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The Top 3 Ways Of How To Make A Living

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were earning more money doing something you love? What if I told you there is a way?!

Great Wealth vs. Great Poverty

I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, meeting wonderful people and witnessing their lives and their economies. I have been in countries like Guatemala and Peru where there is great wealth alongside great poverty. What I have come to realize is that, essentially, there are three ways to make a life and a living.

A few years ago I was sitting with a friend who had recently graduated from law school who was smart and did well. He got out of law school and there was no work for him. So, he to get a job at a bank instead. This is nothing new – I have seen the same story over and over of smart people with advanced degrees unable to find employment in their chosen field.

Three Ways to Make a Living

There are three basic ways to make a living. There are those who have some basic training, perhaps some formal education and they end up with jobs that are usually significantly under $50,000/year. There are those who go on to pursue undergraduate or, even, advanced degrees and end up making anywhere between $50,000 to $150,000/year. Most people think these are the only options, the only ways to make a living. Very few people think about another way that some refer to as “The Third Economy” or entrepreneurship. We live in a time of incredible connection and availability of vast amounts of information. The internet has literally changed the world economy and has enabled learning, working and earning possible from anywhere in the world. I personally have worked from several different countries. It’s been wonderful to meet all these individuals, couples and families who are living or traveling all over the world while working using the internet to earn an excellent income doing something they love. The internet has created opportunities for people to easily enter into entrepreneurship while traveling or parenting.


I want to emphasize that there are nearly endless opportunities for entrepreneurship, especially for remote work, that do not require undergraduate or advanced degrees. Though, please understand I am all about education! In fact, I believe that there is never a graduation from learning. Whatever path you choose – whether formal education or not – do it in an exceptional way and become the best at what you do. Just consider that, in terms of earning power and creating a life you love…entrepreneurship is one of the best and surest ways. Entrepreneurs are, by far, the highest paid demographic.



How to be Happy, Healthy and Productive Daily

I believe most of us desire to be happy, healthy and productive. Life is FANTASTIC when we’re feeling good and producing results in the things that matter most. But how do you actually achieve this day-to-day? There are proven strategies that will help you be happy, healthy and productive every day—and they’re easy to implement.

Albert E.N. Gray said: “Successful people are successful because they form the habits of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” Every single qualification for success is acquired by habit. So, we must set up habits every day that bring great things. And, it doesn’t actually have to be complicated…because sometimes we make things way too complicated! That’s why I encourage you to implement simple, daily habits that will ensure your success.

How to be Happy Every Day

Simply DECIDE to be happy and then CHOOSE to be happy no matter your circumstances! Then do things that bring happiness. Here’s a little hint for you: it is not always going to be the things which bring pleasure always bring happiness. Ultimately, happiness comes through giving to others! So, do not wait for someone to make you happy, instead find ways to help and serve others. It is through giving, serving, loving and helping people that we will find true and lasting happiness.

To Reach Happiness You Need to Be Healthy and Take Care of Your Body

Too many of us are practically killing ourselves eating garbage and unhealthy food! Eat well and you will be healthy. It is that simple. If you stay away from carbs, soda, white sugar and junk food, you will be in a great health. It is just a very simple habit that will transform your life. By eating healthy food, you will feel better and have energy. And again, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. It does not need to be some complex diet or an expensive gym membership with a trainer—it simply involves getting exercise and eating healthy food. I have made a commitment to myself for about 20 years now to eat healthy food, cut out all the junk and exercise well and I feel so great! I have so much energy and I just feel alive.

Great Achievers and Successful People Work from a List

One simple thing that I would suggest is to make a list every night of the top three to five things you have to get done the next day. Make sure to do the most important things. In order to be productive every day, take 60 seconds from your time and write a quick list of the top things you want to accomplish the next day.

I make it a daily habit to spend time with my family, travel, serve others and accomplish things that matter most and, as a result, life is FANTASTIC! When we consistently do the things that matter most and do things for others we are happy, healthy and productive and it makes life AWESOME!



How To Stop Being Hypersensitive

Is there something you know you need to face but have been unwilling to? It happens to all of us. It’s time to face the facts—even the ones that hurt {especially the ones that hurt!}. Stop being hypersensitive to the truth. Let it change you; let it transform you. Are you too prideful, too fat, too mean, too emotional, too selfish, too-fill-in-the-blank? I know it hurts, but we need to face the truth to fix what we can. This video will help you do that.

Be Willing to Have the Hard Conversations

Have you ever avoided hearing something you know you needed to hear because it was hard to hear? In my own life, and in studying the lives of great people, I realized that excellent people are willing to listen to hard things. They are willing to have those difficult conversations that need to happen. They are willing to face the facts!

Some of the most helpful times in my life have been when I’ve been willing to have those really uncomfortable conversations. Whether from a book, a mentor, my spouse or from a family member, etc. I have noticed—and I am sure you have too—that a lot of people are hypersensitive and are not willing to accept the truth of their lives. I want to challenge you today to take a quick look at yourself and say: “I am willing to listen to the hard truth.” Be willing to let those hard things kick you in the face so you can get better and improve. Be willing to let those ideas and those corrections come into your life. Get a vision of who you want to become, create a plan and face it.

Your Life is Exactly What You Make of It.

Are you overweight? Face it!
Are you a bad spouse? Face it!
Are you neglecting God? Face it!
Do your relationships stink? Face it!
Are you a terrible parent? Face it!
Are you a mad person? Face it!
Are you addicted to some bad habits? Face it!
Are you putting yourself in the victim role? Face it!

Look at every aspect of your life and say “Where do I need to make those changes?” or “Where am I dropping the ball?” Be willing to accept the hard truth and be willing to change. You have to take accountability of every single part of your life. Because your life is exactly what you make of it.



How to Come Face-To-Face With Poverty

We spent quite a while living in Costa Rica and then we lived in Germany for three months. The contrast of going from Costa Rica to Germany and then onto Morocco gave me real perspective. I had a sobering experience I wanted to share when I went for a walk in an extremely poor area of Morocco. It forced me to question what I will do to make a difference among the poor and needy? And, I pose the same question to you.

Because I Have Been Given Much — I Too Must Give Much

My daughter Saige (click here to see her) and I went for a walk in the back of Marrakech—where no one wants to go—and I was shocked at the extreme poverty! Probably most of you have never seen this degree of poverty. It’s one of those sobering reminders. I talked to my wife, Rachel, about this and how important it is for our family to put ourselves out there to help others in need. Seeing this poverty gave gratitude for how blessed we are and it served as a reminder that to whom much is given…much is required.

An Unbelievable Offer…

Saige and I went over to this rough-looking shack with a woman sitting inside. She saw Saige and called us over to her and offered us food!! It was another one of those experiences of going into the poorest places and finding that people there want to give and share what little they have. It’s unbelievable generosity! The paradox is that the people who are living there are genuinely happy and joyful!

And, so we found a place where we can serve and make a difference! Life’s ironic lesson is that there we also found a place where we can be taught! I think we all need to go (safely, of course) to the places where we can serve and make a difference, where we can interact and where we can be face-to-face and get to know the people in need. Because they are human beings…just like you and me. So my message to you is: get out in the world and do your part by helping those in need.



How To Choose Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is a way of being. You deserve to be happy, so choose it!

What Is Happiness?

The other morning, while my family and I were doing our devotional, we opened to a question in this book of philosophy…what is happiness? We got into this great discussion about happiness that was fun and so exciting.

We wrestled with lots of questions regarding happiness:

  • Can you feel sad and still be happy?
  • Can you feel other emotions and still be happy?
  • What is happiness really and how do you achieve it?

We all want to be happy and people do what they do—sometimes even crazy things—because they are seeking happiness.

Happiness is a Way of Being

Well the next day in a book I was reading, the next chapter happened to be about happiness. It was so fun to explore this whole idea, and so I want to share that with you.

  • What is happiness?
  • Is it an emotion?
  • Is it merely a feeling?
  • Is it something that happens every once in awhile, by chance?
  • Is it only for the lucky few?

I believe happiness is a way of being! Inside of the way of happiness you get to experience all the emotions. But how do you live this way? You simply live this way of being by choosing it!

Happiness is a choice!

But, too many people miss out on the way of happiness by inadvertently choosing things besides happiness. I love to ask this question: What is your predominant emotion? What is it that you feel most of the time? The most common responses are: frustration or literally people will say “blah!” Well, the fact is that we choose to be bothered by little things and we choose to be bothered, frustrated or angry about things that are beyond our control.

Remember, only small people are bothered by small things.

So, why not consciously choose happiness rather than frustration or anger? Why not choose to feel good and to live in the way of happiness? We can live in the way of happiness by choosing to do the things that bring happiness into our lives.

Choose the Better Way

Therefore, I want to challenge you to wake up every morning and choose happiness. It’s a choice…so why not choose to live in the way of happiness? Happiness includes serving others and striving to be a really good person. This is what leads to a sincere happiness. So, don’t choose the lesser way! Choose every day to live in that way of being, choose to be sincerely happy. It really can be that simple!



How To Acquire Inner Peace and Purity

Do you want to acquire lasting inner peace and purity? Here’s how.

Keeping Life’s Wonder

I want to tell you about a fascinating place in Mexico in the middle of the Chiapas rainforest called Agua Azul which translates to “blue water.” It is a series of waterfalls that cascade into tranquil, pure pools of turquoise water. It has become one of my favorite places in the world to visit! Words (perhaps even pictures) can’t adequately describe it. All the travel guides suggest not to visit during the rainy season if you want to see the paradise-like, blue waters as the rain turns Agua Azul into muddy, brown waters. The place loses a bit of its wonder, tranquility, and purity.

Life can be like that too! We have got to filter out the negative to maintain that peace and purity! If we allow bad influences we will muddy the waters of our own lives.

Be Discerning

So, don’t allow anything into your life that isn’t elevating, uplifting or edifying. Be discerning about the caliber of your relationships, the music you listen to, the conversations you have, the movies you watch, the books you read…etc. Don’t allow anything into your life that weakens your control or destroys the wonder and peace of your life.

Put up strong filters and don’t allow or invite in anything that would muddy those pure waters.

Keeping any negativity at bay will bless you with happiness and inner peace. It will elevate your interactions with others, the way you live and the way you see the world around you.

Part of My Own Story

Before I wrap up, I want to share part of my own story with you that I hope you will find helpful. When I ended up out on my own at a young age, I was literally surrounded by countless negative influences. I saw first-hand how life-destroying these types of negative influences can be—whether addiction, immorality, abortion, crime, dishonesty—they were all around me and offered at every turn. Fortunately, I was clear-minded enough to want the life I envisioned for myself, rather than give into the loneliness, negativity and destruction around me. I could easily have accepted my environment and live the life that was being offered. But I knew none of those things would take me to where I wanted to go.

Remember this great lesson: when you choose your path, you have chosen your destination.

Have the courage to be discerning, to choose your path carefully. If there is anything in your life you don’t want, get rid of it and overcome it. Let’s cultivate lives of purity, wonder, and inner peace!



8 Simple Steps To Be A Better Parent

Raising your children well is one of the most important things you will ever do. It can be tough, frustrating and exhausting! But, ultimately it is richly rewarding! Here are 8 simple things you can do to become the best parent you can be.


Since parenting is one of the most important roles a person ever undertakes, I want to share 8 simple and proven strategies to help you become the best parent you can be. Trust me, I am not a perfect parent—but I strive to become one. So, I am constantly studying and thinking about how can I improve as a parent. One of the most important principles, that overlays all the others, is that we must spend quality time with our children.

Here are 8 simple strategies that will help you become the parent you strive to be:

#1 Read Together

You know how much I LOVE reading! I try to set an example to my children in doing my own reading and also make reading together daily with my children a priority. I highly encourage you to read great books with your children.

#2 Play Together

Get out and do fun things as a family! It may be music, dancing, camping, going to concerts, going to museums, etc. Whatever it is, just have fun and enjoy life.

#3 Eat Together

Sit down and share meals together. Try to make those meals meaningful by having great conversations—talking about good things, asking good questions and sharing good ideas.

#4 Teach and Learn Together

Teach your children great principles and ideas and provide guidance and help. I’ve created some awesome resources to help families and youth. So if you haven’t visited, please go check it out. You’ll find lots of free resources—including great resources for parents.

#5 Be Happy Together

Be sincerely happy yourself and teach your children what happiness is. Model happiness for them and show them that happiness is a choice.

#6 Work Together

Show your children the value of work, especially work that really matters. Let your children contribute to the business of running a family; let them into the household work of building, creating and maintaining something. Whatever it is, just do work together. Teach your children the value of work and what really matters in life.

#7 Do Dates

Take your children on dates to enjoy some individual time. Choose something fun that interests them. This is how you’ll gain some great insights into their personality and create lasting memories.

#8 One-on-One Mentor Meetings

Have one-on-one meetings with each child individually. My wife and I have regular “mentor meetings” with our children to ask how they’re doing or if they are struggling with anything. We discuss their progress toward their goals, objectives, and commitments and hold them accountable.

These are just 8 simple things you can implement right away in your day-to-day family life that will make a huge difference! I encourage you to invest in your parenting—study it, work at it, always try to improve. Seek out other parents you admire; find good, solid parent mentors.

Parenting is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, so always strive to reach upward and become the parent you are meant to be.



Are You Growing Spiritually?

We are all spiritual beings. Yet many neglect the spiritual side of life, leaving a spiritual void. Are you growing spiritually?

I am currently in Marrakech Morocco where they do the call to prayer five times a day (Click here to hear it). This morning I heard it at 5 am and it served as a great reminder that wherever you are, take time to think about and remember God. I love remembering God and remembering my spiritual side.

Too many of us allow our spiritual lives to atrophy and we just go through the motions, therefore we have to.

I want to challenge you to nourish your spiritual side…look to the spiritual side of your life and grow from your center.

Cultivate a holistic life and become a well-rounded person from all sides—physical, emotional, financial, and, most importantly, spiritual. Remember your spiritual side: spend some time with God, realign your values, refocus your life. Do not neglect that all-important call to nourish your spiritual life…because it’s all about the soul!



4 Habits of Peak Performance

The real difference between greatness and mediocrity comes down to habits. High performers have high-performance habits. These four habits are simple, but they will make all the difference in your life and your quest for success. High performers are normal people, they just discipline themselves to do a few things differently each day. Simple habits lead to great success.

Most of us have significant demands on our time and energy. We have things we need to get done…and done well. I hope you have a desire in your heart to do things well; to continually work toward greatness in the things that really matter. Without question, the best way to live is to perform at your best level in each of the important roles in your life. I’ve been studying successful lives and principles for 20 years and here’s what I’ve observed.

#1 High Performers are Holistic, Prioritized

They are keenly aware that their health, emotions and relationships have a tremendous impact on every part of life and they are fierce in guarding and protecting these as sacred. They understand the interrelation of spirit, mind and body. On the contrary, people with mediocre lives just let life happen to them. They don’t direct, they accept. They hope and wish things will go well for them and allow circumstances and others to determine the course of their lives, instead of prioritizing and taking focused action.

#2 High Performers are Voracious Readers

High performers read, study and become experts in their field. Instead of watching TV, playing video games, or texting, they learn and read. I promise you will get the results you seek if you discipline yourself in the habit of reading and make it a priority.

Read at every opportunity and everywhere—first thing in the morning and before you go to bed; while you wait for meetings or appointments; or, listen to books while driving your car or exercising, etc.

Fill your mind with great ideas and inspiration. High achievers are also very strict about the quality of their input. Don’t waste your time on lesser things. There are more good books than you could read in a couple lifetimes—so be discerning.

#3 High Performers are Great Thinkers

Great leaders are great thinkers. What we think about…we bring about. If you desire to rise to the level of peak performance you have to alter the way you think. Well, for some of us, we have to actually start thinking. 🙂 Most of us just let our thoughts wander all over the place. From what we’re eating, to what she’s wearing, to the game last week, to why your mom did that when you were a kid, etc. Most people don’t keep their mind focused for more than a few minutes. Distraction comes from all sides and your thoughts get blown around like the wind. Focused thinking and optimistic thinking are what will make you a great leader. Read Thinking For a Change by John Maxwell

#4 High Performers are Great Workers

Yes, of course high performers put in the work…but {and this is key} they don’t overwork. Too many people overwork yet underperform. While others sleep and socialize, great achievers work. And when they work…they work. They are present and they are engaged. They have disciplined focus and they know how to get it done. They work with a mission-focused mindset and everything is scheduled around that. They have a specific time for checking emails and social media and eliminate all other distractions while they work. Work without interruption or distraction for 50 minutes, then take a 10-minute energizer break. No messing around though. 😉 You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and what you can produce in just a few hours of focused work.

This is what peak performance looks like and if you apply these habits and principles consistently you (and others) will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how you can live a life of greatness!