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How to Stop Caring What Others Think

Life is so good! And it is so individual. Each of us has a special path to follow. You have a mission! You were born to do something great. So do it; and stop caring what others think.  Live greatly, and leave others’ opinion of you and your life, with them.

Live Your Life on Your Terms

One of the most important things you’ll ever do is to stop caring about what other people think! Some people think that it’s impossible to care about the person and not care what they think. But I think that the opposite is true.

I grew up in a broken home. I was on my own in an early age, and I struggled with insecurity, with confidence, with depression. I was so timid and so shy! I couldn’t look somebody in the eye, let alone look at a camera and talk! I couldn’t get in front of a crowd and especially couldn’t talk to girls. I just lived in a shell and walked around with my head down hoping that no one would talk to me. And I lived with this fear of what other people thought. People would make fun of me for all different kinds of reasons, and I lived with that. And I had to overcome that. I had to grow through it.I didn’t want to have walls around my heart, my mind and my life. I didn’t want to be bitter or hurtful, I wanted to love people sincerely and genuinely. I wanted to have great relationships and great connections with people without giving too much power and allowing too much influence from what others thought. At some point, you have to live independent of the opinions of the others so you can live your life at YOUR LEVELS and YOUR TERMS!

How to Live Unconventionally

If you want to go for greatness and want to live unconventionally, if you want to do some crazy things that are great in a great way, then a lot of people are going to criticise you and a lot of people are going  to be bitter. You should hear some of the things that people said to us because we’ve lived unconventionally. We don’t play by the rules of society. We don’t live according to the dictates of social conditioning. We’ve taken our six children to go out and travel the world, make a difference and live a great life. And a lot of people have tried to tear us down and have said horrible things about us. And at some point, you just have to disconnect yourself and say ‘you know what! I value and respect you but I am not going to take on your crap! I’m not going to take what you’re saying into my life. I’m going to disconnect.’

And you may be wondering how to do it. And here is what I’ve learned. It doesn’t always come instantly, but it can. I think that I learned it the slow and hard way, but I would say that the number one way is to have a vision. To have a crystal clear vision of who you are becoming and where are you going. And if you know that, if you’ve got it so clear in your mind and you are just heading there confidently; knowing that it’s great. It’s not pathetic, it’s not mediocre, it’s not bad or negative. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing! You have these desires, these aspirations and this drive to do something great. Hold on to that vision, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Because you know where you’re going and you’re actually taking steps in that direction. At that point you have to say ‘I love and respect you, but I am going to live my life’

Even when family say all of these things you’ve got to say “Sorry. We love you so much but we’ve thought through this very carefully, we’ve studied it out and we have a vision of where we’re going and what we’re going to accomplish.” And if you hold on to that vision, then you get going and it’s awesome and you can be confident in it. Then you get to the point where you don’t even have to think about it. Somebody can say something  great or somebody can say something horrible and you can live independent of the opinions of the others because you know where you are going and who you are becoming, and it’s awesome!

There is greatness in you, huge potential, there is  genius in you. Do not allow others to tear you down and do not give them POWER over your DREAMS! Get out and make them HAPPEN!



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“As a Man Thinketh”. Changing your Thinking, Will Certainly Change Your Life!




I want to ask a bold question that really caught me by surprise. Can thoughts really change your life? It’s a very bold idea. I think that we’ve all heard of “As a as a menMan Thinketh”, the great scripture and wonderful book by James Allen.

I want to say that yes, changing your THINKING patterns and your THINKING habits, will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Here’s what Allen has to say:

‘As a Man Thinketh in his heart so is he. It not only embraces the whole of man’s being, but it is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts’.

This is really powerful for me and this book has literally changed my life! I read it over and over and I invite you to read it all the way through at least twice. I also invite you to read a page or two a day from this book as part of your morning ritual. I did this for years and I am still doing it, and it is such a great reminder to put your thoughts in order. Your thoughts about health, circumstances, relationships, character, purpose, living deliberately  and about everything you want to do!

We have got to make sure that our thoughts are leading to the right desires, which lead to the right emotions, which lead to the right habits, which lead to the right destiny and which finally lead to an AWESOME LIFE!

So get this book, study it, read it, learn from it, apply that in your life, GUARD your THOUGHTS CAREFULLY and you have to both CONTROL and DIRECT THEM!



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How to Handle Trials and Failures. There is HOPE, Keep our Head Up and Be Optimistic!

One of the greatest challenges in life is to keep your head up and hope for better days when times are tough.
How will you handle trials and failures? How can you respond to disappointment and overcome life’s obstacles? 

Head Up! And Keep Hope

I want to talk about one of the challenges I have seen as a traveler and worked to a lot of people. This challenge is KEEPING HOPE!

I do admit that this is a little bit hard, especially when life gets tough. It is hard to stay optimistic , it is hard to look at the bright sight and it is really hard to keep your head up. But even in the darkest times, hope will show up!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

I just want to encourage you to stay head up! Don’t give up when life gets tough! But instead, take it as a chance to grow. I know that this is easy to say but hard to apply, but seriously we can face our problems and then grow. Try to think about your great model and how he would react to if he were your place!

Two things I have for you guys:

  1.  Let’s outgrow our problems.
  2.  Don’t let those negative thoughts start snowballing down you.

Don’t you ever think when you fall in a problem that this is the end of the world! No! That would be a new beginning for you. So take it as a challenge and learn as much as you can from it.

How to Deal With Problems

Whatever your problem, here’s what you should do:


  • Think about your FUTURE.

  • Think about SOLUTIONS.

  • Put your FOCUS and your THOUGHTS on the CHANGE.

And personally, this is what I do!

Greg DenningLet me tell you a little bit about my story. I was in the streets in a young age and I grew up in a broken home. I really went through some tough times! Often with nowhere to sleep or nothing to eat!! Yes! I went through that much! But because I really wanted to change my situation, what I did, is that I learned how to discipline my thoughts. I learned how to FOCUS on  the BRIGHT SIDE and on the CHANGE. I learned how to grow out of that problem and not thinking that this is going to be the same forever! Yes, the challenges are always going to be there, but you know what! There is a brighter day after all! There is hope  and good things coming! Abundance is just around the corner.

So discipline your thoughts on higher things, on new days and on the NEW YOU!

There is hope! Please keep your HEAD UP! Please be optimistic! Please focus on a better day and do not stay down. 

You are an eagle and you were born to fly high!

Do not sit around packing the dirt with the hands!



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Do It Anyway! Self Motivation and Discipline

One of the greatest inhibitors to life success is that most people don’t do what needs to be done on their own.
We must learn to develop inside of us a motivation, determination and discipline to do what we know we should do without someone looking over our shoulder.

Self Motivation is one of the chief characteristics of high performers! With no doubt, this video will certainly motivate you and make you feel you really want to change!

Develop Your Inside

One of the greatest inhibitors in the lives of most people and one of the greatest stumbling blocks to success is that people don’t do what needs to be done on their own. Unless there is a boss looking over their shoulder!  People do not create a great  business or exceptional work! Unless there is somebody holding their hand or kind of babysitting them!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

Most people do not do what they really need to do to excel and reach for greatness! It often happens with the doctors. Some people just wait until the doctor says: “look, either you change or you die!”

So, we have got to be able to develop inside of us that:

  • Self-discipline.

  • Self-motivation.

  • Self-initiative.

  • Self-drive.

Overall, self-mastery gets us to do what we need to do and this has to come from within! Because successful people learned how to do this from within! Successful people do not sit around and wait for someone to offer them a great job! They are making it happen! 

This lack of self-determination is like a giant anchor that keeps us back from our DREAMS! It is like a chain that keeps us and blocks us from climbing high and reaching greatness! 

Two Great Lessons That Will Help You Through Your Journey

Well, I guess there are two great lessons that come from this:

  • #1 By all means. get a mentor or a coach! The best Olympians in the world have COACHES still. I personally have my mentors. Some of them have been dead for centuries! But I still do read their stuff and I still think with their minds! Some of them are:

charles          james allen           tede roosvelte


Thus, I highly encourage you to get a mentor, read great books and follow great leaders. Try to find people that are really succeeding in the area you want to succeed and pattern your life after that!

  • #2 Develop inside you the discipline! Try to do what needs to be done.

Martin Luther King used a phrase that I love, he called it the “tranquilizing drug of gradualism”. We need to take action now! I do admit that it is a little bit hard though, but any great accomplishment requires and demands of us great effort! Don’t let difficulty stop you, DO IT ANYWAY!

  • If it is inconvenient, do it anyway!
  • If it is hard , do it anyway!
  • If you might fail, do it anyway!
  • If there is a chance that people may ridicule you, do it anyway!
  • If you are uncomfortable, do it anyway!
  • If you are uncertain, do it anyway!
  • If you are scared to death, do it anyway!

Let’s go after our dreams with this drive inside. Learn to motivate yourself, to push yourself, to drive yourself and to discipline yourself!



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How to Access The Power to Change Your Life

Never underestimate your own power to change your life.
Within you is a power plant that, once activated, can completely alter your life for the better.
Change is great. Seek change and the results will naturally follow.
Learn how to access and harness that incredible power for change.

When the Pain Is, the Power Is

Never underestimate your power to change. Within you is a tremendous force, that once is activated, can drive you to make incredible improvements in your life.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

With change comes opportunity and with significant change comes significant opportunity. But too many of us never activate that power! And too many of us let some parts in our lives get rusty! And that creates problems. Problems in marriage, in health or in relationships. But the great news is, when the pain is, the power is.

Never underestimate your power to change!

Do not focus too much on results, but instead, focus on change and it will bring the results you want.

You Need to Change!

CHANGE is fantastic! Look for to CHANGE! Look at your life right now and say what can I CHANGE?

So :


  • Be active.
  • Move often.
  • Try new things.
  • Change the way you think.

So look at any period in your life when you are facing pain or frustration and figure out how you can change it. Activate that power source inside of you and CHANGE for the better!




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You Absolutely Must Be Willing to Change (for the better)

Nothing gets better until you do! Nothing! Seriously! If we want better circumstances, we must be willing to change and improve.

Nothing Gets Better Until You Do

James Allen said in his great book As a Man Thinketh:

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”

This is really powerful. We are anxious to improve our circumstances but unwilling to pay the price to improve ourselves. If you want a better life, better circumstances, better surroundings.. then you must start from your inside! We have got to improve ourselves!

 If you take a chain and pull it hard, it will basically break in its weakest part. So we are! We can easily be broken in our weakest parts if we didn’t improve ourselves. Therefore, we have to look and figure out where are we weak, where do we have to make those improvements and where we have to pay the price to change our lives.

Basically, if you pay the price, you will get the reward. So let us be willing to change ourselves. Let us start looking at the inside of ourselves and say “ I want to have better circumstances and so I am going to become a better person”.

Look clearly at yourself, figure out  where you are weak and  find out what you have to change. Look at what you really really want and be willing to change yourself first and pay the price to get what you want most. And I promise that as you do it, you will get what you want and way more because it will change every aspect in your life!



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