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Fortify Your Family Part 5 — REACH UPWARD

“It’s never crowded on the extra mile.” You and your family should be climbing the higher road to success and happiness. Join me on the life long quest for greatness!

Take Your Life to the Next Level

Too many of us go through life with our heads down or we just allow life to happen. Furthermore, we never make a conscious effort to take everything to another level.

We always have a choice! We can choose the lower road or we can choose the higher one. Like the bible said you can choose the broad way or you can choose the narrow way. And in our lives, we want to have an extra mile family where we are doing higher things and better things where we are consciously, intentionally, and deliberately trying to be better to reach upward and elevate every aspect of our lives.

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Too often we are letting the culture of the world be our own culture but this is not what we want. We want to be different and establish a fantastic family culture.

I want you to take a good look at each area of your life and say:

  • How can we reach upward
  • How can we have better health -as a family-?
  • How can we eat better?
  • How can we exercise better?
  • How can we learn better?
  • How can we improve ourselves?
  • How can we improve our relationships?
  • How can we even improve our conversations?

Somebody once said:

“Small minds talk about people, mediocre minds talk about events and great minds discuss ideas”

Thus, elevate your conversation, talk about good things and never allow poor conversations in your home and culture.

George Washington said:

“The foolish habits of cursing and swearing is a vice, so mean and so low as to be despised by every person of sense and character.”

Input Determines Output

These little things make a big difference. Thus, if something is not edifying, if it is not inspiring and if it doesn’t lift you then don’t allow it in your family culture because it will have an effect. Believe it or not, some of these things are like poison, they come and start slowly poising your family, therefore, filter everything.

Take your family culture to the highest level where you can really have a tremendous influence on others.

Get on the Quest of Excellence

Make sure to be your best all the time. Make sure, as a family, that everything you do; you do it well -of course, things that matter most- Because there are a lot of people who are trying to do things well that are better if not being done at all. So focus on the things that really matter most and do them in an excellent way and I promise that you will see a tremendous effect on your family.

Reach Upward in Every Area of Your Life

  • Reach upward physically
  • Reach upward mentally
  • Reach upward emotionally
  • Reach upward spiritually
  • Reach upward socially

And just take everything in your family culture and move it up to the next level.




Fortify Your Family Part 4– RECREATION

familyAre you REALLY living as a family or just merely existing? Are you creating fantastic memories together?

Are you creating fantastic memories together?

Are you learning great books together as a family? 

Are you creating fantastic experiences together?

Are You Living Your Life to the Fullest? 

Too many families live this perennial groundhog day! They just do the same thing over and over, they have the same experience year after and so instead of getting years of experiences, they are stuck with the same ones year after year. Hence, for many of them; they fall into this -humdrum- existence and they don’t really live their full lives.

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Therefore, take a minute to ask yourself: Am I really living? Is my family really alive?

Too many people go through life just with few great experiences and few great memories that they just begin to think -well, that’s the way life is!-  And I am sorry but I don’t believe that!

You know my story. I grew up in a broken home, I was out on my own in an early age, I have been in the streets for a long time, but eventually everything has changed and I am currently traveling the world with my family! I know life can be incredibly difficult and hard, and yet I do not for a second believe that life has to be continually hard. Life can be fantastic though but we have to be intentional about making it fantastic. We have to get out and create great experiences.

Learn and Serve Together as a Family

Thus, here is my challenge for you. Deliberately create great memories. I want you to serve together as a family and look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. But be careful, I am not saying that this should be somehow like a checklist nor something you try to draw attention to your family with. But what I am pointing to is that this needs to be part of your family culture, it needs to be part of who you are and what you do as a family.

Learn together! One of the most beneficial things is learning together. Therefore, make sure you are having great learning experiences together. –Hey! Man take your family and fo anywhere in the world and learn–

morocoTravel Together

What comes after learning? ==> Traveling!

We travel tons and we never say that our lifestyle is for everybody. It’s not. But we definitely think that travel ought to be a part of every family. Because you simply learn so much. So try to take your family and travel together.

Read Great Books Together

What’s even greater than the above? ==> Reading great books.

We as a family love to read great books. I am constantly reading to my children every day. And so we have this bounds and books memories. Because we share the same feelings and principals that a book teaches us. And this became a part of who we are.

Remember, each experience, each book and each struggle is part of the recipe of who we are becoming. So do all these things together and it will make the biggest difference in your life.

To Wrap Up…

To wrap up, sit down with your family and write out a list. Just get it in on paper.

==> Get on paper all the experiences you want to have as a family.

==> Get on paper what great books you want to read as a family.

==> Get on paper what languages you want to learn as a family.

==> Get on paper where you want to travel with your family.

==> Get on paper how you want to serve others as a family.

==> Get on paper what you can do together consistently as a family.

Learn together, travel together, experience together, read great books together and have a fantastic family culture.





Make Family Life Easier (& Reach Big Goals) With a FAMILY CULTURE

The culture you’ve created in your life, whether consciously or unconsciously, will determine the results you get in life, more than anything else you do.
Have you created a successful family culture? How do you go about doing it?
What you do by default–what you think about when you don’t have to think, what you automatically do in the morning, with free time, etc–is going to determine who you become and what results you produce… or fail to produce.
Mindset and habits are the two most important factors in a happy and successful life, no matter what that might look like for you.
It determines the love in your life, your health, your fitness, your relationships, your spirituality and everything else!
Your personal and family culture are both the results of and the reproducers of your mindset and habits.

Culture Will Always Triumph

I want to share a few thoughts about setting up the kind of culture you want in your family. Why culture? Because culture will always triumph. And by culture, I mean it’s what you do,  who you are and it’s the things you habitually do all the time.

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Culture is how we interact with each other.

Culture is what you do with your free time.

Culture is your habits.

(Click here to check this great post about the importance of creating a culture)

I want you to think about anything great that you want to accomplish -as a person and as a family- and set up a culture around that. What do you need to do? You need to think through this, create plans, and put things in place that facilitate that culture.

Well, it may actually take some time to create a good culture, especially if you are making a huge shift in your life.

I personally transformed my life and created a culture that’s way different from who I was. For instance, I grew up eating garbage and totally out of shape and then at 16 years old I decided to transform my whole life. Thus, I cut out all the junk food and the unhealthy garbage. Honestly, at the beginning that was really hard for me. I was constantly resisting the temptation of eating all the tasty -yet unhealthy- food. But once I created the culture there was no longer any temptation.

Unhealthy food is only an example for you. But you can transform any aspect of your life and create a culture that supports that aspect well.

Hence, what kind of culture you want?

Do you want a culture of love?

Do you want a culture of service?

Do you want a culture of learning?

The message I am pointing to is that you need to make a culture that’s your default. In other words, a culture that you don’t need any reminders to constantly remind you to do things or rituals. A culture that’s based on your habits. Again, that may take some time to set it up but it will eventually grow and give sweet fruits.

Carefully think through every great thing you want to accomplish, create, and become and then craft a culture around that so it becomes just what you do and who you are.



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One Sure-fire Way to Keep Your Family Together

Families are falling apart. You don’t want that to happen to yours. There are things you can  do to keep your family close together. One sure-fire way to keep your family at its best is to create a phenomenal family culture. Start building this powerful tool into your daily family life today!

Your Family Is Falling Apart! Do Something

Everyday, it seems that my concern for families is growing! Families are falling apart, marriages are hurting, kids are getting lost in the world, and the potential; the happiness and all the goodness in the family is getting lost in so many places! BUT it doesn’t have to be like that! FAMILY LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE! And the greatest HAPPINESS will come within the walls of our own HOMES.

 [iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

famiAnd yet, how often is it that most of the contention, the hurt, frustration, and misery is taking place within the walls of our homes?I want to share with you just one simple idea that  helps us  keep our families together. To keep them strong and happy for your whole life and hopefully for generations. That idea is  creating a family culture.

CULTURE is who we are. It is even more than what we do. It is who we are right now that determines our success as a family.

  • What is your family?
  • Who are you individually?
  • Who are you together?
  • What is your culture?

Although our families need both substance and structure, it is essential that we give principle preeminence over procedure. What that means is that we have created this culture and sense of always being busy, but busy doesn’t always mean successful, effective or productive. And it is not always the best thing.

How To Create a Culture of Love

As I have traveled the world, I have had the privilege of working with, experiencing and observing families around the world. And I have seen in other cultures that they have a much stronger FAMILY CULTURE. Even in their overall culture, they value family time more. It’s been a wonderful thing to observe that and there have been so many lessons that I have been able to pick up from that.

So I want to share this idea of creating that culture of who you are and who you want to become. So that every member of your family is eating, drinking, sleeping, living and breathing  the highest values that you want for your family. That permeates your home, your thoughts, your ideas and yohappur behaviors. Who you are becoming is all based on that idea of the FAMILY CULTURE you want.

So how do you do that? It’s the things you say, do and think as well as your attitude. All of that fits together in one big whole that is your family culture.

The best thing you can do for your family is to become your very best self! And nothing will get better in your family or in your life until you do! You have to lead out and set that example, and do it every day. It’s something that gets into our hearts and our minds, so that when your children are not in your view, they still make the right decisions.

You don’t have to go home and let out all your worst behavior on the ones you love the most. You should actually value that the most and protect it. You have to leave all the other stuff outside  and don’t bring in the culture of the world. Don’t allow the negative cultures in your family, but protect your family from them. We have to become defenders, protectors, and promoters of enlightened and strong families.

Be Brave and Take This Challenge

Here’s my challenge today. Sit down with your family and write a FAMILY CULTURE PLAN. Write down:

  • Who you want to become
  • What kind of attitude you want to have
  • What kind of thought habits you want to have
  • What kind of emotional mystery you want to have
  • Who you are going to be as a family

So try to get on paper as much as you can and try to include some power words in there. For instance: education, love, charity, active…

Develop your FAMILY CULTURE as who you are.

If you want a strong family that stays together and prevent your family from falling apart, then CREATE A FAMILY CULTURE. Do it today, and it will bless the rest of your life!



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This is One Fantastic Way to Keep Your Family Together

In this blog post I share one of the most important action steps that super strong families consistently take. This will bind your family together, bringing each of you cherished memories for many years. Set aside other less important things to make sure you do this. Family comes first!

Have Some Experiences Together as a Family

I want to share a powerful strategy that I think a lot of us are missing. It really strengthens our families, build that family culture and create that FANTASTIC life! This strategy is to have experiences together!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]


I want you to take a look at your life and ask yourself:

  • What great memorable experiences have you had in the last 90 days?
  • And how about for the last year?

Many families are just so busy, so go through the motions and they don’t have new memorable exciting experiences! Moreover, they have the same experiences day after day, week after week, year after year and so on and so far.

So I want to challenge you to purposely and intentionally create great experiences and great stories! And I want you to share those stories with your family. To create this bond of stories and experiences.

Do Something Different

Get out and experience the world! Do things that are really great and unforgettable.

We are now in beautiful Costa Rica, we are creating this bond and having experiences and  do a lot of things together as a family. We try new food, go to beautiful places, do new things, go out and surf together  and a lot of other great stuff.

You have to do something significant every time. Each week do something good, each month do something significant and each year do something great!

Think of it from a different perspective:

  • What would your children remember this year?
  • What would your children remember about this month?
  • What will stand out to them and be a strength and an anchor for them?

Unfortunately, too many of us are just going through that humdrum existence! Just moving along and not creating great experiences!

So plan something today. Do not wait until tomorrow, plan some unforgettable experience for you and your family that you will carry with you the rest of your life.



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