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How to Come Face-To-Face With Poverty2 min read

We spent quite a while living in Costa Rica and then we lived in Germany for three months. The contrast of going from Costa Rica to Germany and then onto Morocco gave me real perspective. I had a sobering experience I wanted to share when I went for a walk in an extremely poor area of Morocco. It forced me to question what I will do to make a difference among the poor and needy? And, I pose the same question to you.

Because I Have Been Given Much — I Too Must Give Much

My daughter Saige (click here to see her) and I went for a walk in the back of Marrakech—where no one wants to go—and I was shocked at the extreme poverty! Probably most of you have never seen this degree of poverty. It’s one of those sobering reminders. I talked to my wife, Rachel, about this and how important it is for our family to put ourselves out there to help others in need. Seeing this poverty gave gratitude for how blessed we are and it served as a reminder that to whom much is given…much is required.

An Unbelievable Offer…

Saige and I went over to this rough-looking shack with a woman sitting inside. She saw Saige and called us over to her and offered us food!! It was another one of those experiences of going into the poorest places and finding that people there want to give and share what little they have. It’s unbelievable generosity! The paradox is that the people who are living there are genuinely happy and joyful!

And, so we found a place where we can serve and make a difference! Life’s ironic lesson is that there we also found a place where we can be taught! I think we all need to go (safely, of course) to the places where we can serve and make a difference, where we can interact and where we can be face-to-face and get to know the people in need. Because they are human beings…just like you and me. So my message to you is: get out in the world and do your part by helping those in need.