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You’re The Problem. Stop It!

Far too many of life’s challenges are self-inflicted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your life better by fixing the first problem — you.

Personal growth and personal development are critical for a fulfilling and happy life. Nothing gets better until you do!

Health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, emotional problems, spiritual problems, and more, you have to look at yourself first to find the cause, and then the solution.

YOU Are The Problem

Yes my friend, you are the problem!

The hard truth is that you are the most likely cause of most of your problems. I am totally aware that no one wants to accept that level of accountability and realize that their are the source of most of their problems. But when you do, what happens is that it removes the victimism that plagues our lives. Accepting that level of accountability also removes the obstacles that keep us from facing the awesome truth that nothing gets better until you do!


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What is some examples of how this plays out in our lives?

lot of the health problems many people face are caused by the way they neglect their bodies.

  • Are you eating well?
  • Are you exercising?
  • Are you taking excellent care of your body?

What about your finances?

  • What are you doing to increase your income?
  • What are you doing to improve your work?
  • What are you doing to decrease debt?

What about your relationships?

  • Who’s at fault? It usually ‘takes two’, each plays a part.
  • Are you doing the best you can to be the best person you can be?
  • Do people love and want to be around you because of what you bring to their lives?

Look In The Mirror

Are each of the main areas of your life good and have no problems at all? Of course not! Nobody’s life is free from problems.

BUT a lot of the problems people suffer from are their own doing! We like to blame other people or even other circumstances — but actually the first place we have to look at is in the mirror! I challenge you to look at yourself first.

  • How are you doing spiritually? The answer of this question will affect a lot of areas in your life.
  • How are you doing emotionally? How is your emotional mastery and greatness?
  • Are you growing and improving? Do you spend a lot of time in stress, turmoil and frustration? Are you the kind of person who spends most of their time just dragging themselves through life?

These can be tough questions to answer honestly, but they are also the source of many of the problems we face.

So what we do about it?

Nothing Gets Better Until You Do

I want to challenge you to really take a good look at yourself and say:

  • What can I do to bring a solution?
  • How am I going to improve? How can I become a better human being?
  • How can I be better?
  • How can I heal those relationships and improve my health?

Get the right mindset now. Take the path of becoming a new person. Take accountability of your actions, and in doing so you’ll bring solutions and make everything better.

The more I study history, the more I travel around the world, the more I meet people and work with (thousands of them), the more I realize that problems arise from within ourselves. If we can just take a hard, sincere look at ourselves, life will be so much better.






Lead by Example: What Your Actions Are Really Saying

lead by example

If you were only allowed to lead by example to share and teach what you believed, what message would you be sending?

If your peers, children, neighbors, etc could only be influenced by what you model, how would you be doing at teaching what you believe? What do your actions say? What do your habits reveal? Are they showing the ‘you’ you want to be?

Lead by Example: Our Actions Reveal Us and Teach More Than Our Words

What you and I actually do — apart from what we say — is what really reveals us, and is the true message that we teach. No matter if we are intentional about it or not, we always teach and lead by example.

I want to ask you a super powerful question. If you were only allowed to teach by example, how would you be doing it?

In other words, your associates, your friends, your children, the people you lead, and the people you are surrounded by, if all what they saw from you was what you modeled, how would you be doing?

In truth, a lot of what we say can be important but people are more likely to learn more from what we do or do not do than what we say. If you were not allowed to speak and the only way you were allowed to influence was through example and modeling, then how would you do?

You have really to ask yourself:

  • What are you conveying with your examples?
  • How are your habits?
  • How are your actions?
  • What your habits and actions say?
  • What are your friends; children and family picking up on?

Let’s Take Our Lives to The Next Level

I really want to encourage you to think about this and take some time to make some resolutions. From now, on promise yourself that — through the way you live your life, your way of being, the way you interact with others, the way you use your free time, the kind of things you read, and the kinds of things you do — that you are going to live as though you only were allowed to influence others through modeling and example.

If you and I lived in that way, the power of influence for good we’ll have in the world will be incredible. We’ll also feel better about ourselves and others around us will feel that power of influence to do good.

So let’s reach upward and  take our lives to the next level — lead by example.



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How To Be a Joyful Person

Finding out how to be a joyful person is one of the first things any of us should do. Learning how to be happy is one of the most valuable things you will ever learn.
I was desperate, even depressed at one point. I learned the way to happiness–happiness is the way.

Happiness is The Aim of Life

I want to share a quick thought about being joyful! But real, true joy. It’s not the fleeting happiness, it’s not the pleasures that come and go. It’s being really and truly joyful deep down and just loving life! And here’s some ways to do that.

Thomas Jefferson said:

“Happiness is the aim of life”  

And then he said:

“Virtue is the foundation of happiness”

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People who live with a high level of virtue and who acquire a lot of excellent virtues like honesty, integrity, goodness, kindness, charity, love, sincerity, and authenticity, live with peace,deep joy and happiness.

So seek to live at that level where you just live a virtuous life, and happiness will just start flowing naturally.

Happiness is a Choice!

The second part is that happiness is a choice! It really is. You get to choose! I know that sounds crazy but it’s that easy. But that doesn’t mean that everyone chooses it. And you and I get to choose everyday. We get to choose what we focus on. Are we looking at the positive or negative? Are we looking at the opportunities or the lack of opportunities? Are we looking at scarcity or abundance? Are we focused on all of the negativity in the news or are we out there looking for the goodness in mankind and the goodness in the world?

So how are we choosing everyday to live with real deep joy and happiness? It truly is a choice. So choose to be happy! Choose right now to be a joyful person. Just smile; have a good posture and live in a way that brings happiness. Because happiness is the way. 

Happiness isn’t a Destination. Choose to be Happy Now!

Joy and peace will come in this journey because happiness isn’t a destination. Choose to be happy now! Choose to be filled with joy now! Live a life that is just so fulfilling and exciting and contented instead of carrying around those burdens of guilt, remorse, bitterness or frustration!

So decide today to be truly happy and then, like Jefferson said, live with those great virtues. Bring those into your life and they’ll open up the door for happiness and joy to come in and you’ll LOVE LIFE! It’s amazing and totally worth it.



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The Importance of Creating Great Experiences While Your Children Are Young

Your children grow and change so fast. Before you know it, they’ll have children. It’s so important to help your children learn and understand while they are still young.
Please don’t wait to create great experiences for your family. The sooner you do it, the better the results. It works like the law of compound interest.
One of the best practices of positive parenting is to get your children out into the world to have new, exciting, challenging, educational experiences.

Traveling The World Will Bring Amazing Experiences

This morning I was out with my wife and our six children. We went surfing; body-boarding; skim boarding and just playing on the beach having great time together. Right now we are living now in Costa Rica, we have been here for a while. We actually traveled from Alaska through Yukon; Canada; the United States; Mexico; Belize; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Honduras; El Salvador and now we are in Costa Rica. We won’t stop here but we are going to keep traveling and have incredible experiences together as a family!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

Great Experiences Develop Who You Are

We have been traveling for a lot of years with our kids since they were really little – some of them are still little- But there are amazing things that happens with little children. They can pick stuff up just so fast and adapt so well. People ask us from time to time if our kids are really getting something out or are they really going to remember those experiences. Well, the little ones won’t! But actually I am pretty surprised how much they do remember. But what is more important is that those experiences develop WHO THEY ARE! They are also picking up skills; abilities and lenses through which they see the world; they are learning new languages; environments; foods and cultures. All these neural connections that happen are so incredible during the stage of development. Because the more we do while they are young, the better.

I am trying to learn how to surf with my kids. And I was helping them this morning catch some waves and they were so good at that! It is just so much easier when they are younger.

Make Sure You Have Incredible Experiences

So make sure you get out and have those incredible experiences with your children while they are young! Do not push them too hard because they are still young and let them play and have a great life. But get out and have great experiences with them.

Whatever you do, just don’t stay in your little corner of the world or in your house all the time. Instead, get out and have experiences! Let them learn those things that are so much easier to learn when they are young.

Set up your life in a way that you are training your children to be excellent leaders. To be well-read; well-developed; to be comfortable with young and old; rich and poor; black and white and everything in between where they can be comfortable; competent and very experienced.



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Prepare Your Children for Jobs of the Future

We live in an exciting time! Technology is changing everything. In 5 years we’ll be depending on things that don’t even exist today, and the jobs of the future haven’t even been invented yet!

Our world is changing so fast! Think about it. How much has changed in the last 5, 10, or 15 years? Just in my lifetime we’ve seen so many techniclogical advances. Literally, we can have in our pockets computers that are capable of awesome-sauce! It is so amazing. We live in such an exciting time and the world is changing so fast.

Whether you are public schooling, homeschooling, unschooling, world schooling, or any other combination, positive parenting and effective mentoring are essential to help prepare our children to learn, adapt, change, grow and to find answers for jobs of the future.

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Jobs of the Future?

All this change means that the traditional job is changing and the Industrial Age has vanished. We have moved into the Information age or what some call the Connection Age.

Today I live and work from Costa Rica. Nowadays, wherever there is internet — which is almost everywhere now– people can create or earn an income. We have friends traveling around the world who are creating new careers, being entrepreneurs and running businesses literally from a beach or a bungalow. This is the future of careers.

How to Prepare Your Children for an Uncertain Future 

With all these fast changes how do you prepare your children for a future like that — or yourself for that matter. Who knows what we will be using 10 years from now! How do you get prepared with so much uncertainty? A great education. I’m going to share the top three ways to get it.

It is a huge tragedy that so many parents and grandparents haven’t caught a vision yet, and haven’t seen the changes yet, and so they are pushing their kids and grandkids on the old industrial path. That is not going to work and it is only setting them up for failure. What used to work 30 and 40 years ago, will not work today or in the future. That is why we have to help our children get a great education and really learn how to think so that they can succeed.

Here are the top three ways to help your children get a world-class education that will prepare them to be leaders, thinkers and innovators.

#1 Reading and Studying

I read to my kids every single day. You should read to your kids too. Buy books first and then food afterwards! Make sure your kids to have access to great books and give them time to study and read, even if you have to set aside chores.

Here’s a list of the some of the best books.

#2 Learn Through Experience

There are certain things that you can only learn them by trying , experiencing, feeling and touching. So get out and travel, see the world, try new things, challenge yourself and have new experiences that get your neurons making new connections. Expand your mind and your reality, see new places and people and cultures and languages. Get out and try new things, you will grow sooo much.

Too many of us stay in one corner of the earth doing the same thing year after year and it keeps us limited and small. Get out and have great experiences.

#3 Inspiration and Revelation

Great thinkers and learners spent time in meditation. Great ideas often come as a flash of inspiration, a ‘communication with God’. So teach your children to have quiet time to think, to ponder, to pray, to meditate and seek inspiration and guidance.

I promise that you will set yourself up — and your children — for a phenomenal future and great success by doing these three things:

  1. Read and study voraciously from the best books of all time
  2. Get out and create incredible life experiences that expand your reality and help you grow
  3. Seek inspiration and revelation



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You Have An Obligation To Grow & Improve Every Year: Here’s How to Do It

Everything and Everyone Has a Duty to Grow and Improve

I am in Paris for the first time and I am super excited! It has been a super awesome experience and I love that. There are so many museums, so much architecture, so many historical monuments and statues and just so much beauty in Paris. Basically, it is a fantastic city!

I am in an incredible park that goes for miles in every direction. And that really got me thinking about our responsibility to GROW! In fact, everything and everyone has a duty to improve. For instance, these trees in the park have a duty to grow — to get taller, bigger and produce leaves. Also, each plant in this park has a responsibility to grow and to produce what it was created to produce.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]


And you and I ought to be growing each week! Every week (and at least every year) should find us better people.

If we are not growing and improving, if we are one year older but not any better then SHAME ON US!

We shouldn’t be getting older without getting better. Instead, we need to keep growing and improving. But how can you become a better person?

To Grow & Improve Regularly, Take This Weekly Challenge

I want you to take a challenge this week. Look back over the past year and take a good look at your life. Ask yourself these things:

  • How have you improved?
  • How have you grown — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially?
  • What have you accomplished?

Have you — sadly as many people do –a few months slip by, a year slip by,  or maybe let a decade slip by without really making some improvements and growth?

Don’t stagnate. Ask yourself:

  • What am I going to accomplish?
  • What am I going to create?
  • How can I be better physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally…?

Whatever it is, pick something this week and go after it.

I regularly challenge my mentees to make a weekly, personal commitment of something they want to work on.

If for our entire life we have a goal and we are working on a commitment every week to grow and improve, it’ll make our life FANTASTIC!



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Helping Your Children Develop a Healthy Mind Set

After over than 20 years of examining self-improvement and peak performance, working with a large number of individuals and families and mentoring and training thousands of individuals, I have to say that MIND SET is one of the major determining factors in the quality and outcome of life!

Mind Set is One of the Major Determining Factors for a Great Quality of Life

After more than two decades of studying personal development and peak performance, after traveling to a lot of countries and multiple continents,  after working with and mentoring and coaching thousands of people and families, I have learned that a healthy mind set is one of the major determining factors in the quality and outcome of life!

If we want to help our children and our families to succeed and really thrive in life, then we have got to help them shape and develop the right mind set because it will literally determine the path they go through the course of their lives and positively or negatively affect their major life decisions.

Think about the different mental paradigms and attitudes you have seen or even experienced and how much it influences how you see the world.

Here’s what I have personally observed. Almost without exception, the mind set that the children end up with, is the mind set that the parents have! Therefore, you and I have to be super careful and honest about our own mental health.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

What is Your Personal Mind Set?

  • Do you think the world is a place of abundance or scarcity?
  • What is your outlook on money? Is money ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
  • What things are you afraid of?
  • What is your mind set about relationships and intimacy?
  • What is your attitude about personal improvement and growth?
  • What is your mind set about failure?
  • What is your outlook on approaching strangers?
  • What is your mind set about leadership?
  • What is your belief about education?

I want to give you a challenge to take a good honest look at your personal mind set and be really cautious and careful about that and cultivating the right kind of outlooks and attitudes that we’ll pass on to our kids.

I Changed My Inherited Mind Sets

I grew up in an environment that had a mind set of scarcity, fear of failure, fear of other people, timidity and shyness. These are the things that I inherited, not through genes, but simply through being in that environment. Those were the mental attitudes I went into my teens with! But fortunately I figured out that I had to change them.

As I started studying, reading, digging and learning about the lives of great men and women I realized that they don’t think like that! And if I wanted to totally transform my life, then I had to start right from the mind!

(Check out my Totally Transform Your Life Before Breakfast – a 1.5 hour audio program on how I used a simple morning routine to alter my inherited mental attitudes and beliefs — and get Bibliotherapy: The #1 Habit of Uber-Successful People for FREE! Both are all about MIND SET.)

Most of the problems in our lives, start in the mind! But guess what! The great news is, most of the solutions also start in the mind!!

The vast majority of our problems come back to one thing, which is mind set. Shifting your mental attitudes and paradigms will shift everything else!

Nearly all the great books and movies are based on this one idea, that once we change what’s up in the mind then life changes as well!

Thus, take a good solid look at your own mind set. Be careful, diligent, deliberate and intentional about creating and cultivating a really healthy mental growth paradigm in yourself, and then encourage that in your children. That will set them on a course so that no matter what comes in their way they have a mind set of ‘I can do that’,I can go through this’, ‘I can make it happen’ and ‘I am going to live and create a fantastic life!’



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Are You SMART ENOUGH to Educate Your Children?

The world is changing so rapidly. It’s going to keep changing at incredible rates. What used to work won’t work any more. We’ve got to prepare our children for a changing future. Whether you homeschool, unschool, public school, private school or world school, Getting a world class education is the only way to do that. In this blog post I share proven ways that you can prepare yourself to help your children earn that level of education.

Are You Qualified to Help Your Kids Get a Phenomenal Education

A lot of parents ask themselves this question: Am I smart enough to educate my children?! Because in reality, none of us can educate another person. Education is always individual and personal. But are you qualified to help your kids get a phenomenal education?!

Yes we have to prepare ourselves and our children for an ever changing future. In fact, we live in such an exciting time in the world’s history. Things are changing so rapidly! Literally in five years from now, we are going to be using things constantly that do not even exist today!

BUT are you SMART enough to help prepare your child for that?

Are you SMART enough to help your child get a PHENOMENAL EDUCATION?

Well, the answer is most likely a NO! You are not and nor am I!

The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Albert Grey– wrote a phenomenal essay called “The Common Denominator of Success” and I really highly recommend to read that. In that essay, he said:

“ That the one difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, is that successful people are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

So from this, are you willing to do what it takes to get there? Yes I know that I do not know, but I can find the answers. I can teach my children how to THINK, I can read the great books, I can get the great education and then help them get their phenomenal; world class; education!

Take Your Children to The Next Level

In order to do that, start doing it with them as they start growing and learning. Learn with them and take their education to the next level. And there are three levels of education though:

  • Conveyor Belt Education.
  • Professional Education.
  • Leadership Education.

And the last level is what we want to go for. We want our children to be leaders making a positive impact in the world.

World School Academy

We have been passionate about this topic and so excited. We have been reading and studying in this field  for over 20 years! –By we, I mean me and my family–  Hence, we have created and we have great courses in there for parents to help them get prepared and ready to help their kids get a world-class education. So whether it is a homeschooling, an unschooling, world schooling or private schooling; there is what you need to help your children get a PHENOMENAL EDUCATION.

So if you are a parent and want to help your children, click here to visit and we’ll send you tons of FREE training and resources to help you and your family get that AWESOME EDUCATION!



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How To Be Outgoing

Becoming more outgoing will literally change your life. It’s changed  mine! Read this article to learn more about becoming more outgoing and transforming your life. I was so shy, so timid. I couldn’t even look my own family members in the eyes. But I knew I needed to be more outgoing.  In this article I give you proven strategies for how to be outgoing. If they worked for me, they’ll definitely work for you!

Becoming More Outgoing Will Literally Change Your Life

I’ve got an awesome story to tell you about my life. I grew up in a broken home, I was out on my own in an early age and I was really shy. People used to make fun of me and I was super timid and shy. I just became a real recluse! And I went through life not being able to talk to people! Whenever anyone would talk to me or bring attention to me, my face would turn bright red like a tomato! I was so shy and afraid. I just hated to read out loud in front of a class, to talk to anyone and especially girls. When I got into the teenage years I grew out my hair to cover my face, I would walk with my head down and I would literally get sick with fear! The idea of public speaking or talking to a camera just horrified me. But I got to this point, where I had a desire. I wanted to be outgoing. I would look at other people and think ” I love that. They can talk to anyone, they’re happy, people love being around them, and I want that for me. I want to live that way.”

I remember when I was 18 years old and I met a good friend named Scott. And this guy was outgoing! He just greeted everybody and smiled to everyone. When I was with him, I could tell that everybody liked him. And I wanted to be like him and I asked him “How do you do that? What do you do?” And he said, “A few years ago I made a commitment to myself  that I would smile and greet every single person that I made eye contact with.”

The ‘As If’ Principle

So I began to do it. It’s the As If principle. That great psychological principle says that you if start acting As If,m it starts to come. So I started greeting people and smiling. At first it was just a smile and a wave and  a “Hey! How are you doing?”. And it really tested my confidence and my insecurity. So I started talking to  everyone and little by little I got out of my comfort zone. So I became more confident and more outgoing.

So here is my challenge to you:

#1 Be Sincerely Interested in Other People

If you’ll do that, it will just come more naturally to you. That desire will draw you to other people and you’ll become more outgoing. So be sincerely interested in others.

#2 Greet Everyone

Greet everyone, talk to everyone and just be kind and outgoing. Ask great questions and  just try to get everyone to smile. Just start with that and that habit of doing that. You’ll get into situations and some will be embarrassing. Some will be awkward and weird , but most will be positive.

So start doing that today. Start greeting people, start showing sincere interest in them, ask great questions and all of sudden you’ll be known and you’ll create that reputation of being an outgoing person. You’ll feel more outgoing and it’ll become a positive addiction.

Now, I can talk to anyone, anywhere and almost about any subject and I love it. It’s so enjoyable, so fun and so rewarding to have meaningful conversations, build great relationships and incredible friendships. We have built so many great friendships with people from all over the world from being outgoing and friendly. It will change your life, so go after it!



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How to Be Confident

In so many ways, your level of confidence determines your level of success. Learn how to be confident! I grew up insecure, shy, timid, and scared. Life stinks like that.  I knew I needed to learn how to be confident. I figured it out and now I enjoy great self confidence. You can too! Read this article to learn how to become confident and competent. Build the life you long to live.

Most people want to be more CONFIDENT. Feeling insecure and having the lack of confidence is one of the most common concerns in humanity. Right?! We all want to be more confident. I know that I did. I was very shy, very timid, very insecure and lacked the self confidence. I lacked the competence to be able to communicate,to present, to go somewhere and try new things, to face fears and the unknown. I lacked the confidence to change, to be uncomfortable, and to take risks. We all want to be more confident, but how do you do it? How do you actually become a more confident person? In other stories and more videos, I’ll tell you about my whole journey of going from this shy, reclusive, timid and insecure kid, to having confidence now, to where I feel like I can go anywhere, talk to anyone and try anything! But how do you do that? Here are a couple of tips:

#1 You Have to Start With Your Self-Talk or Endophasia

If you are always telling yourself negative things or talking yourself down, then your confidence starts to drop right away. So, you’ve got to stop the negative thoughts, stop pulling yourself down and  stop comparing yourself to others. None of that stuff. Just cut it completely out of your mental vocabulary and your self-talk. Instead, say positive things to yourself. Say things like ” I can do this.”or ” I’m confident and outgoing.” or ” I can make this happen and do it well.” It all starts with the endophasia.

 #2 You Have to Increase Your Competence

Competence means what you are good at. As you get better in something or or a lot of things, you start to feel more confident. So think of something you are good at. Find something you want to be great at and go after it. Practice that skill. Get great at it. And again, stop the comparison and the competition. Just get good at it and you’ll start to feel a confidence in that area that will carry over to other areas in your life. Watch my video about being more outgoing. That one thing really helped build my confidence. And then I began studying voraciously (I’ve got several videos on studying and reading) and as I read and studied I realized that could have some conversations because I noe knew some things that I could really talk about and even present about. So increase your competence. Part of that is practicing. Just practice being confident. 

#3 Get Used to Be Uncomfortable

I have another video about how to stop caring what others think. And you’ve got to do that. You’ve got to live independent of the opinions of others. Get used to being uncomfortable. Get used to trying new things and failing and get used in being in that uncomfortable stage of learning something new. It’s awkward when you’re the new person at work or in class. Get used to being uncomfortable, it’s okay! You have to be comfortable with who you are. Get some SELF ACCEPTANCE of:

  • ‘I know I am doing better’
  • ‘I have a vision of greatness and I’m moving towards it everyday’
  • ‘I’m comfortable with who I am and where I am going and I am moving forward’

Just doing those few steps will really make a huge difference in your life for becoming more CONFIDENT.

Here’s a Challenge For You

Here’s my challenge to you. Pick one specific area where you want to be more confident. Maybe it’s meeting people; maybe it’s trying something new, maybe it’s presenting or speaking, maybe it’s a new skill you want to pick up, a musical instrument or any new hobby. Whatever it is, pick one thing and tell yourself ‘I will become CONFIDENT and COMPETENT in that thing’ And start working on it everyday practicing over and over again and start living as as if and gaining that confidence. And as you get it you’ll start to feel better. And you can carry yourself with that great posture and excitement and that bright smile. You’ll be able to walk, move and live a life of confidence and it will change everything.

  • It will change your relationships.

  • It will change the way people view you.

  • It will change the way you do things.

  • It will change the way you live. Your actions, words and habits.

And everything will get BETTER as you get MORE CONFIDENT. So be more CONFIDENT, and reach upward for that level where you just feel alive and you’re being your very best self.




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