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How To Face Your Weaknesses

Cultivating a growth mindset allows us to get comfortable being uncomfortable and continually face and transcend our weaknesses.  Marrakech, Morocco While living in Marrakech, Morocco I loved walking through the Medina—the ancient, fortified city teeming with shops, people, motorcycles, animals and entertainment—whose massive, red clay walls give the city

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The Top 3 Ways Of How To Make A Living

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were earning more money doing something you love? What if I told you there is a way?!  Great Wealth vs. Great Poverty I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, meeting wonderful people and witnessing their lives and their economies.

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How to be Happy, Healthy and Productive Daily

I believe most of us desire to be happy, healthy and productive. Life is FANTASTIC when we’re feeling good and producing results in the things that matter most. But how do you actually achieve this day-to-day? There are proven strategies that will help you be happy, healthy and productive every

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How To Stop Being Hypersensitive

Is there something you know you need to face but have been unwilling to? It happens to all of us. It’s time to face the facts—even the ones that hurt {especially the ones that hurt!}. Stop being hypersensitive to the truth. Let it change you; let it transform you. Are

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How to Come Face-To-Face With Poverty

We spent quite a while living in Costa Rica and then we lived in Germany for three months. The contrast of going from Costa Rica to Germany and then onto Morocco gave me real perspective. I had a sobering experience I wanted to share when I went for a walk

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How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is a way of being. You deserve to be happy, so choose it!  What Is Happiness? The other morning, while my family and I were doing our devotional, we opened to a question in this book of philosophy…what is happiness? We got into this great discussion about happiness that

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How To Acquire Inner Peace and Purity

Do you want to acquire lasting inner peace and purity? Here’s how.  Keeping Life’s Wonder I want to tell you about a fascinating place in Mexico in the middle of the Chiapas rainforest called Agua Azul which translates to “blue water.” It is a series of waterfalls that cascade

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8 Simple Steps To Be A Better Parent

Raising your children well is one of the most important things you will ever do. It can be tough, frustrating and exhausting! But, ultimately it is richly rewarding! Here are 8 simple things you can do to become the best parent you can be.  Parenting Since parenting is one

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Are You Growing Spiritually?

We are all spiritual beings. Yet many neglect the spiritual side of life, leaving a spiritual void. Are you growing spiritually?  I am currently in Marrakech Morocco where they do the call to prayer five times a day (Click here to hear it). This morning I heard it at 5 am

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4 Habits of Peak Performance

The real difference between greatness and mediocrity comes down to habits. High performers have high-performance habits. These four habits are simple, but they will make all the difference in your life and your quest for success. High performers are normal people, they just discipline themselves to do a few things

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[PODCAST] Matt Townsend Show: Living Deliberately

Matt Townsend Show: Living Deliberately Talking to Matt Townsend on BYURadio about making the choice to live deliberately and retaining determination to live your life on purpose. Why it’s so important to work out what matters most to you by questioning social expectations, and then working towards achieving your aims

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[NEWS] Families choose life of service abroad in Guatemala

Families choose life of service abroad in Guatemala Along with their friends, the Jensens, Greg and Rachel Denning have been working to battle malnutrition and give Guatemalan families a better life. By teaching and demonstrating new life skills, families are able to sustain themselves, and pass their newly acquired skills

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