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"Caused a change to happen"

Mr. Denning, I am so grateful for you and all that you do for me. Even though I have never met you in person, you have influenced my life and have caused a change to happen. I can't even begin to put in words how grateful I am for you. So simply, thank you.

Alayna Z.

"Positive impact I have witnessed in my son"

I have been wanting to tell you for a while the positive impact I have witnessed in my son from your interactions and mentorship. He always has been an exceptional individual, but he has become more positive, confident, disciplined, and focused through your influence. You are much appreciated in my family.

Erik H.

"I have never loved a class this much"

Thank you for being such an amazing mentor. I have never loved a class this much. You truly are such an inspiring person and I'm so glad I got to have you as a mentor.

Elena G.

"Enormous role you’ve had in helping dreams come true"

You have made an incredible difference in my daughter’s life and I appreciate the enormous role you’ve had in helping dreams come true for her that I never thought possible. What an incredible opportunity. Thank you so very much.


"Contagious enthusiasm for life and learning"

You have a contagious enthusiasm for life and learning. My sons have benefitted from the accountability and breadth of ideas that have come from your mentorship. They liked the variety of topics and how you got them to see things from different perspectives. Sometimes the discussions from mentor meetings continued at home and the boys and I actually did something different because of what we learned. You talked with them about daily study and never missing another day. I noticed how this got them to engage at a higher level of commitment and that they really looked forward to you asking them if they were doing it. There is something pretty powerful and motivating to them about this kind of accountability to such a strong, male role model. There also have been times when my son pulls something out and uses it even now, that I know came from your mentor meetings. Sometimes it is hard to tell how much is still at work in them! Thank you for mentoring my boys and, at the same time, mentoring me indirectly and, yet, directly. You have made a difference in our lives. I care about you as a friend and a person and know that you are making a big difference. Still reaching upwards!


"Thank you! You have made a huge impact on my life!"

Thank you! You have made a huge impact on my life!

Ashton M.

"Make me want to be a better person"

You are such an amazing person and I'm really inspired by you. You really make me want to be a better person.


"Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life."

Mr. Denning is the most inspiring and influential person I have ever met. His classes are my favorite because the environment is so supporting and uplifting. I can only wish to one day be as amazing as Mr. Denning. Thank you for being such a great mentor!

Bridget G.

"My life is going to be drastically different because of this course"

My life is going to be drastically different because of this course. I learned, in all things, to be genuine, empathetic, and kind. I learned how important it is to listen to and be patient with others. It’s easy to simply listen, share a smile, or help someone out. Yet, it makes a gigantic difference. I want to love and not expect anything in return; to trust others and be trusted; to be grateful for everything I have; to express genuine concern, love, and tenderness for others. Each person is special and has a story and a struggle. I want to go out of my comfort zone to help people and be a light in their lives. I think people who bring happiness to others are blessed. I never understood how my actions could impact and improve others. I have POWER! Real power that I can use to make a difference. Mr. Denning taught us how to use it.

I want to grow and develop all of the facets of my character. I want to share my voice and my talents with the world. I want to accept the challenges that life gives me with strength and humility. I want to become the best person I can be. Before this course, I often was filled with regret. My goal wasn’t to make the other person feel important. My goal was, instead, to show the other person that I was just as good as they were. I constantly compared myself to others. I was afraid of failing…because deep inside, I truly didn’t believe I could achieve my dreams. I wanted to be great, but I wasn’t going about it in the right way. I was emitting a confident and positive attitude—yet, it was being counteracted by my negative thoughts. Now, I realize those are unhealthy thoughts and feel more confident that I can improve my own life. I’ve been trying to use the values, tips, rules, and lessons Mr. Denning has taught me to become a better leader. I’ve talked to my mom about all I’ve learned and we are both working on implementing these values. This class has been amazing and it has changed how I view the world and my life. Thank you, Mr. Denning—you have been the most influential mentor in my life!

Devon K.

"Incredibly fantastic and life-changing"

Your guidance this past year has been so incredibly fantastic and life-changing. I've grown as a young adult and continue to do so with all of your meaningful lessons. Thank you!


"One of the most inspirational, transformational people"

Thank you so much for being one of the most inspirational, transformational people ever to come into my life!

Dwight S.

"Really care about us"

I think you're a great mentor and really care about us, the students. You've inspired me in so many areas of my life. I'm grateful for your example and hope to become my own Mr. Denning when I'm older. 🙂


"Introduced me to new dreams"

Mr. Denning has inspired me in so many ways, it's hard to count. He introduced me to new dreams and inspired in me a growing love of education. No other teacher or mentor has done that. The very few who tried, failed. I greatly appreciate all his hard work for the class and for me as a person.


"Makes a person think about how to live life"

Man, I gotta say that I really, really respect a guy (and his wife) who is simply deciding how he will live his life and is then just living it that way. I’ll bet his biography is already fascinating. Imagine being one of his kids growing up. Makes a person think about how to live life.

Greg B.

"A mentor I trust and admire"

I'm thrilled my children get this opportunity and am so grateful to be able to send them with a mentor I trust and admire.


"Grateful beyond words"

I'm thrilled my children get this opportunity and am so grateful to be able to send them with a mentor I trust and admire.