GREG'S BLOG How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

My Story


Greg Denning is a Youth Hero and Mentor and has over 20 years experience of Personal Development and Peak Performance Coaching with young people and families.

Greg is the most inspirational and optimistic person you’ll meet. He’s been called a ‘walking anti-depressant’ and has been voted as ‘the mentor that inspired and impacted [them] the most’.

Out on his own by the age of 16, he experienced years of hardship, loneliness, hunger, homelessness and depression. He struggled desperately to find the answers that would bring him a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Through the power of ‘Bibliotherapy‘ — defined as ‘the use of books as therapy in the treatment of mental or psychological disorders’ — he was able to catch a vision of the life he wanted to create for himself, and then take action to bring it about.

Today he is married to the woman of his dreams and they have seven fun and unique children. As a family, they have traveled and lived in over 20 countries on 5 continents, while Greg earns a living online doing work he loves and positively impacting the lives of youth and adults as a mentor in personal and private groups.

Greg is passionate about health and fitness, education and reading, adventure, travel and inspiring everyone he meets to Reach Upward.



The idea of elevating everything, raising your standards, 
taking everything you do to the next level, how you live your life,  how you serve others, your goals, aspirations and dreams.

Chapter One

5 Minutes 13 Seconds

Chapter Two

9 Minutes 16 Seconds

Chapter Three

10 Minutes 50 Seconds

Chapter Four

9 Minutes 50 Seconds

Chapter Five

9 Minutes 29 Seconds

Chapter Six

10 Minutes 26 Seconds