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[PODCAST] Episode 003 – Greg Denning: Building Character through World-Class Education

Episode 003 – Greg Denning: Building Character through World-Class Education

Discussing social leadership, world-class education and how parents can help cultivate character in their children. How an awesome family culture helps kids to flourish by encouraging physical, mental, spiritual, social, and emotional development to instil a strong identity.

Episode 003 – Greg Denning: Building Character through World-Class Education

Prepare Your Children for Jobs of the Future

We live in an exciting time! Technology is changing everything. In 5 years we’ll be depending on things that don’t even exist today, and the jobs of the future haven’t even been invented yet!

Our world is changing so fast! Think about it. How much has changed in the last 5, 10, or 15 years? Just in my lifetime we’ve seen so many techniclogical advances. Literally, we can have in our pockets computers that are capable of awesome-sauce! It is so amazing. We live in such an exciting time and the world is changing so fast.

Whether you are public schooling, homeschooling, unschooling, world schooling, or any other combination, positive parenting and effective mentoring are essential to help prepare our children to learn, adapt, change, grow and to find answers for jobs of the future.

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Jobs of the Future?

All this change means that the traditional job is changing and the Industrial Age has vanished. We have moved into the Information age or what some call the Connection Age.

Today I live and work from Costa Rica. Nowadays, wherever there is internet — which is almost everywhere now– people can create or earn an income. We have friends traveling around the world who are creating new careers, being entrepreneurs and running businesses literally from a beach or a bungalow. This is the future of careers.

How to Prepare Your Children for an Uncertain Future 

With all these fast changes how do you prepare your children for a future like that — or yourself for that matter. Who knows what we will be using 10 years from now! How do you get prepared with so much uncertainty? A great education. I’m going to share the top three ways to get it.

It is a huge tragedy that so many parents and grandparents haven’t caught a vision yet, and haven’t seen the changes yet, and so they are pushing their kids and grandkids on the old industrial path. That is not going to work and it is only setting them up for failure. What used to work 30 and 40 years ago, will not work today or in the future. That is why we have to help our children get a great education and really learn how to think so that they can succeed.

Here are the top three ways to help your children get a world-class education that will prepare them to be leaders, thinkers and innovators.

#1 Reading and Studying

I read to my kids every single day. You should read to your kids too. Buy books first and then food afterwards! Make sure your kids to have access to great books and give them time to study and read, even if you have to set aside chores.

Here’s a list of the some of the best books.

#2 Learn Through Experience

There are certain things that you can only learn them by trying , experiencing, feeling and touching. So get out and travel, see the world, try new things, challenge yourself and have new experiences that get your neurons making new connections. Expand your mind and your reality, see new places and people and cultures and languages. Get out and try new things, you will grow sooo much.

Too many of us stay in one corner of the earth doing the same thing year after year and it keeps us limited and small. Get out and have great experiences.

#3 Inspiration and Revelation

Great thinkers and learners spent time in meditation. Great ideas often come as a flash of inspiration, a ‘communication with God’. So teach your children to have quiet time to think, to ponder, to pray, to meditate and seek inspiration and guidance.

I promise that you will set yourself up — and your children — for a phenomenal future and great success by doing these three things:

  1. Read and study voraciously from the best books of all time
  2. Get out and create incredible life experiences that expand your reality and help you grow
  3. Seek inspiration and revelation



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Are You SMART ENOUGH to Educate Your Children?

The world is changing so rapidly. It’s going to keep changing at incredible rates. What used to work won’t work any more. We’ve got to prepare our children for a changing future. Whether you homeschool, unschool, public school, private school or world school, Getting a world class education is the only way to do that. In this blog post I share proven ways that you can prepare yourself to help your children earn that level of education.

Are You Qualified to Help Your Kids Get a Phenomenal Education

A lot of parents ask themselves this question: Am I smart enough to educate my children?! Because in reality, none of us can educate another person. Education is always individual and personal. But are you qualified to help your kids get a phenomenal education?!

Yes we have to prepare ourselves and our children for an ever changing future. In fact, we live in such an exciting time in the world’s history. Things are changing so rapidly! Literally in five years from now, we are going to be using things constantly that do not even exist today!

BUT are you SMART enough to help prepare your child for that?

Are you SMART enough to help your child get a PHENOMENAL EDUCATION?

Well, the answer is most likely a NO! You are not and nor am I!

The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Albert Grey– wrote a phenomenal essay called “The Common Denominator of Success” and I really highly recommend to read that. In that essay, he said:

“ That the one difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, is that successful people are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

So from this, are you willing to do what it takes to get there? Yes I know that I do not know, but I can find the answers. I can teach my children how to THINK, I can read the great books, I can get the great education and then help them get their phenomenal; world class; education!

Take Your Children to The Next Level

In order to do that, start doing it with them as they start growing and learning. Learn with them and take their education to the next level. And there are three levels of education though:

  • Conveyor Belt Education.
  • Professional Education.
  • Leadership Education.

And the last level is what we want to go for. We want our children to be leaders making a positive impact in the world.

World School Academy

We have been passionate about this topic and so excited. We have been reading and studying in this field  for over 20 years! –By we, I mean me and my family–  Hence, we have created and we have great courses in there for parents to help them get prepared and ready to help their kids get a world-class education. So whether it is a homeschooling, an unschooling, world schooling or private schooling; there is what you need to help your children get a PHENOMENAL EDUCATION.

So if you are a parent and want to help your children, click here to visit and we’ll send you tons of FREE training and resources to help you and your family get that AWESOME EDUCATION!



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Most People Don’t Have a Clue What Real Education is–Do You?

Education, real education, will make all the difference in your life.
Getting a great education is paramount! Whether you homeschool, unschool, world school, private school or government school (public school) you need to ensure that you and your children are earning an education that will expand your reality and place you in a position of knowledge, freedom, and power.
Too many of us are painfully ignorant!

What Is Real Education?

educationI am so excited to talk about this with you today!

Addiction, violence, depression, suicide and  poverty… etc I sincerely believe that all of that is because of a lack of real education! Honestly, most people have no idea what REAL EDUCATION even is and what it looks like!

But hey! wait a minute! Everyone goes to school, they are getting their diplomas, their degrees and people are educated though! I know that this is what you are thinking about!

Well, let me surprise you and tell you that this is only schooling and there is a huge difference between schooling and education!

What! Shocked? Don’t worry,  the next lines will contain some great ideas about real education.

Three Main Areas of Education

I have been studying voraciously, outside school, for about twenty years! Endlessly, constantly reading and studying all the time. I set aside time to think, to write and to study. Thus, I concluded that there are three main areas of education.

I want to point out three main areas of education.

#1 The Conveyor Belt Education

The first one is commonly called the CONVEYOR BELT EDUCATION. And that is what most of us know. Go to school, get a good grade, get out and then get a job for the rest of your life. But this is just a minimum standard because there is never a graduation from education!

#2 Professional Training

The next is PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. It is where you learn a specific profession and they really train you when to think. For instance, if this comes in with this diagnosis, then you need to do this treatment! And this is like a more advanced training.

#3 Leadership Education

Last but not least, there is  LEADERSHIP EDUCATION. And that’s the one most people don’t know about. Leadership education is based on thinking and teaches you how to think! It is the basis of what’s called a liberal art education and that is the best because it is a classical education. It is about studying the very best classics in all  fields. In math, in science, in physics, in writing, in history, in social science, in biology and combine it into one great whole and getting a phenomenal world-class education.

What Is The Ideal Education?

I think the IDEAL EDUCATION is when by the age of 25 you have read 2000 of the best books written. And every decade after that, you read at least 1000 books! So at 35 I have read 3000, at 45 I have read 4000 and at 55 I have read 5000 and keep going! Because you always learning from the best!

If we can understand what a REAL EDUCATION is, then that will improve our relationships, our health, our understanding and help us to overcome our addictions, our bad habits and it will heal our families, marriages and social ills. Just seek after GREAT EDUCATION!

Get a PHENOMENAL EDUCATION and it’ll change your life! You’ll become a leader in your industry, in your work, in your family, in your society and wherever you are! You will lead out because you will understand what GREAT EDUCATION really is!



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