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How To Stop Being Hypersensitive2 min read

Is there something you know you need to face but have been unwilling to? It happens to all of us. It’s time to face the facts—even the ones that hurt {especially the ones that hurt!}. Stop being hypersensitive to the truth. Let it change you; let it transform you. Are you too prideful, too fat, too mean, too emotional, too selfish, too-fill-in-the-blank? I know it hurts, but we need to face the truth to fix what we can. This video will help you do that.

Be Willing to Have the Hard Conversations

Have you ever avoided hearing something you know you needed to hear because it was hard to hear? In my own life, and in studying the lives of great people, I realized that excellent people are willing to listen to hard things. They are willing to have those difficult conversations that need to happen. They are willing to face the facts!

Some of the most helpful times in my life have been when I’ve been willing to have those really uncomfortable conversations. Whether from a book, a mentor, my spouse or from a family member, etc. I have noticed—and I am sure you have too—that a lot of people are hypersensitive and are not willing to accept the truth of their lives. I want to challenge you today to take a quick look at yourself and say: “I am willing to listen to the hard truth.” Be willing to let those hard things kick you in the face so you can get better and improve. Be willing to let those ideas and those corrections come into your life. Get a vision of who you want to become, create a plan and face it.

Your Life is Exactly What You Make of It.

Are you overweight? Face it!
Are you a bad spouse? Face it!
Are you neglecting God? Face it!
Do your relationships stink? Face it!
Are you a terrible parent? Face it!
Are you a mad person? Face it!
Are you addicted to some bad habits? Face it!
Are you putting yourself in the victim role? Face it!

Look at every aspect of your life and say “Where do I need to make those changes?” or “Where am I dropping the ball?” Be willing to accept the hard truth and be willing to change. You have to take accountability of every single part of your life. Because your life is exactly what you make of it.