GREG'S BLOG How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

How to be Happy, Healthy and Productive Daily3 min read

I believe most of us desire to be happy, healthy and productive. Life is FANTASTIC when we’re feeling good and producing results in the things that matter most. But how do you actually achieve this day-to-day? There are proven strategies that will help you be happy, healthy and productive every day—and they’re easy to implement.

Albert E.N. Gray said: “Successful people are successful because they form the habits of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” Every single qualification for success is acquired by habit. So, we must set up habits every day that bring great things. And, it doesn’t actually have to be complicated…because sometimes we make things way too complicated! That’s why I encourage you to implement simple, daily habits that will ensure your success.

How to be Happy Every Day

Simply DECIDE to be happy and then CHOOSE to be happy no matter your circumstances! Then do things that bring happiness. Here’s a little hint for you: it is not always going to be the things which bring pleasure always bring happiness. Ultimately, happiness comes through giving to others! So, do not wait for someone to make you happy, instead find ways to help and serve others. It is through giving, serving, loving and helping people that we will find true and lasting happiness.

To Reach Happiness You Need to Be Healthy and Take Care of Your Body

Too many of us are practically killing ourselves eating garbage and unhealthy food! Eat well and you will be healthy. It is that simple. If you stay away from carbs, soda, white sugar and junk food, you will be in a great health. It is just a very simple habit that will transform your life. By eating healthy food, you will feel better and have energy. And again, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. It does not need to be some complex diet or an expensive gym membership with a trainer—it simply involves getting exercise and eating healthy food. I have made a commitment to myself for about 20 years now to eat healthy food, cut out all the junk and exercise well and I feel so great! I have so much energy and I just feel alive.

Great Achievers and Successful People Work from a List

One simple thing that I would suggest is to make a list every night of the top three to five things you have to get done the next day. Make sure to do the most important things. In order to be productive every day, take 60 seconds from your time and write a quick list of the top things you want to accomplish the next day.

I make it a daily habit to spend time with my family, travel, serve others and accomplish things that matter most and, as a result, life is FANTASTIC! When we consistently do the things that matter most and do things for others we are happy, healthy and productive and it makes life AWESOME!