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Live Online Book Discussion Groups for Youth, with Youth, Lead by

Live Online Book Discussion Groups for Youth, with Youth, Lead by a Mentor

Help your youth get the most out of their education and develop a love of learning.

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James was an average kid.

He’d been homeschooled since he was young. His dad was a go-getter and loved to read and study. But he was often gone, since he worked outside the house. His mom read too. She knew the importance of a great education. But she struggled with ‘structure’ and inspiring her kids to do more, to learn more — to really love learning and to take action.

It wasn’t that James didn’t like to read, or that he didn’t believe learning was important …he just lacked enthusiasm, and drive. He liked his lazy afternoons, his video games and Facebook. And he liked to sleep. Greg, Calvin and Devon

He joined the youth colloquium (book discussion group) and private mentoring at the request of his mom. Indiffrent and apathetic best described his attitude. But he did attend his first mentoring sessions. And he did some of the reading and assignments.

When asked questions, he usually responded with a blank stare. When questioned about his goals, he had very little to offer.

It didn’t happen right away.

But attendance at the youth colloquium started to have an effect. Getting together with a small peer group, hearing what they had to say, and feeling their enthusiasm for the books they were reading and discussing — it all started to influence James’ outlook toward study.

“You could see the wheels were starting to  turn. He was becoming engaged. He was getting inspired by his peers. He started making great, thoughtful comments. And this new attitude was carrying over into his personal study and personal mentoring sessions,” said Greg.

“Now when you ask him about his goals, they’re big and adacious! Books he’s going to read this year, the instrument he’s practicing daily and the marathon he’s training for.”

In an effective youth colloquium, there’s a natural synergy that occurs.

Led by an inspired and inspiring mentor, as a group, the youth are challenging each other. In a small peer group, hearing the perspective of others, in addition to the mentor, is powerful. Together, they’re learning how to study. How to think. How to apply the principles they learn.

And they’re holding each other accountable. The energy and synergy continues to feed off itself and together they grow, climb. They are driving each other upward, setting each other on fire (in a good way 😉 )

“These youth are inspiring ME,” says Greg.

“They are catching the vision of their personal missions.

They’re seeing the potential that they have for making a positive difference in the world.

They’re taking seriously their need to prepare NOW to fulfill that mission!

It’s incredible!”

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From a Mom of 3 students, ages 13 to 18

“Although my [kids] have always been good kids, have made great choices, and have made the teenage years a total breeze and pleasure for my husband and I, I know that Greg’s influence has been very instrumental in keeping that up, and motivating them to greater heights! I can only imagine how instrumental Greg would be in the life of a teen who is struggling in any way to make good choices, to be excited about life, find their purpose, and to develop a love for learning. I think that if there are parents out there who are looking for help in this way, Greg would be a wonderful mentor. Thanks Greg, for the wonderful influence you’ve had on my boys. It will carry through with them and be a strength to them forever!” [/one_second][one_second]

From a Mom of 1 student age 16

“My husband and I have literally been searching for years for a mentor like you. We are so, so grateful to have finally found you. Thanks for the incredible influence you’ve been having on my son.” [/one_second] [divider height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]

Many parents are looking for something to help their youth get the most out of their education

— no matter their schooling choices.

They’re looking for a mentor who can inspire a love of reading and great literatue — one of the greatest catalysts for a fantastic education. They’re looking for someone to guide book discussions and offer feedback, inspire ideas and encourage growth.

They’re looking for a peer group who will stimulate and positively influence their child. They’re looking for something that’s convenient and fits into their busy lives.

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Greg will be hosting two new groups, starting January 2015

He will facilitate and contribute to youth discussions on books from TJED for Teens.

Each group will include the following:

  • LIVE Discussions Online for 1-2 hours
  • May include written assignments
  • Safe environment (small and intimate, 10 youth max)
  • Email access to Mr. Denning
  • Inspiration and motivation for personal growth and positive life change
  • Discussion of the ‘levels of learning’
  • Reading out of the ‘best books’
  • Instruction on ‘how to read a book’
  • Instruction on how to annotate and write
  • Connection with others who inspire greatness
  • Connection with peers with similar ideas, goals and values
  • Synergy, power, enthusiasm that comes from being with other great youth and learning together
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Option 1 – Twice Monthly


Option 2 – Weekly

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The books read will match the needs, interests and reading level of the students, but may include:

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From a Student Age 16

“Thanks for being an awesome person, and an amazing teacher. I can not thank you enough for what you have taught me, it cannot be bought by anything! You have a gift of teaching… I love your look on life how you live it to the fullest, it makes me want to do more things, go more places, and experience and learn new things. You have been and will continue to be a very very influential person in my life. I love being mentored by you… It is truly amazing how much one can impact another’s life. Your enthusiasm makes me so happy, and I hope one day to be as awesome as you are. Keep being the fantastic Greg I know, you mean a lot to me. Your favorite student. ;)”[/one_second] [divider height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]

Join Greg for his LIVE, online book discussion/colloquium for youth.

Enroll now to hold your spot for one the two new groups that will be opening soon. As a mentor, Greg is busy with one-on-one coaching/mentoring, as well as the current colloquiums he’s hosting.

In January, he’ll have a limited time opening for two new groups — but they fill up fast! Remember, these are live, interactive, dynamic online groups led by a mentor (Greg) with other youth who are pursuing education, personal development and individual greatness.

These are youth who are learning how to be the future leaders of the world. You can choose from the options below.

Group sizes are limited to 10-15 students each, and filled on a first come, first serve basis.   If you’d like to reserve a spot for your child, you can do so by paying a non-refundable deposit below. (The cost for the group is monthly, beginning in January.) [one_second]

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Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites [/one_second] [divider height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]

“Greg has been a mentor for my 2 oldest boys, 15 and 17 for the last two years.

I highly recommend Greg for any type of personal coaching/motivational speaking, because even when he’s not trying, he’s motivating and uplifting all those around him!

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