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Your Life Really CAN Be That Good!

Yes! You can live a fantastic life…for real! It doesn’t have to be a ‘pipe dream’ It can be real. Life simply does not have to stink.
I’ve been through some very hard years. I was out on my own at an early age. I know what it’s like to suffer.
But life doesn’t have to suck! It can be absolutely awesome; and not just a facade either; really, truly, authentically awesome.
Just because your life may stink right now, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, or that everyone else’s life stinks too.
I love my life! It is genuinely amazing! 

Life Can Be Awesome! I Hope You Believe That.

Somebody posted on Facebook that he hates Facebook because nobody is being authentic, he was confessing how terrible his life is and said “nobody’s life can be that peachy”

But I want to say that life can be awesome! And having come from a life that was really hard, I know what it’s like to have a life that stinks. I personally had some serious struggles and challenges but I have intentionally created an awesome life! I was intentional about it, I was deliberate about it and my wife and I have created an incredible life together.

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Denning FamilyWe have a great marriage and six wonderful kids! They are not perfect obviously –dah! Thank you captain obvious!– But they are great kids and we work really hard at being great parents and try to raise them right.

Step by step, we have created the life we want. There’s nothing we have to hide, we are the same in and out and we are trying to be authentic in that and life is awesome.

You Can Create a Fantastic Life

My message for you is to create a life you love so you don’t have to live some kind of a fake life. Be your very best self and work harder on yourself than you do on anything else.

My life is that peachy! Seriously! It is awesome. And when challenges, difficulties or obstacles come along, then great! Because I have trained myself  to see obstacles as opportunities and to outgrow them and not let them cripple me.

I am here to tell you that you can really live a phenomenal life!! And this is my message to that person on Facebook and to all of you. You can create a phenomenal life and it is 100% possible to live all your dreams and goals.

  • You can have a happy marriage.
  • You can have great kids
  • You can do things you love.
  • You can travel the whole world.
  • You can make all your dreams come true.
  • You can still work hard and love your work.
  • Get out and live a fantastic life!

Believe in your potential and believe that an awesome sauce life is possible and within your reach! You need just to work harder on yourself than you do on anything else!



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The Tripod of Success: 3 Essential Elements of EPIC Life!

Life is precisely what you make of it! That’s great news. We get to choose how our life will turn out and who we will become. We are not pawns or victims; we are agents. I’ve been studying successful lives for over 20 years and I’ve learned that there are three essential elements to living an epic life: Passion, Priorities, Perspective. Read this brief article to learn how to build your epic life on this powerful tripod.

Find Out How to Live an Epic Life

I really do live a FANTASTIC life! I am not saying this to just be –in your face– or something like this, but I am deeply grateful for a wonderful life! And I want to make it very clear that this was not the life I was born to. With God’s and some really awesome people’s help, I have built my life from the ground up. And you can do this too!

I believe that an EPIC LIFE is built on a TRIPOD of three things:


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#1 Passion

Passion: noun  pas·sion  \ˈpa-shən\ It is defined as the enthusiasm and the excitement. Something that just lights your fire. And in this case, it is a PASSION for life! So I have to ask you:

  • Are you really alive?
  • Are you truly really happy?
  • Are you passionate about your marriage?
  • Are you passionate about being a great parent?
  • Are you passionate about keeping your body in a great condition?
  • Are you passionate about eating great healthy food?
  • Are you passionate about God?
  • Are you passionate about maintaining inner peace?

I constantly say and sincerely believe that if you don’t get out of bed excited about your life, then something needs to change! There is no reason that you do not wake up every day excited and alive! Life is exactly what we make of it, so let’s make it with passion

So I want  you to do a little exercise.

If you were to take a pie chart and divide it up, what’s the emotion that you feel most of the time? Is it frustration, anger, anxiety or just ‘blah!’?

What is your predominant emotion?

Find out what you are most passionate about. Make sure to not be passionate about dumb things because that won’t bring you the results that you want. Instead, get passionate about things that matter. So find your meaningful passion and start living it today!

Passion will change your life!

Be passionate in every role and life will be EPIC!

#2 Priorities

Priorities: noun  pri·or·i·ty  \prī-ˈȯr-ə-tē, -ˈär-\ It is defined as a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

I have to spend most of my time with my wife and my children. For the moment, we live in beautiful Costa Rica, we travel together a lot and we have such an amazing life. This is not because we are lucky but because we are intentional and we are prioritized. The one important thing that I have learned during the climbing off my loneliness and hurt is prioritizing. I learned that I had to put the most important things first. And then I had to live according to my priorities. Most people  do not even have a written list of their top priorities.

So I challenge you to prioritize your life, give it the time, the intention and you have got to have the discipline to put boundaries in place.

You want an EPIC LIFE, then prioritize it!

Put first things first, do not make exceptions to those rules and your life will fit in the place!

#3 Perspective

Perspective: noun  per·spec·tive  \pər-ˈspek-tiv\ It is defined as  the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance

Losing perspective can bring about so much misery and so many problems. But if we maintained perspective, then that is one of the greatest keys to success. To see clearly and keep things in their proper place is one of the things that I had to do in life and it helped me so much in creating an EPIC LIFE!

Whenever things didn’t work out, whenever there were failures, whenever  plans didn’t go as we thought they would or anytime that there was a time of trial, struggle or turmoil, if we remember what matters most, then problems will be solved!  

So keep the perspective! Remember what matters most. Remember that you can always outgrow your trials. And that life can be fantastic and EPIC, if you will MAINTAIN PERSPECTIVE!



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Overcoming Obstacles-Life Is Easier When You Are Better

Do you want a more meaningful exciting life? Do you want to be your best self? Do you want to have great relationships?

Too often and too many don’t know how to take the first step toward their goals. Righteous, powerful and meaningful goals.

So whether you are struggling in relationships, you are sick of being overweight, you are battling depression, you hate your job or you just want to have a meaning and purpose in your life, then the principles I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your dreams today!

It’s a rather simple formula: the bigger you become, the smaller your problems will be.

Life is often hard, simply because we are too soft.

The more we discipline ourselves to grow and improve, the more capable and qualified we will be to handle life’s challenges.  Overcoming obstacles becomes much easier.  But if we are too easy on ourselves, then life will be hard on us.




CAVI is an acronym I love to use. It stands for Consistent And Vigorous Improvement. When we live by CAVI principles and habits everyday, life is so much more enjoyable, fulfilling and exciting.

10325144_983758868309544_6332295070287311743_nLife my friends is easier when you and I are better. If I am a better person, which means I have a better attitude, better thoughts, better reactions and better actions…etc. Then life would be so much better.

Don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better.

Get better through your trials or have constant reminders  from good words. And remember that input determines output. So either you learn from your experiences or you have to keep learning the same lesson over and over. So get some good input and be constantly on a quest of self-improvement.

If you fill your life with great ideas and great input, then you’ll get great results.  Reading good stuff will help you improve your life.

As you improve through input, you will see and experience circumstances differently and better!

  • Would it be so difficult if I were better?

  • If you were better, would many circumstances be easier?

  • Would you be struggling in relationships if you were better?

These are the questions to ask yourself all the time.

We must vigorously seek personal improvement. We must study and experience new and great things to try to expand our realities.

When we start seeing the big picture, then things are quite different. You begin to see the forest instead of  just the tree. If you get a bigger reality, you can see things more clearly.

So many people live in such a small reality in their neighborhood and literally choose to go with their neighbors, but when they leave their neighborhood they found that life is going beyond their neighborhood. After that they leave their state and then they leave their country and then they start visiting many countries and seeing many cultures. By that, they realize that the world is huge and that there are people everywhere living a different life.

Seek to expand your reality all the time.

So let’s take an honest serious look at our lives and say where can we be bigger and better. Life will be easier if we are better.


“Life will be easy on you if you were hard on yourself.”

Greg DenningSo if we really push ourselves to grow bigger and better, then we can overcome so many more things. And obstacles that may seem really big to us will then be easily overcome.

Take a look of each area of your life and take some time and try to really think.

  • What problems that may arise that I need to be prepared for?

  • What abilities, skills and knowledge do I need to obtain?


Decide to become a better person and discipline yourself to grow.

Remember, life is easier when we are better!

And our problems are smaller when we are bigger!

Please share examples of how this has been true for you.

Please share this podcast.  We can help so many people overcome their challenges by sharing this perspective and helping them grow.



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Look Up And Live

Good morning,sun

good afternoon,

good night,

whatever it is, it’s GOOD!

There are so many things that have to be done. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking.  Meetings, work, errands.  It never ends. That’s why it’s so easy to put your head down and just march onward.

But we have to stop ourselves and look up!

Make sure that during the routine of life you take time to look up and see all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Take time out to create memories with family and friends, and love them.

Look up and see all the opportunities to make a difference and then do something.

Look up and behold the incredible creations of God, and thank Him for them.

(Recorded while living in the Caribbean a few years ago.)


[powerpress]  audio:]



bikeI wanted to share some thoughts today. I absolutely love hiking, walking and spending time in the mountains and in God’s creations.  And if you’ve ever read anything that I write, you know that I love getting out and seeing God’s creations and enjoying getting away from men’s creations.

But I noticed something. While hiking in the trials, I used to keep my head down and speed up a little bit. But wait a minute,I haven’t seen anything! I have had my head down the whole time and I missed what I actually wanted to see! For me, I like to go to the mountains to see God’s creations, but if I get my head down, I miss out on a lot of experiences.

When I realized it finally and looked up, I saw an amazing surrounding! I got to stop and take this for granted.nat

For me, I love to keep my head up and look at things and appreciate them.

I can go out every morning and peacefully walk around and be inspired by the beauty that I see, hear and feel.

What a great lesson I learned that day ! To keep your head up.

How often do we get going in life and our heads are drop down and we just go to work?

By putting our heads down, we miss some of the beauty and the wonders of life. We have got to keep our heads up!

Someone said:

“Who is so cut up in getting it done, that they missed out on the joy of actually doing it.”

So, just stop, pick up your head, look up and live!

 Lift up your head and find the joy in the doing and not so much in the getting it done.

Find joy and gratitude all around you.

Look up and find joys and creations,

look  up in the sky, the rains, the clouds, the seasons and live,

get your head off the path,

and look up and live!

In everything you are doing, take that effort to raise your head, where you have a  better perspective, and live your life.

Open your eyes, lift up your head, look up and live! And life will be so much more enjoyable!

Ironically often, as we look up and live, we actually see things that help us get the job done faster, more effective and even better than we could have done it if we just kept our head down.

☛Look up and find that inspiration!

☛Look up and find those other paths!

☛Look up and enjoy the doing and not so much in the getting it done.



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9 Ideas That Change Your Life

Here are 9 ideas that change your life.

❶ “Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.”

❷ “People are always blaming their circumstances. I do not believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world get up and find the circumstances they want. And if they cannot find them, make them.” George Bernard Shaw

❸  Kill the rats in your cellar. (No, I’m not actually talking about a real cellar, silly.  Hint: It’s about your bad habits and attitudes that you try to keep hidden from others.  KILL THEM!)

❹  Forgive in order to be forgiven.

❺  1 Pet 5:5  “For God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace unto the humble.” Grace has been defined as “enabling power.” God resists the proud and gives power to the humble. I know which one I want to strive for.

❻  If you don’t sow, you can’t reap.

❼  Deliver the goods.

❽  Nothing gets better until you do.

❾  Everything gets better when you do.



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