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How to Upgrade Your Life to the Next Level

Are you ready to upgrade your life? I think you are, and I know you can do it! I promise it will make the biggest difference.
After over 20 years of studying personal development and peak performance, I’ve learned that the most effective way to upgrade your life is to upgrade your thinking.
By upgrading your thinking, you will automatically upgrade your life. Here’s one simple technique to do it.

How Can You Upgrade Your Thinking in Order to Upgrade Your Life

To start with, a lot of you know my story. But if you don’t have any idea, here’s a little piece of it.  I grew up in a broken home and I was out on my own in an early age. I went through some really hard years and I wanted so desperately to upgrade my life.

I have been studying personal development and peak performance for over 20 years and I realized that the best way -and the only way- to upgrade your life is to upgrade your thinking.

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The question is: How you can anybody do that?

Well, there is a little trick here that helps. I want you to choose somebody who really inspires you and who’s actually really successful. Then, I want you to think through each of these important areas of life and ask yourself: what would that person think?


What would your idol say about your look and appearance?

What would your idol say about your relationships?

What would your idol say about your health?

What would your idol say about your spiritual side?

What would your idol say about your education?

What would your idol say about your financial state?

Note: Your idol can be anyone. In other words, it could be someone from the scripture, some philosopher, a member of your family, a friend… and so on and so forth.

Personally, Theodore Roosevelt Jn is my inspiration of all time. But there are others of course like Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington… etc And I always ask myself: What would they do in my situation? What would they think about challenges and obstacles? What would they think of the things I am worried about?

The point is we need to shift those thinking habits and alter them in order to upgrade our life.

Your limiting thoughts keep you from upgrading your life!



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How to Work on Yourself to Create a Life You Love

You have the power and the genius in you to create and live a life that you absolutely love! But it won’t happen by accident.
Here are a few things I share:
Life is what you make of it.
Get a world class education.
Nothing gets better until you do.
How to earn more and work less.
Denning Family in TulumHow to live with time freedom and money freedom.
How are you going to set yourself up to succeed?!

How to Create an Existence on Your Terms

Well, I have gone from being timid, shy, terrified, homeless, friendless and familyless to the life I have now where I get to travel around the world with my beautiful family! My family and I are trying to serve and make a remarkable difference in the world. Moreover, we are trying to get the most out of life! –and we are doing it– And we are living deliberately!!

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But wait.. this didn’t happen by accident!

Therefore I am going to give you a couple of tips that will help you improve your life.

You Have to Work Harder on Yourself Than You Do on Anything Else

And most of that comes down to educating yourself. Don’t automatically think of school and all its degrees because that’s not what I meant by education. Education is on all levels. We have to educate our desires, our passions, our emotions, our thinking habits, our mind, our attitude and every single aspect of our life. And so I’ll wrap up this with a couple of questions:

  • What new skills are you learning?
  • What new knowledge are you gaining?
  • How are you setting yourself up to be a linchpin? –and if you haven’t read “Linchpin” by Seth Godin, then please read it because it excellent–
  • How are you setting up multiple streams of income so that if one dries up another is there?

But we are not talking about working more, we are talking about working less and earning more! I know that seems wrong but what I mean is that we  suppose to be creating incredible value in the marketplace, improving people’s lives, and then more than willing to send you money and pay for your services or the value you bring to them. Hence, what are you doing to create that lifestyle? I don’t think anyone should have to work long days and long weeks -of course there are times and seasons for that. For example, when we are creating a new course we work really hard but most of the time we have free time to spend with each other- We have got to have the time and the money freedom to live our lives appropriately. If you are sitting in your place waiting for your ship to come it won’t , you have got to swim out and get it!

The challenge you may face is how are you going to do this right? Well, what worked for me –and I have done this for many years– is I have my morning rituals. Because I realized that if I want to spend a lot of time with my family and on my work and my passions then I have to get up very early. And many opportunities have come just because I get up early and work on improving myself every day.

There are opportunities everywhere and if you are constantly working on yourself you’ll have new skills and new abilities. And what that does, it frees you to choose your path and write your own ticket.

Going from where I was as a young man to living the life I am living now and doing great things that are exciting and wonderful is awesome! But there is one thing that’s even great, if I can do it then you can do it too!  



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Your Life Really CAN Be That Good!

Yes! You can live a fantastic life…for real! It doesn’t have to be a ‘pipe dream’ It can be real. Life simply does not have to stink.
I’ve been through some very hard years. I was out on my own at an early age. I know what it’s like to suffer.
But life doesn’t have to suck! It can be absolutely awesome; and not just a facade either; really, truly, authentically awesome.
Just because your life may stink right now, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, or that everyone else’s life stinks too.
I love my life! It is genuinely amazing! 

Life Can Be Awesome! I Hope You Believe That.

Somebody posted on Facebook that he hates Facebook because nobody is being authentic, he was confessing how terrible his life is and said “nobody’s life can be that peachy”

But I want to say that life can be awesome! And having come from a life that was really hard, I know what it’s like to have a life that stinks. I personally had some serious struggles and challenges but I have intentionally created an awesome life! I was intentional about it, I was deliberate about it and my wife and I have created an incredible life together.

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Denning FamilyWe have a great marriage and six wonderful kids! They are not perfect obviously –dah! Thank you captain obvious!– But they are great kids and we work really hard at being great parents and try to raise them right.

Step by step, we have created the life we want. There’s nothing we have to hide, we are the same in and out and we are trying to be authentic in that and life is awesome.

You Can Create a Fantastic Life

My message for you is to create a life you love so you don’t have to live some kind of a fake life. Be your very best self and work harder on yourself than you do on anything else.

My life is that peachy! Seriously! It is awesome. And when challenges, difficulties or obstacles come along, then great! Because I have trained myself  to see obstacles as opportunities and to outgrow them and not let them cripple me.

I am here to tell you that you can really live a phenomenal life!! And this is my message to that person on Facebook and to all of you. You can create a phenomenal life and it is 100% possible to live all your dreams and goals.

  • You can have a happy marriage.
  • You can have great kids
  • You can do things you love.
  • You can travel the whole world.
  • You can make all your dreams come true.
  • You can still work hard and love your work.
  • Get out and live a fantastic life!

Believe in your potential and believe that an awesome sauce life is possible and within your reach! You need just to work harder on yourself than you do on anything else!



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How to Take Your Life From ‘Blah’ to AWESOME!

Life is just far too short to be lame! And yes, it’s a choice. You get to choose. Life is what you make of it. Make it awesome.  In this blog post I share the proven principles that helped me move from a very difficult start and living on the streets, to living an incredible life.

Is It Possible to Live an Awesome Life!

I want to tell you how to take your life from ‘blah’ to AWESOME! It’s totally possible and you should do it!

I often ask people what their most dominant emotion is and how they feel most of the time and I want to ask you that. So take a minute to consider what you feel most of the time. For a lot of the people the response is frustration or anger. And a lot of other people say it’s just ‘blah’!

So I want to share three quick principles to help move your life from ‘blah’ to awesome!

#1 Do Things  That Excite You

 If you have a passion, get excited about it, work on it, develop talents and spend some time doing those things that excite you. Do something that lights your fire so that when you think about it, when you talk about it and when you do it, it makes you feel alive!

#2 Do Things That Are Meaningful

A lot of people go through life without any real meaning. They’re not doing anything that matters. So ask yourself that. What have I done this year that really matters? Don’t allow yourself to cheat and give bogus answers. Really take a solid and honest look to at your life. What am I really doing that matters? 

So do the things that matter, find your purpose and live it.

#3 Do Things That Are Fulfilling

Do things that are fulfilling and things that bring tremendous  rewards to your life. It may be expressing your talents or, it might be in serving others and helping others be happier. Do something that just brings so much fulfilment and makes you feel great when you are doing it!

Live an Awesome Life

So if you’re in a job that is kind of ‘blah’ job, look for a change. If you are living in an area that is kind of ‘blah’ right now, move. If your marriage and relationships are kind of ‘blah’, improve them. Get excited about life again and get going! Do something that excites you, do something that is meaningful and really matters and do something that is really fulfilling!



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Life is Not a To do List. Living a Life of Simplicity

Do you want a more meaningful exciting life? Do you want to be your best self? Do you want to have great relationships?

Too often and too many don’t know how to take the first step toward their goals. Righteous, powerful and meaningful goals.

So whether you are struggling in relationships, you are sick of being overweight, you are battling depression, you hate your job or you just want to have a meaning and purpose in your life, then the principles I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your dreams today!


Live a life of simplicity,

…of meaning,

…of purpose,FootballLasPenitas

…of significance.

Live a life that matters!

Life can have a simplicity that is so real and so enjoyable.

Life is something we experience, not just do.


There is great value in having goals and objectives and working hard to achieve them. But there is also tremendous value in a life of simplicity.

We’ve all felt the frustrations of being pulled in too many directions; of having far too many things “to-do.”

 Life is not a ‘to do list.’

Beware of the “burden of possessions.”

Too many attach their personal value and success to how many things they can acquire.

We’ve been so blessed and privileged to live in third world countries where we have observed the simplicity and happiness of so many wonderful people who have so few worldly possessions.



We will talk about the great principle of living with simplicity.

You and I have felt those frustrations of being pull to all different directions and having too much on our plate. But wait a minute, life is meant to be enjoyed! Life can have a simplicity that is so peaceful, so sincere and so real. Life is not a ‘to do’ list, life is something we experience and there is value in having goals and having a list of valuable things to get done. There is also a tremendous value in having a life of simplicity.

So I want to illustrate this principle starting out with Aesop’s Fabel.

The Fir Tree and The Bramble.

ass“A fir tree was boasting to a bramble and said somewhat contemptuously “you poor creature, you are of no use whatever. Now, look at me I am useful for all sorts of things, particularly when men build houses they can’t do it without me then”. But the bramble replied : “Oh that’s all very well! But you will wait till they come with axes and saws to cut you down and then you wish you were a bramble and not a fir.”

Better poverty without a care than wealth with its many obligations.

The fir in the fabel illustrates the ego in so many people. Those who always want to elevate themselves above others and they get cut in their foolish pride and their ego. When the axes and saws come, so many live beyond their means.

Often, one of the great struggle that comes to many is the burn of possessions. Many people think that owning stuff gives them value. And life is not about things!

It’s been such a wonderful privilege and lesson for me because I was cut up in it. I wanted to have all the nice things and own all these great possessions.

We lived in a few third world countries and we have seen there absolute simplicity and great happiness! And yet, they own SO FEW things!! So little of what this world has to offer and yet they are still happy. And this was a great lesson for me.

There is joy and peace that come from simplicity and from owning fewer things.

Is having things bad? No, not necessarily. But it can be distracting. And the less you have things to take care about, the more time value you’ll have.

  • Better simplicity without a care than complexity with all its many obligations.
  • Better to have your needs fulfilled without a care than to have your greeds with its many obligations.
  • Better to be small and debt free than to be large and debt filled.

Let’s reach upward toward a life of simplicity and get all the distractions out of our lives. And live life that is simple as base level where we can really focus on a life that really matters.  



Look Up And Live

Good morning,sun

good afternoon,

good night,

whatever it is, it’s GOOD!

There are so many things that have to be done. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking.  Meetings, work, errands.  It never ends. That’s why it’s so easy to put your head down and just march onward.

But we have to stop ourselves and look up!

Make sure that during the routine of life you take time to look up and see all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Take time out to create memories with family and friends, and love them.

Look up and see all the opportunities to make a difference and then do something.

Look up and behold the incredible creations of God, and thank Him for them.

(Recorded while living in the Caribbean a few years ago.)


[powerpress]  audio:]



bikeI wanted to share some thoughts today. I absolutely love hiking, walking and spending time in the mountains and in God’s creations.  And if you’ve ever read anything that I write, you know that I love getting out and seeing God’s creations and enjoying getting away from men’s creations.

But I noticed something. While hiking in the trials, I used to keep my head down and speed up a little bit. But wait a minute,I haven’t seen anything! I have had my head down the whole time and I missed what I actually wanted to see! For me, I like to go to the mountains to see God’s creations, but if I get my head down, I miss out on a lot of experiences.

When I realized it finally and looked up, I saw an amazing surrounding! I got to stop and take this for granted.nat

For me, I love to keep my head up and look at things and appreciate them.

I can go out every morning and peacefully walk around and be inspired by the beauty that I see, hear and feel.

What a great lesson I learned that day ! To keep your head up.

How often do we get going in life and our heads are drop down and we just go to work?

By putting our heads down, we miss some of the beauty and the wonders of life. We have got to keep our heads up!

Someone said:

“Who is so cut up in getting it done, that they missed out on the joy of actually doing it.”

So, just stop, pick up your head, look up and live!

 Lift up your head and find the joy in the doing and not so much in the getting it done.

Find joy and gratitude all around you.

Look up and find joys and creations,

look  up in the sky, the rains, the clouds, the seasons and live,

get your head off the path,

and look up and live!

In everything you are doing, take that effort to raise your head, where you have a  better perspective, and live your life.

Open your eyes, lift up your head, look up and live! And life will be so much more enjoyable!

Ironically often, as we look up and live, we actually see things that help us get the job done faster, more effective and even better than we could have done it if we just kept our head down.

☛Look up and find that inspiration!

☛Look up and find those other paths!

☛Look up and enjoy the doing and not so much in the getting it done.



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