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4 Habits of Peak Performance3 min read

The real difference between greatness and mediocrity comes down to habits. High performers have high-performance habits. These four habits are simple, but they will make all the difference in your life and your quest for success. High performers are normal people, they just discipline themselves to do a few things differently each day. Simple habits lead to great success.

Most of us have significant demands on our time and energy. We have things we need to get done…and done well. I hope you have a desire in your heart to do things well; to continually work toward greatness in the things that really matter. Without question, the best way to live is to perform at your best level in each of the important roles in your life. I’ve been studying successful lives and principles for 20 years and here’s what I’ve observed.

#1 High Performers are Holistic, Prioritized

They are keenly aware that their health, emotions and relationships have a tremendous impact on every part of life and they are fierce in guarding and protecting these as sacred. They understand the interrelation of spirit, mind and body. On the contrary, people with mediocre lives just let life happen to them. They don’t direct, they accept. They hope and wish things will go well for them and allow circumstances and others to determine the course of their lives, instead of prioritizing and taking focused action.

#2 High Performers are Voracious Readers

High performers read, study and become experts in their field. Instead of watching TV, playing video games, or texting, they learn and read. I promise you will get the results you seek if you discipline yourself in the habit of reading and make it a priority.

Read at every opportunity and everywhere—first thing in the morning and before you go to bed; while you wait for meetings or appointments; or, listen to books while driving your car or exercising, etc.

Fill your mind with great ideas and inspiration. High achievers are also very strict about the quality of their input. Don’t waste your time on lesser things. There are more good books than you could read in a couple lifetimes—so be discerning.

#3 High Performers are Great Thinkers

Great leaders are great thinkers. What we think about…we bring about. If you desire to rise to the level of peak performance you have to alter the way you think. Well, for some of us, we have to actually start thinking. 🙂 Most of us just let our thoughts wander all over the place. From what we’re eating, to what she’s wearing, to the game last week, to why your mom did that when you were a kid, etc. Most people don’t keep their mind focused for more than a few minutes. Distraction comes from all sides and your thoughts get blown around like the wind. Focused thinking and optimistic thinking are what will make you a great leader. Read Thinking For a Change by John Maxwell

#4 High Performers are Great Workers

Yes, of course high performers put in the work…but {and this is key} they don’t overwork. Too many people overwork yet underperform. While others sleep and socialize, great achievers work. And when they work…they work. They are present and they are engaged. They have disciplined focus and they know how to get it done. They work with a mission-focused mindset and everything is scheduled around that. They have a specific time for checking emails and social media and eliminate all other distractions while they work. Work without interruption or distraction for 50 minutes, then take a 10-minute energizer break. No messing around though. 😉 You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and what you can produce in just a few hours of focused work.

This is what peak performance looks like and if you apply these habits and principles consistently you (and others) will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how you can live a life of greatness!