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Your Life Really CAN Be That Good!

Yes! You can live a fantastic life…for real! It doesn’t have to be a ‘pipe dream’ It can be real. Life simply does not have to stink.
I’ve been through some very hard years. I was out on my own at an early age. I know what it’s like to suffer.
But life doesn’t have to suck! It can be absolutely awesome; and not just a facade either; really, truly, authentically awesome.
Just because your life may stink right now, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, or that everyone else’s life stinks too.
I love my life! It is genuinely amazing! 

Life Can Be Awesome! I Hope You Believe That.

Somebody posted on Facebook that he hates Facebook because nobody is being authentic, he was confessing how terrible his life is and said “nobody’s life can be that peachy”

But I want to say that life can be awesome! And having come from a life that was really hard, I know what it’s like to have a life that stinks. I personally had some serious struggles and challenges but I have intentionally created an awesome life! I was intentional about it, I was deliberate about it and my wife and I have created an incredible life together.

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Denning FamilyWe have a great marriage and six wonderful kids! They are not perfect obviously –dah! Thank you captain obvious!– But they are great kids and we work really hard at being great parents and try to raise them right.

Step by step, we have created the life we want. There’s nothing we have to hide, we are the same in and out and we are trying to be authentic in that and life is awesome.

You Can Create a Fantastic Life

My message for you is to create a life you love so you don’t have to live some kind of a fake life. Be your very best self and work harder on yourself than you do on anything else.

My life is that peachy! Seriously! It is awesome. And when challenges, difficulties or obstacles come along, then great! Because I have trained myself  to see obstacles as opportunities and to outgrow them and not let them cripple me.

I am here to tell you that you can really live a phenomenal life!! And this is my message to that person on Facebook and to all of you. You can create a phenomenal life and it is 100% possible to live all your dreams and goals.

  • You can have a happy marriage.
  • You can have great kids
  • You can do things you love.
  • You can travel the whole world.
  • You can make all your dreams come true.
  • You can still work hard and love your work.
  • Get out and live a fantastic life!

Believe in your potential and believe that an awesome sauce life is possible and within your reach! You need just to work harder on yourself than you do on anything else!



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5 Facets of a Superb Life!

Life is awesome! And it is always better when we are better. There are 5 major facets in life that you and I ought to be cleaning, polishing, refining. Each facet directly affects the diamondothers. Neglect them at your own peril. Work a little on each one every day, and your happiness and success are almost virtually guaranteed.

The Five Facets of a Fantastic Life

Today I am going to talk about the 5 FACETS of what we could call a DIAMOND LIFE. The 5 facets of the diamond make it shine, and if we were able to shine in each of the five critical facets of our life, then life will be FANTASTIC!

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#1 The Physical Facet

  • How is your health?
  • How is your energy level?
  • Are you in great shape?
  • Are you in an ideal weight?

Most people are living on junk food! And this certainly doesn’t help them. So take this first FACET and evaluate yourself. Take a good look at yourself and see where are the points that you are weak at or bad at and then fix them.

Take action today, make improvements to your diet and make sure to take good care of your body.

#2 The Mind Facet

  • How is your mind?
  • Are you learning new things?
  • Are you studying consistently?
  • Do you have that habit of reading great books?

Too often, people are feeding their bodies and totally neglecting their minds! Thus, their minds are starving and struggling enough from atrophy!

The studies show that if you keep learning new things and challenging your mind throughout your whole life, it keeps making the connection. And that is the one organ in your body that gets better with use! The more we use it the sharpener will be and it will be sharp all the way through the age and we can keep our minds alert and active. But if we kept doing the same routines and the same thoughts, then that facet will spread the dark shadow over all the other FACETS! Because it affects also the way through which you see life. So make sure your mind is sharpened!

#3 The Emotions Facet#3 

  • Are you the emotional master of your life?
  • How are you doing emotionally?
  • Do you feel great?

Nobody else can make you feel anything without your permission! So choose to be the master of your emotions! Choose to have total emotional control!

So take a look at your life and check the following:

  • How is your emotional mastery?
  • How is your emotional control?
  • What is your emotional state?

This FACET -emotions- is the power house!  It’s where the energy is and where the excitement is! So we have to have that full healthy emotional range.

#4 The Relationship Facet

  • How are your relationships?

We need to work on ourselves to become a better partner, a better spouse, a better parent, a better child, a better brother, a better neighbor…

All these relationships are important and also need to be very prioritized.You have to give your attention to those relationships that matter most.

We ought to be seeking to expand our circle of influence and going about doing good in the world! And constantly building, lifting, encouraging and helping others when they communicate with us. We need to invest  in improving ourselves as participants in important relationships in life.

#5 The Spirit Facet

  • How is your spiritual life?

This is where your deepest values are and this is where integrity comes in.

One of the greatest ideas that I have come across years ago is that you seek to live every day in a manner that is pleasing to God. And if you can have the approbation of God, then you are safe! If you are living in a way that you know it pleases him, then you know that you are going on the right path!

Hence, those were the five FACETS of a DIAMOND LIFE so try to apply them and then become your very best!

I promise, if we consistently evaluate and make improvements, LIFE WILL BE AWESOME!



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Life is Not a To do List. Living a Life of Simplicity

Do you want a more meaningful exciting life? Do you want to be your best self? Do you want to have great relationships?

Too often and too many don’t know how to take the first step toward their goals. Righteous, powerful and meaningful goals.

So whether you are struggling in relationships, you are sick of being overweight, you are battling depression, you hate your job or you just want to have a meaning and purpose in your life, then the principles I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your dreams today!


Live a life of simplicity,

…of meaning,

…of purpose,FootballLasPenitas

…of significance.

Live a life that matters!

Life can have a simplicity that is so real and so enjoyable.

Life is something we experience, not just do.


There is great value in having goals and objectives and working hard to achieve them. But there is also tremendous value in a life of simplicity.

We’ve all felt the frustrations of being pulled in too many directions; of having far too many things “to-do.”

 Life is not a ‘to do list.’

Beware of the “burden of possessions.”

Too many attach their personal value and success to how many things they can acquire.

We’ve been so blessed and privileged to live in third world countries where we have observed the simplicity and happiness of so many wonderful people who have so few worldly possessions.



We will talk about the great principle of living with simplicity.

You and I have felt those frustrations of being pull to all different directions and having too much on our plate. But wait a minute, life is meant to be enjoyed! Life can have a simplicity that is so peaceful, so sincere and so real. Life is not a ‘to do’ list, life is something we experience and there is value in having goals and having a list of valuable things to get done. There is also a tremendous value in having a life of simplicity.

So I want to illustrate this principle starting out with Aesop’s Fabel.

The Fir Tree and The Bramble.

ass“A fir tree was boasting to a bramble and said somewhat contemptuously “you poor creature, you are of no use whatever. Now, look at me I am useful for all sorts of things, particularly when men build houses they can’t do it without me then”. But the bramble replied : “Oh that’s all very well! But you will wait till they come with axes and saws to cut you down and then you wish you were a bramble and not a fir.”

Better poverty without a care than wealth with its many obligations.

The fir in the fabel illustrates the ego in so many people. Those who always want to elevate themselves above others and they get cut in their foolish pride and their ego. When the axes and saws come, so many live beyond their means.

Often, one of the great struggle that comes to many is the burn of possessions. Many people think that owning stuff gives them value. And life is not about things!

It’s been such a wonderful privilege and lesson for me because I was cut up in it. I wanted to have all the nice things and own all these great possessions.

We lived in a few third world countries and we have seen there absolute simplicity and great happiness! And yet, they own SO FEW things!! So little of what this world has to offer and yet they are still happy. And this was a great lesson for me.

There is joy and peace that come from simplicity and from owning fewer things.

Is having things bad? No, not necessarily. But it can be distracting. And the less you have things to take care about, the more time value you’ll have.

  • Better simplicity without a care than complexity with all its many obligations.
  • Better to have your needs fulfilled without a care than to have your greeds with its many obligations.
  • Better to be small and debt free than to be large and debt filled.

Let’s reach upward toward a life of simplicity and get all the distractions out of our lives. And live life that is simple as base level where we can really focus on a life that really matters.