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Are You Growing Spiritually?1 min read

We are all spiritual beings. Yet many neglect the spiritual side of life, leaving a spiritual void. Are you growing spiritually?

I am currently in Marrakech Morocco where they do the call to prayer five times a day (Click here to hear it). This morning I heard it at 5 am and it served as a great reminder that wherever you are, take time to think about and remember God. I love remembering God and remembering my spiritual side.

Too many of us allow our spiritual lives to atrophy and we just go through the motions, therefore we have to.

I want to challenge you to nourish your spiritual side…look to the spiritual side of your life and grow from your center.

Cultivate a holistic life and become a well-rounded person from all sides—physical, emotional, financial, and, most importantly, spiritual. Remember your spiritual side: spend some time with God, realign your values, refocus your life. Do not neglect that all-important call to nourish your spiritual life…because it’s all about the soul!