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8 Simple Steps To Be A Better Parent3 min read

Raising your children well is one of the most important things you will ever do. It can be tough, frustrating and exhausting! But, ultimately it is richly rewarding! Here are 8 simple things you can do to become the best parent you can be.


Since parenting is one of the most important roles a person ever undertakes, I want to share 8 simple and proven strategies to help you become the best parent you can be. Trust me, I am not a perfect parent—but I strive to become one. So, I am constantly studying and thinking about how can I improve as a parent. One of the most important principles, that overlays all the others, is that we must spend quality time with our children.

Here are 8 simple strategies that will help you become the parent you strive to be:

#1 Read Together

You know how much I LOVE reading! I try to set an example to my children in doing my own reading and also make reading together daily with my children a priority. I highly encourage you to read great books with your children.

#2 Play Together

Get out and do fun things as a family! It may be music, dancing, camping, going to concerts, going to museums, etc. Whatever it is, just have fun and enjoy life.

#3 Eat Together

Sit down and share meals together. Try to make those meals meaningful by having great conversations—talking about good things, asking good questions and sharing good ideas.

#4 Teach and Learn Together

Teach your children great principles and ideas and provide guidance and help. I’ve created some awesome resources to help families and youth. So if you haven’t visited, please go check it out. You’ll find lots of free resources—including great resources for parents.

#5 Be Happy Together

Be sincerely happy yourself and teach your children what happiness is. Model happiness for them and show them that happiness is a choice.

#6 Work Together

Show your children the value of work, especially work that really matters. Let your children contribute to the business of running a family; let them into the household work of building, creating and maintaining something. Whatever it is, just do work together. Teach your children the value of work and what really matters in life.

#7 Do Dates

Take your children on dates to enjoy some individual time. Choose something fun that interests them. This is how you’ll gain some great insights into their personality and create lasting memories.

#8 One-on-One Mentor Meetings

Have one-on-one meetings with each child individually. My wife and I have regular “mentor meetings” with our children to ask how they’re doing or if they are struggling with anything. We discuss their progress toward their goals, objectives, and commitments and hold them accountable.

These are just 8 simple things you can implement right away in your day-to-day family life that will make a huge difference! I encourage you to invest in your parenting—study it, work at it, always try to improve. Seek out other parents you admire; find good, solid parent mentors.

Parenting is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, so always strive to reach upward and become the parent you are meant to be.