other thing, this seems to be the determining factor for real happiness and success that I’ve observed as I’ve traveled around the world and worked with thousands of people.
Success leaves clues. There’s a formula; and it’s not that complicated. Happiness is the same way.
There are simple things that you and I can do everyday to ensure our happiness and success… but we have to actually do them.

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The Number One Key for Living a Happy & Successful Life

What we do with ourselves when we don’t have to do anything else is what makes all the difference! Therefore, the number one key for success and happiness in life is your habitual culture.

benBen Carson’s mother was working as a cleaning lady and went over to a professor’s  house and he had a huge beautiful library and she asked him -you read all these books?- and he answered -yeah because reading is what makes the differences-. Hence, she  realized that the children and the people in her neighborhood watch TV, and the children and people in the wealthy one read great books. And so she went home and made a decision which is watching 2 TV programs a week and spending the rest time at the library and learning new things. At first, the children weren’t happy about this decision but she was firm about it and that led them to a love of learning, which led to a desire for a great education and which eventually led to who  Ben Carson is today!

What Are You Doing With Your Time?

And the same can happen for you and for me as well. It’s all about what you do with your free time. Every single qualification for success and happiness comes through habits. And you are the person you are because you have formed the habits of that kind of person.

So what are you doing with your time?

Do you spend it on the phone?

Do you spend it on social media?

Do you spend it on playing video games?

Do you spend it on watching TV?

So in your life and in your home, I want you to take a really great examination: What are your defaults? Are that the kind of things you want to happen?

Because the only way we are ever going to change and become the people we want to become and live the kind of life we want to live; is if we set up those habits and discipline ourselves to live those habits until they become natural. And I promise that this literally will change the course of your life!

Life is exactly what you make of it and you make it by the habits you form!

The kind of habitual culture you create -in large major- determines your life! And that maybe the number one determining factor in how your life turns out!



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How To Be a Joyful Person

Finding out how to be a joyful person is one of the first things any of us should do. Learning how to be happy is one of the most valuable things you will ever learn.
I was desperate, even depressed at one point. I learned the way to happiness–happiness is the way.

Happiness is The Aim of Life

I want to share a quick thought about being joyful! But real, true joy. It’s not the fleeting happiness, it’s not the pleasures that come and go. It’s being really and truly joyful deep down and just loving life! And here’s some ways to do that.

Thomas Jefferson said:

“Happiness is the aim of life”  

And then he said:

“Virtue is the foundation of happiness”

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People who live with a high level of virtue and who acquire a lot of excellent virtues like honesty, integrity, goodness, kindness, charity, love, sincerity, and authenticity, live with peace,deep joy and happiness.

So seek to live at that level where you just live a virtuous life, and happiness will just start flowing naturally.

Happiness is a Choice!

The second part is that happiness is a choice! It really is. You get to choose! I know that sounds crazy but it’s that easy. But that doesn’t mean that everyone chooses it. And you and I get to choose everyday. We get to choose what we focus on. Are we looking at the positive or negative? Are we looking at the opportunities or the lack of opportunities? Are we looking at scarcity or abundance? Are we focused on all of the negativity in the news or are we out there looking for the goodness in mankind and the goodness in the world?

So how are we choosing everyday to live with real deep joy and happiness? It truly is a choice. So choose to be happy! Choose right now to be a joyful person. Just smile; have a good posture and live in a way that brings happiness. Because happiness is the way. 

Happiness isn’t a Destination. Choose to be Happy Now!

Joy and peace will come in this journey because happiness isn’t a destination. Choose to be happy now! Choose to be filled with joy now! Live a life that is just so fulfilling and exciting and contented instead of carrying around those burdens of guilt, remorse, bitterness or frustration!

So decide today to be truly happy and then, like Jefferson said, live with those great virtues. Bring those into your life and they’ll open up the door for happiness and joy to come in and you’ll LOVE LIFE! It’s amazing and totally worth it.



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One Simple Strategy That Will Make Your Life Better Right Now

This may sound crazy, but this one simple strategy has been proven time and again to improve how you feel, your relationships and even your health.
And you can start doing right now!


The Power That Will Bring Happiness to Your Life

Today, I want to talk about an unbelievable power! An unbelievable power that will bring HAPPINESS to your life and to those around you. This power will literally bring change to your relationships and to your life, the way you feel and how you approach circumstances and other people.

So, the one thing that you can do today, that will make serious changes in your life, is to SMILE!

a daleI am reading this excellent book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by –Dale Carnegie– It is like the bible of relationships! You have to get it and read it over and over!

Here’s what the book says:

The key is to wake up and start smiling,but here are two things that can help you smile.       

1. Force yourself to smile.

2. Begin acting AS IF you were happy to start smiling.

I challenge people all the time just to smile for twenty to thirty seconds in the morning just to start their day right. Try to smile at everyone you greet. That changed my life and I am sure that it will change yours too. I was shy, reclusive and timid, but I decided to smile at everyone I meet. It brightens people’s day. I bet you can remember a time when someone smiled at you and it changed your day. I want you to do that.

William James– said:

“ Action seems to follow feeling, but really actions and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not.”

I Bet You Want to Know What Science Says About Smiling

a smileRecently, the modern technology that we have, showed that the front lobe of the brain has a left and a right side. And in that frontal lobe, there is happiness and sadness. So there are two chemicals going through there, dopamine and serotonin. And they found that the higher the dopamine and serotonin, the more happiness. And SMILING releases those chemicals! Smiling has been proven to lower your blood pressure and your stress level as well as give you more peace and rest and improve your relationships.

So I challenge you to start practicing the SMILE POWER today! It can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!



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How to Solve Your Problems and Totally Improve Your Life

Too many of us let our ego get in the way of our own progress. But swallowing our pride and facing the facts can hurt.  So be it. Stop resisting the solutions to your problems and get out of your own way. Resisting solutions can quickly sabotage your best efforts for improvement and a happy life. Don’t do it! 🙂

Take This Part of My Story to Inspire You

IMG_0896As most of you know part of my story, I grew up in a broken home and I ended up out on my own on an early age. I remember that I lived in some terrible places! I struggled and went through some really tough situations! I really remember that my life was miserable and that I was totally surrounded by misery! I also remember how I desperately was trying to know how to be successful and how to create a life that is full of happiness!

Therefore, I have been studying success principles and happiness for over twenty years! A further advantage is that  I have had the privilege for about seventy years to be teaching, speaking, mentoring and coaching in many nations around the world and helping thousands of people transforming their lives!!

Here’s What Successful People Do and What Unsuccessful People Do. 

Which Side Are you In?

SUCCESSFUL people get pride and  their ego out of the way. They are willing and open to accept new true. Those people have a bright future because they are willing to change! Furthermore,they are willing to take correction each time.

On the other side, people with mediocre future justify! They are always the exception and somehow the law of progress doesn’t apply to them! Therefore, they make their families suffer along with their personal  issues and they always complain about their life and situations. Moreover, whenever you offer a solution for them, they act like you just offered something that has nothing to do with them and that is completely irrelevant!

Here’s One of My Weaknesses

I am going to share one of my weaknesses and I hope you’ll be forgiving. People who reject and resist a solution to their problems, it just infuriates me! I don’t really know why do I care because eventually, their negative choices will affect their life, but I guess my frustration is because I was there! BUT I CHANGED!

We will be HAPPY when we choose to be HAPPY!

We will have a FULFILLING life when we live a FULFILLING life!

We will have what WE WANT when we go out and make it HAPPEN!

LIFE is what you and I make of it!

So like how I said, I get frustrated when there is an answer or a solution but  people still resist! And they continue to whine and blame while the answer is in front of their face!

I had to realize that you and I are exactly in control of our lives and of how we want to become! I had to realize that if anything is going to be better in my life, I had to be better first. And that I was not a victim but instead I was totally free to choose what I want. And that all the consequences around me are a direct result of my choices.

Of course I want to eat sweets, of course I love sweet food and I want to eat a huge portion of it but I realized that I am accountable for what in my mouth. Of course, I want to sleep and not exercise at all but I realized that this will bring me a mediocre living! Of course, I want to sit and just spend hours in front of the TV and not working if I don’t want to, but that is the point! Most things in life get done by people who don’t feel like doing them! And that is what would separate mediocre from excellence!


Greg Denning

The first step toward improving your life is the will to accept that you are entirely accountable for your life! And that you will accept and embrace the truth no matter how hard it was!

I have a bright future because I examine myself constantly and I ask others to examine me as well! And I am willing to look at every area in my life and make improvements.

Here’s a Challenge for You

So my challenge for you today is to CHANGE! If you have problems stop hiding them and fix them. If you are going through some psychological struggles, then face them and fix them.

Begin today and right now, to become a NEW YOU!



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Top 6 Characteristics of Really Happy People

If you’re not really happy, something’s gotta change! The great news is that so much of happiness is a habit; one that can be acquired.  Happiness is not simply a ‘have or have not’ scenario. You can decide to feel happier today by being to emulate these top 6 characteristics of really happy people.

The Top 6 Characteristics of Real Happy People

So many things in life are patterns, characteristics, signs, and symptoms. And it is the same with HAPPINESS. Truly happy people have qualities and characteristics. These qualities can be evaluated with great results.

So today we are going to cover the top 6 of really HAPPY people.

#1 The Smile

Smiling has magic powers on you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes others feel better as well. It is so simple and so easy, yet it is so neglected. It is not necessary to be happy in order to smile. You can convert it and SMILE to be HAPPY. Take this step and put a big smile on your face and then you will see great results.

#2 The Presence

Really HAPPY people are present all the time. You may have noticed people who are “present” but not really “PRESENT”! So real happy people know how to get to the moment. They know how to feel it and sense it. They are attentive, alert and focused. So take a moment, especially in your special times, to get centered, focused, balanced and PRESENT. HAPPY people are PRESENT!

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 #3 Enthusiasm

HAPPY people are enthusiastic and fun. Therefore, you need to be enthusiastic and have fun. Try being spontaneous and don’t take things so seriously.  HAPPY people let small things be small and not getting bothered by them. Things and plans may go wrong in life and that is totally fine. Try to have that kind of attitude to be enthusiastic and get out and have some fun. Plan to do really exciting stuff!

#4 Gratefulness

Really HAPPY people are grateful and grateful people act differently because they let their gratitude touch them and so they express it! Make a habit of expressing gratitude all the time and don’t let your ego get in the way! Eliminate worry and replace it with deep gratitude. If it is out of your control, then there is nothing you can do about it, so don’t worry about it! If it is under your control then you can do something about it so don’t worry about it!

#5 Kindness

The more you give love and KINDNESS, the more it comes back to you! Slow down and become conscious of having a personality.

#6 Optimism

If you want to be really HAPPY, then you have to go through life carrying an OPTIMISTIC HAPPY attitude! Try to see the good side of everyone and everything. And learn to see things through OPTIMISTIC lenses because everything in your heart, mind, soul and life is affected by how you see it. So shift your habitual thinking patterns to see the good.

Be REALLY HAPPY by acquiring and applying these six characteristics of HAPPY PEOPLE!



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How to Be Happy and Enthusiastic Every Day! Here are 7 Simple Steps for You.

Genuine happiness is totally possible and you deserve it! Greg is a a walking anti-depressant; but he wasn’t always like this. He grew up in a broken home and was out on his own at an early age. He struggled with depression and desperation, but climbed his way up to sincere happiness and enthusiasm for life by using these simple steps. 

Are you tired of dragging yourself out of bed just to endure another day? Are you ready to be CRAZY HAPPY?! Here are 7 proven practices teaching you how to be happy!

Are You Truly Happy With Your Life?

a happyI have a question for you: ARE YOU HAPPY? ARE YOU REALLY TRULY HAPPY?

Some people believe that it is not even possible, but it is possible and I am going to prove this for you. I will give you simple steps and strategies that you can start implementing today to start really being happier!

There are a lot of people who are just struggling with anxiety, turmoil, depression and just living in quiet desperation all the time! And life doesn’t have to be like that! Life is really FANTASTIC and you my friend don’t have to be struggling along. Life can be super AWESOME, indeed, but there are some things that we need to do.

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A lot of people get up in the morning and  literally sabotage their own HAPPINESS! They do things every day that make them miserable and then they are like: –Why does my life stink!!– But I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be like this and there is a better way to live your life!

Here’s a Small Part of My Story


Well, I grew up in a broken home and ended up on my own in an early age. I struggled a lot in my life! I was wondering if this was the real life? Is this what life is all about? Fear, doubt, loneliness and just hurt!! Isn’t there a better way? Actually, THERE IS A BETTER WAY!! AND THAT IS MY MESSAGE FOR YOU ALL. I forced myself to study, learn and read all the time to improve myself and take my life to the next level. The level of TRUE HAPPINESS. I can say now, with proud, that I AM A HAPPY PERSON! I live my life with joy and happiness, BUT it is not a PERFECT life don’t misunderstand me, please. Obstacles come on my way, but guess what! Even with the obstacles, I can still be HAPPY!

And now, I know that a question is blinking in your head, which is: what do I need to do to take my life to the next level?

Things to Do Throughout Your Journey of Happiness

Well, here’s what I did and what I am still doing until today. And this is what would I do if I were that unhappy person.

Remember, GREAT things have a GREAT beginning!

Your life is made up of days, and so every great day has a GREAT beginning. And here’s where you are going to start from: HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE. Start the day out right and that helps the day go right! Here’re a few suggestions on how you are going to do that:

#1 Morning Routines
a morning routine

First thing in the morning you have to set your mind right. Write five things that you are grateful for that day. Start being grateful and set your attitude right. Then, write three or five things that you are going to accomplish that day.


#2 Exercises

a exerciseNext, you really need to have some exercises! There is a great thing about this. It literally releases happy drugs in your body! So wherever you are just get out of those doors and enjoy nature. You need to get to the point where your body feels excellent so then it will work in your favor instead of working against you.

#2 Food

a foodIf you want to be happy, you need to make your body in happy conditions. And this drives us to food. There is happy food as well as bad food! So make sure to eat healthy and good food. Because this will help your body stay awake and energized all the time.


#4 Hydration


hydYou need to feel really hydrated! Most people are dehydrated, they are way from where they should be. So you have to drink A LOT OF WATER! Because hydration affects your mental, physical and your motion levels. So get tons of water in your body and make it a habit.


 #5 Smile

a smileYOU HAVE TO SMILE!  Smiling does something. There are chemical reactions to smiling. Put on a big smile and you’ll feel better! And whenever you catch yourself just kind of a ‘humdrum’ just smile. Force yourself to smile and you will be surprised how that will affect your mood. I want you to smile at least 20 times a day. I know this is somehow weird but just try it and you will get great results just from smiling. Smile to people and they will smile to you back, and here you are, great feelings will come to you and by that, you will be HAPPY!

There is a physiological reaction to smiling! It will change your thoughts, it will change your feelings and your physiology. So SMILE and just be HAPPY!

 #6 Dance

danceDANCE! Dancing can really make you very HAPPY and feel alive! Put on a piece of music that is lifting and try to move your body freely and in harmony with the beautiful music. If you have to dance three or four times a day, then do it! Just get HAPPY and FEEL GOOD.



Do you really want to be HAPPY? Then do whatever needs you to do to be HAPPY. Develop new habits and make sure that they are HAPPY HABITS.


#7 Thoughts Replacement

a thinkIf ever there is a negative, pessimistic or depressing thoughts, then you have got to replace them with GREAT THOUGHTS. The biggest enemy for some people is right between their ears!! Seriously! They are killing themselves and creating their own misery by having these negative spiral thoughts.

You have to do what I call it ‘The Emergency Catch’. Which is whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, JUST STOP RIGHT THERE! Grab that emergency break and say: NO I AM NOT GOING TO GO THERE! Now you might be asking what that break can be. Well, it can be a poem, a scripture, a song, a little action or even the action of rubbing your wedding ring. Just whatever works for you that can stop you right away from that negativity.

What To Do With All These Things

I want you to memorize some of these things that you’ll go through. Make sure to carry with you three or four cards that have some powerful words on and great thoughts and principles. One thing that you may want to do and I highly encourage you to do is The Prayer of Saint Frances. Those prayers are absolutely AMAZING! If you can let that touch your heart and your mind, then that will absolutely change the way you think and the way you live!

Happiness is really simple and not complicated at all. You just need to follow some steps, make them habitual and then create those HAPPINESS HABITS.




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How to Get Rid of Stress and Be Happy.

In this blog post I share what I’ve learned as I lived and traveled around the world, among the rich and the poor, about how to get rid of stress and frustration and inner turmoil.

Learn two critical steps to eliminate worry and anxiety, and replace it with peaceful, happy feelings! Start feeling better today!

You have the Power to Choose Happiness!

I’ve had the opportunity to live in several different countries, in a lot of different places and among a lot of wonderful people. I’ve also had the opportunity to live in beautiful neighborhoods and around very wealthy people. I also grew up in a broken home and was out on the streets at a young age and lived among the poorest of the poor. As I’ve traveled abroad I’ve been around and worked with people who literally have almost nothing!  And what I have observed is that a lot of people -perhaps most- are dealing with a lot of turmoil, anxiety, fear and frustration. And most of the time, they are just kind of numb! Just kind of hurting.

 [iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

I have often asked people about what is their most predominant feeling. More often, the answer is frustration! And they realize that they’re not really happy most of the time. Happiness really is a choice. Circumstances can affect us but happiness is always a choice. That is the one thing that we get to choose. People don’t make you mad, and they can’t make you lose your temper nor force you to feel something. You have the POWER to CHOOSE HAPPINESS and PEACE! And yet, too often, we give that up! We sacrifice it and exchange good feelings like excitement and enthusiasm. We really want to feel alive! But we trade that because we set rules in our heads.

A Challenge for You

So I want you to do two things:

#1 Decide right now what do you want your predominant emotion and major feeling to be for the rest of your life. I know that sounds crazy, BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION RIGHT NOW! This is one of the decisions that transforms you and that alters the course of your life. So I want you to decide today what kind of person do you want to become? What kind of feelings do you want to have?

#2 Sustain THAT! I want you to put up reminders and to ask people to help you remember that. I want you to write that down, I want reminders in your car, on your mirror, on your fridge, on your computers and I want you to do whatever you can. Identify the things that bother you most. write them down and find out how to deal with them in a good way. Understand that you can disagree without being disagreeable. You can not like something without getting bitter and bothered. Inside you can still feel happy and jovial but still hold a standard. Have requirements of how you allow people to treat you because people treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

Decide today, a real deep transformation level resolution, of how you are going to feel and then set up reminders and tell everybody to help you.

Make a decision to become BETTER and HAPPIER because life is so sweet. Don’t fake it. Don’t try to put a smile on top of your depression. Try to change your inside and then the outside will manifest what’s in the inside. Because it all begins right inside the soul and the mind. Life will get better. Circumstances and relationships will get better. People will treat you differently because of who you are becoming.

This will literally change your life, I promise! Be HAPPY, have a FANTASTIC LIFE and…



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Life is Hard, Be Great Anyway!

I’ve lived through some really tough times. There was a time my future didn’t look very bright. But I built my life from the bottom up. You have the power to design and create a life you love. 
Life is hard, but you can, and you must, succeed anyways.
Greatness is in you. Never give up. Keep pushing forward. Push past the difficulty until you become great!

You Are Not the Exception

Life can be really tough! I want to tell you that I really do know that life can sometimes be really hard! I know that it is hard to stay in shape, it is hard to stay positive and sometimes it is even hard to be happy! I do understand all that! Growth is uncomfortable.

But here’s one thing that I don’t want us to ever do: the exception! 

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

Do not ever give yourself a chance to say “Hey, this is hard for me, I am an EXCEPTION! The others are just lucky!” That is a very dangerous place to be in and I don’t want any of you ever to go there!

I am always happy , always smiling , always optimistic and I don’t have an on-air personality or an off-air personality. I don’t put out a smile for the camera, what you see is what you get. Because I LOVE LIFE and I have a lot of energy. And this is how I live.

But I wasn’t born like this, it didn’t come naturally for me! I earned it!! And it was really hard.

You may not believe me, but I grew up in a broken home and I was totally the opposite of me right now. I struggled a lot and I went through some really tough times. That is why I had to change!

I want to tell you that you and I have the power to shape our lives, our characters, and our personality to what and who we want to become. Well, nothing was easy for me at the beginning but I had to fight for it and I Earned it. 

“The more we persist in doing something, the easier it becomes for us. Not that the nature of the thing changes, but that our power to do is increased”.

You Have the Ability!

We have the ability to do whatever we want!

I know that’s hard because I have been there. But I paid the price to gain the qualities that I want in my life! And I keep paying the price so that I can maintain those qualities and have an excellent standard of living.

The question that you may ask is how you are going to do all this?

Well, in my case, with God’s help, with a lot of great books and with some really tough uncomfortable experiences; I was able to shape my life and I am still doing it today. Because I am not in my very best yet and I want to be better. I know I still have more to reach my potential and I am going for it.

When an obstacle or a challenge show up in my life, I decide to face it because I know that this challenge will help me to grow.

So you can shape your life like you can shape your muscles. You can shape your mental habits and your morning routines. And that’s all in your power!

And very often, where the pain is the power is!

I want to tell you that if I can do it, you TOTALLY CAN DO IT!

You have that power and potential but just decide. Yes, it is hard and tough, but I am going to do it anyway! Because I want more!

The Choice is Yours. You Can Either Move Forward or Backward

You can have and become whatever you want to become, the choice is yours.

Just because it’s difficult that gives us no excuse! We go FORWARD anyway!

Don’t ever say that’s just the way I am. Noway! Throw that thing out of the window! You can reshape your life, character, and personality. You can certainly recreate every part of your life.

You have the power to take every aspect and characteristic of your life and shape it into greatness!

You have the power to become who  you want  to become! So decide to be really happy, really optimistic  and  have great relationships.

Fill your mind, soul, spirit and body with happiness. 

Clearly, identify how you want to live and who you want to become and start making it happen TODAY!



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How to be happy NOW!

You have the power and the choice to BE HAPPY NOW! Don’t make excuses, don’t put it off for someday, DECIDE to be happy right now. It’s your choice…so why not choose happiness.

Believe it or Not, Happiness is a Choice!

Happiness is a decision. We get to choose how we feel and that is the one thing that no one else can take away from us.  But too many people blame their circumstances for their lack of happiness.  And even when those circumstances change, they continue being unhappy; looking for some other excuses.

Resolve to be happy now.  No more deferred happiness.  No more excuses.  BE HAPPY!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

 You have the power to choose to be happy NOW.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or until things are different. Decide to be happy right now and then go make things better. If you don’t choose to be happy now, when will you? Someday? Yeah, right! You’ll probably have some excuses then too.

C.S. Lewis’ imaginary devil said,

“We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the rainbow’s end, never honest, nor kind, nor happy now, but always using as mere fuel, wherewith to heap the alter of the future, every real gift which is offered them in the Present.” Screwtape, 79

What Is Real Happiness?


  • Joy, gratitude, just feeling good inside and out.
  • It’s not mere pleasure, it’s peace and contentment.
  • It’s doing something you love that’s of value. It’s being fulfilled.
  • It’s worry-free, remorse-free, bothered-free, nagging-free.
  • It’s pity-party free!! (Never invite me to your pity parties…. I’ll crash them;) )
  • It often has little to do with circumstances.
  • None of this ‘better if…’ stuff.

Are You Really Happy?

There is a problem with so many of us, and that is we all the time keep saying that –Someday I’ll- but the truth is that you’ll never get to that day! This is literally just a waste of time! Because we want to be happy NOW!

Every day we have 24 hours of diamond which we can take advantage of them. We don’t have to put it off for later because all we have is TODAY! So we have to LIVE IT. Decide to be happy TODAY and not SOMEDAY!

I challenge you to be happy RIGHT NOW. Get a big smile on your face and take your decision by being HAPPY from this moment on. Put off the excuses, put off the sentence of that -I’ll be happy if..- or -Someday I’ll- , get rid of all these obstacles and choose to be HAPPY NOW!

If it helps, write it down on your dashboard or put it on your mirror, but just BE HAPPY NOW! Or you can keep reminding yourself and convincing your conscious that you are actually happy and you will eventually be happy.

Don’t waste the days, the weeks, the months and the years lying to yourself and saying that you will be happy when.. BE HAPPY NOW!



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