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Who Are You Without Your Job / Position / Title / Degree / Stuff?

You are awesome. You have unique genius in you that will benefit the world around you. But too often, social conditioning and social pageantry try to make you think that your value is attached to things and awards and positions.

You are NOT your job. Nor is your value as a human being, and a child of God, determined by where you live, what you drive and how you dress.

I Believe in The Goodness of Mankind

I’ve had the wonderful privilege  of traveling quite a bit around the world, and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I’ve done life coaching, mentoring, and I’m helping  people to become their best and reach their full potential. And I believe in the goodness of mankind, I believe that people are awesome and I believe that YOU are awesome!

And what I have noticed over the years of study, research and observation, is that a lot of people struggle with their real identity of who they really are. If you were to strip away your titles, certificates, degrees, diplomas, positions, job, things, stuff, house, status, talents, skills, ability, and just be you, how would you feel? Are you comfortable with yourself or have you been too attached to your possessions and your identity that you’ve created?

There was a super model who gave a TED talk and she said that if you want to find a room of insecure people, find a room full of models. It’s because they’ve attached so much of their identity to their appearance.


There is a huge problem in our day with narcissism. This excessive obsession with one’s self and  appearance. And that goes with praise, honour and titles. We get so caught up in worrying about what others think of us or placing our value as a human being in this external things. It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

I’ve been to some pretty remote villages in Peru, Guatemala and India, where the “most famous person” from the states could roll in there and not a soul would know who they are or what they do, and they would be treated just like another human being. I love that idea!

Think about it. If you were transplanted from your whole world, and were put you in a new place where nobody knows who you are or knows what skills, abilities or status you have, could you be comfortable there just as a human being? I really want you to think about that! And I challenge you to begin detaching your value and your identity as a person from all those things!

You are great! You have greatness in you! You have wonderful potential and huge value!

I want you to start working and focusing on just being you. And so my invitation to you today is to become very comfortable with WHO YOU ARE! Live independent of the opinions of others and of all the things that the world tries to make you put value on. Try to become the very best YOU and try to become a sincere, authentic and wonderful human being. Life is just a quest to become a superb human being, and that’s it!

SO be that awesome person!



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Life is Hard, Be Great Anyway!

I’ve lived through some really tough times. There was a time my future didn’t look very bright. But I built my life from the bottom up. You have the power to design and create a life you love. 
Life is hard, but you can, and you must, succeed anyways.
Greatness is in you. Never give up. Keep pushing forward. Push past the difficulty until you become great!

You Are Not the Exception

Life can be really tough! I want to tell you that I really do know that life can sometimes be really hard! I know that it is hard to stay in shape, it is hard to stay positive and sometimes it is even hard to be happy! I do understand all that! Growth is uncomfortable.

But here’s one thing that I don’t want us to ever do: the exception! 

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Do not ever give yourself a chance to say “Hey, this is hard for me, I am an EXCEPTION! The others are just lucky!” That is a very dangerous place to be in and I don’t want any of you ever to go there!

I am always happy , always smiling , always optimistic and I don’t have an on-air personality or an off-air personality. I don’t put out a smile for the camera, what you see is what you get. Because I LOVE LIFE and I have a lot of energy. And this is how I live.

But I wasn’t born like this, it didn’t come naturally for me! I earned it!! And it was really hard.

You may not believe me, but I grew up in a broken home and I was totally the opposite of me right now. I struggled a lot and I went through some really tough times. That is why I had to change!

I want to tell you that you and I have the power to shape our lives, our characters, and our personality to what and who we want to become. Well, nothing was easy for me at the beginning but I had to fight for it and I Earned it. 

“The more we persist in doing something, the easier it becomes for us. Not that the nature of the thing changes, but that our power to do is increased”.

You Have the Ability!

We have the ability to do whatever we want!

I know that’s hard because I have been there. But I paid the price to gain the qualities that I want in my life! And I keep paying the price so that I can maintain those qualities and have an excellent standard of living.

The question that you may ask is how you are going to do all this?

Well, in my case, with God’s help, with a lot of great books and with some really tough uncomfortable experiences; I was able to shape my life and I am still doing it today. Because I am not in my very best yet and I want to be better. I know I still have more to reach my potential and I am going for it.

When an obstacle or a challenge show up in my life, I decide to face it because I know that this challenge will help me to grow.

So you can shape your life like you can shape your muscles. You can shape your mental habits and your morning routines. And that’s all in your power!

And very often, where the pain is the power is!

I want to tell you that if I can do it, you TOTALLY CAN DO IT!

You have that power and potential but just decide. Yes, it is hard and tough, but I am going to do it anyway! Because I want more!

The Choice is Yours. You Can Either Move Forward or Backward

You can have and become whatever you want to become, the choice is yours.

Just because it’s difficult that gives us no excuse! We go FORWARD anyway!

Don’t ever say that’s just the way I am. Noway! Throw that thing out of the window! You can reshape your life, character, and personality. You can certainly recreate every part of your life.

You have the power to take every aspect and characteristic of your life and shape it into greatness!

You have the power to become who  you want  to become! So decide to be really happy, really optimistic  and  have great relationships.

Fill your mind, soul, spirit and body with happiness. 

Clearly, identify how you want to live and who you want to become and start making it happen TODAY!



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Will You Be Great? The Journey Toward Greatness. SAP 001

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Will you be great?



What has happened to the pursuit of excellence?!!!

I read a book a while ago that has become one of my all time favorites.  It’s called the Walking DrumI highly recommend it. 

In it, the main character is dealt a tough hand in life, and instead of playing the victim and acquiescing to circumstance, he decides to go for greatness with some vigor.  He seeks out the very best.  He has an insatiable love of learning and pursues it intensely.  He becomes a great fighter and a great scholar.  His drive for greatness is so inspiring.

What has happened to the pursuit of excellence?!!!

Read the lives of the founding fathers and great men and women.  Their quest for excellence is so inspiring.  Our day is different; with even more knowledge, information, and understanding; with easily accessible learning literally available in our pockets, with a life-time of education literally at our fingertips… ignorance is increasing.

It has become a pursuit of video games, porn, mindless, dramatic entertainment, and the celebration of mediocrity.

Where are the individuals and families who hold themselves to very high standards of excellence and WILL NOT tolerate mediocrity and loathsomeness in their lives?!

There are many, but we need MORE.

What do your actions and use of time reveal about you?

Are you dedicated to a life of God, family, and service?  A life that is meaningful and actually makes a difference?

Are you focused on living a life on purpose?  A real, excellent purpose!  Far beyond, eating, drinking and entertainment!  A life that is NOT dominated by tv, video games, social networking, happy hour, or other mindless stupors!

Bread and circuses.”  Learn about it!

Where are your goals and dreams of accomplishing great things?  Where is your ambition to become a person of influence and make this world a better place?  Why have you settled for less?  Why is your personal standard lower than it should be?

Turn off the tv and the video games!

It’s really not that hard to get ahead in your field of choice because most people don’t read or study.

Stopping seeking happy hour and start seeking happiness, the true kind that comes only from incredible family relationships, a close relationship with God, and serving the poor and needy!

What has happened to the pursuit of great health?

What has happened to the desire to be married and have a family?  Has selfishness taken reign entirely?

Has fear become the dominant deciding factor in your life?

Where is the burning desire for greatness?!!!  Where?!

Where is the commitment to end poverty, ignorance, prejudice, prostitution and human trafficking?

Come on people.  Light yourselves on fire with a noble purpose and passion and people will watch you burn.  And they will be warmed and inspired by your vision and drive and they will be able to see more clearly by the light that is shining from your mission and accomplishments.

The world needs you to transcend mediocrity and become a hero!  Do it now!

The goal isn’t to set yourself up as a light.  But you won’t be able to hide the light that will shine from you as you work toward some meaningful, significant accomplishment.  Make a difference in the world!