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Processed Foods May Be Killing You!

Everything you experience in life will be affected by the condition of your body. Taste buds are to eating, what your health is to life.  Far too many people are killing themselves with their teeth. Often without knowing it, they are eating processed foods that are adding toxins their bodies.

Find out what’s in your food and make some serious changes. Eliminating toxic foods from your diet will drastically help you with weight loss and energy levels.

You can SUPERCHARGE your health just by changing how you fuel your body. Find out the essential do’s and don’ts.

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 You Are Killing Yourself!

Well, I want to be clear with you and I want to be a little bit –in your face– , hoping you make some changes. Well, a lot of people are literally committing suicide! They are killing themselves through what they are eating and that is not okay!

I am going to challenge you to cut that out and to eliminate it! There is enough great food that is healthy and good for you. Trust me! You don’t have to eat the garbage! I mean there is enough great food around the world, there are  healthy delicious ways to feed your body. Is it really that hard to eat healthy food?

Is it really too hard for you to eat well?

Is it hard for you to:

  • Eliminate white sugar from your diet completely?

  • Eliminate white flour as much as you can?

  • Lower oils?

  • Eliminate gases and soda from your diet?

Here’s an answer for you, NO it is not that hard! YOU CAN DO IT!

So minimize your intake process food and eat vegetables, fruits, and natural food! And I promise that you will feel alive and energized!

Here’s My Story

Greg DenningLet me tell you my story, at sixteen I got into this whole body sculpting, I wanted to be in a phenomenal shape. So I realized what the chemicals do to the body and then I cut out all the soda, the carbs, caffeine, white sugar and everything that’s not good for the body. To be honest, my diet was not perfect but it is great though and I felt fantastic! I always have the energy that allows me to enjoy my life!


You and I are literally what we feed ourselves!

Here’s a Challenge for You
Let me challenge you today to make some changes. I challenge you to get rid of the “not good food”. Don’t bring it to your home because this is the first step. Well, I know that it is really hard for a lot of you at the beginning, I mean resisting ice creams and desserts can be really hard  at the first years,but after, once you eliminate that from your system, it will become somehow easier for you. After that you will be good, great, alive, energized and in a fantastic shape! You will start experiencing life on a higher level!

So the easiest way to do that is to keep it out from your house. So do your homework. Start your list and put in it what you need to eat and what you should eliminate.

We really have one chance to take care of our bodies. So let’s take good care of it. Start today! Eliminate the garbage, bring in the good and LIFE WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER!



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Are You a Perfect Person?

I don’t know if anyone actually likes to admit their faults and then seek forgiveness. It’s not the most enjoyable experience.  Do you like to receive correction? It’s uncomfortable, unpleasant and often embarrassing. But it’s one of the absolute best things that could happen to any one of us. Much more often than we usually do, we need to humbly acknowledge our weakness and seek to improve.

You Have to Accept Correction

  • How often do you acknowledge and admit your weaknesses and mistakes?

  • How often do you apologize?

  • How often do you ask for forgiveness?

Most of us are defensive. We try to defend our position, we try to justify, we try to rationalize and we try to excuse our behaviors instead of admitting we are wrong!

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 Most people go through their lives without even thinking about repentance. Well, actually, no one accepts correctness and most of the time we want people to tell us about what we are good at and not the opposite. But honestly, some forms of correction is one of the best things for us. So if you want to be happy in your life, you have to change and start accepting correction.

The best correction should come from the best persons. Those persons could be your spouse, best friend, a member of your family, parents or from anyone that loves and appreciates you a lot.

Hence, I challenge you to go to someone you trust a lot and say: “What can I do better?”. And as soon as you get the answer, start writing the things that you need to change and improve about yourself.

The very best thing to do is ask God! Have the courage and the humility to go to God, with a willingness to respond to the change, and sincerely genuinely ask : “What  lack I yet?”

This quest of improving is the most valuable thing that you can do in life! Who we become is all that matters! And the best part of that is acknowledging our weaknesses and then doing something to fix them.

Have that willing to receive correction from others. Be willing to listen to what others have to say. And one of the best things that we can do is offer a kind of warning voice!

So many people are miserable because they are selfish, rude, prideful and they are not willing to acknowledge their falses and change them. So don’t be one of them.

To Repent

To REPENT: verb  re·pent  \ri-ˈpent\

                It comes from a Latin word that means to rethink.

REPENTANCE: Is seeing, acting and thinking differently.

Thus, I challenge you today to rethink about what you are doing and what you have done in your life. To start thinking, acting and living differently.

I Invite You to Repent 

  •  If you have neglected your relationship with God, I invite you to REPENT.
  •  If you have neglected your relationship with your spouse, your children, and your family as a whole, then I invite you to REPENT.
  • If you have neglected your body, then I invite you to REPENT.
  • If you have neglected your finances, then I invite you to REPENT.
  • If you have neglected yourself for not reaching your full potential, then I invite you to REPENT.

Shift the way you think about things, get a new view, a new perspective, new actions and habits to take care of your LIFE!

Change the way you think, change the way you live and go after your very best. See what you can accomplish and see who you can become!

Let’s give our very best effort to change, grow, reach for the very best and maximize that potential.



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Top 6 Characteristics of Really Happy People

If you’re not really happy, something’s gotta change! The great news is that so much of happiness is a habit; one that can be acquired.  Happiness is not simply a ‘have or have not’ scenario. You can decide to feel happier today by being to emulate these top 6 characteristics of really happy people.

The Top 6 Characteristics of Real Happy People

So many things in life are patterns, characteristics, signs, and symptoms. And it is the same with HAPPINESS. Truly happy people have qualities and characteristics. These qualities can be evaluated with great results.

So today we are going to cover the top 6 of really HAPPY people.

#1 The Smile

Smiling has magic powers on you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes others feel better as well. It is so simple and so easy, yet it is so neglected. It is not necessary to be happy in order to smile. You can convert it and SMILE to be HAPPY. Take this step and put a big smile on your face and then you will see great results.

#2 The Presence

Really HAPPY people are present all the time. You may have noticed people who are “present” but not really “PRESENT”! So real happy people know how to get to the moment. They know how to feel it and sense it. They are attentive, alert and focused. So take a moment, especially in your special times, to get centered, focused, balanced and PRESENT. HAPPY people are PRESENT!

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 #3 Enthusiasm

HAPPY people are enthusiastic and fun. Therefore, you need to be enthusiastic and have fun. Try being spontaneous and don’t take things so seriously.  HAPPY people let small things be small and not getting bothered by them. Things and plans may go wrong in life and that is totally fine. Try to have that kind of attitude to be enthusiastic and get out and have some fun. Plan to do really exciting stuff!

#4 Gratefulness

Really HAPPY people are grateful and grateful people act differently because they let their gratitude touch them and so they express it! Make a habit of expressing gratitude all the time and don’t let your ego get in the way! Eliminate worry and replace it with deep gratitude. If it is out of your control, then there is nothing you can do about it, so don’t worry about it! If it is under your control then you can do something about it so don’t worry about it!

#5 Kindness

The more you give love and KINDNESS, the more it comes back to you! Slow down and become conscious of having a personality.

#6 Optimism

If you want to be really HAPPY, then you have to go through life carrying an OPTIMISTIC HAPPY attitude! Try to see the good side of everyone and everything. And learn to see things through OPTIMISTIC lenses because everything in your heart, mind, soul and life is affected by how you see it. So shift your habitual thinking patterns to see the good.

Be REALLY HAPPY by acquiring and applying these six characteristics of HAPPY PEOPLE!



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How to Live Life to the Fullest.

Too many of you are like the living dead; missing out on all the potential happiness and greatness that is within your grasp. Snap out of it! Wake up and make it happen. Write your own story and live while your alive.

Are You Really Alive or Among the Living Dead!

“Most men die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 80!”

What a tragedy! Too many people are just existing, are just going through the motions and just spinning their wheels. But this should not be the case! We really need to be ALIVE!

Is every part of your life filled with excitement? Or are you feeling that your life is not going anywhere?

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 I know some elder couples who told me in tears that they wish they had lived when they had the chance. And wish they did a difference in the world when the opportunity was right before us!


Decide today to WAKE UP and make a DIFFERENCE!

It takes action, attitude and consistency to climb the valley of death and start looking around and seeing what you have been missing and really enjoying the greatness that life has to offer.

You Should Have a Life List

I always get shocked when I meet people that don’t have a life list. A list of great things that need to be accomplished before death.

  • Where is the drive to live before you die?
  • Where is the desire to reach your potential?
  • Where is this burning inside to really make a difference?
  • Where is the passion to accomplish something great?
  • Where is that internal fire that lights you up to really go out and do something?
  • Where is your plan to really live?

Most of the people don’t have a list of books they want to read to make themselves better!

If you don’t have a list until this moment, then it is time to make one! Seriously! You need a list.

What Does It Mean to You to Be Really Alive?

I challenge you to rekindle the fire in you and bring it back. Start DREAMING and have a VISION. Don’t let anybody pull , tear or squelch you down! I challenge you to catch a vision of what means to you to really live and then start working on your vision. And you know what! This is going to acquire some improvements. I invite you to get excited about this quest of excellence to get better.

You may not be knowing that experiences that make you uncomfortable cause you to stretch, to reach out and to grow. Because nothing gets better until you DO!

Write your own ticket! Create your own life! Get excited and start getting this drive and passion to reach those heights. Look up way beyond your current view to what you can become!

What can you do with this life?

Get this mentality and mindset:

  • What can I accomplish?

  • What can I achieve?

  • Who can I become?

Remember, you are too great to play small! Your greatness is in you but it is going to acquire great effort to bring it out. Get up and get going and make yourself the very best you can be!

Don’t be like those people who have no goals, no ambitions, and no drives. Instead, work hard on yourself than you do on anything else and guess what! It will affect everything else positively! I promise!

People without a vision, a passion or a drive have no future!

We Live in the Greatest Time of the Whole History! So Make Sure You Get Your Advantage of It

I think we live in the greatest time of the history of this earth! Never before has it been so easy to reach for awesomeness! Greatness is right there within your reach! Never before have had access to so much great information and knowledge. Never before have we had the opportunity to share our message around the world with a click of a button! So don’t allow to be squelched in a time of greatness! Don’t just walk among the living dead! WAKE UP and live a legacy. Get to that point where you live on such a high level.


Here’s What Should Be On Your List

  • What do you want to see?

  • What do you want to experience?

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What acknowledge do you want to acquire?

  • Who do you want to become?

  • What skills and abilities do you want?

  • How do you want to shape your personality?

Put together that list and start making it happen today!

Don’t go through your life making decisions based on other people’s thoughts!

Don’t get to the end of your life and look back with a whole bunch of “WHY DIDN’T EYES!!!”

Decide today to be really ALIVE!

Go out today and be ALIVE!



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How to Be Happy and Enthusiastic Every Day! Here are 7 Simple Steps for You.

Genuine happiness is totally possible and you deserve it! Greg is a a walking anti-depressant; but he wasn’t always like this. He grew up in a broken home and was out on his own at an early age. He struggled with depression and desperation, but climbed his way up to sincere happiness and enthusiasm for life by using these simple steps. 

Are you tired of dragging yourself out of bed just to endure another day? Are you ready to be CRAZY HAPPY?! Here are 7 proven practices teaching you how to be happy!

Are You Truly Happy With Your Life?

a happyI have a question for you: ARE YOU HAPPY? ARE YOU REALLY TRULY HAPPY?

Some people believe that it is not even possible, but it is possible and I am going to prove this for you. I will give you simple steps and strategies that you can start implementing today to start really being happier!

There are a lot of people who are just struggling with anxiety, turmoil, depression and just living in quiet desperation all the time! And life doesn’t have to be like that! Life is really FANTASTIC and you my friend don’t have to be struggling along. Life can be super AWESOME, indeed, but there are some things that we need to do.

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A lot of people get up in the morning and  literally sabotage their own HAPPINESS! They do things every day that make them miserable and then they are like: –Why does my life stink!!– But I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be like this and there is a better way to live your life!

Here’s a Small Part of My Story


Well, I grew up in a broken home and ended up on my own in an early age. I struggled a lot in my life! I was wondering if this was the real life? Is this what life is all about? Fear, doubt, loneliness and just hurt!! Isn’t there a better way? Actually, THERE IS A BETTER WAY!! AND THAT IS MY MESSAGE FOR YOU ALL. I forced myself to study, learn and read all the time to improve myself and take my life to the next level. The level of TRUE HAPPINESS. I can say now, with proud, that I AM A HAPPY PERSON! I live my life with joy and happiness, BUT it is not a PERFECT life don’t misunderstand me, please. Obstacles come on my way, but guess what! Even with the obstacles, I can still be HAPPY!

And now, I know that a question is blinking in your head, which is: what do I need to do to take my life to the next level?

Things to Do Throughout Your Journey of Happiness

Well, here’s what I did and what I am still doing until today. And this is what would I do if I were that unhappy person.

Remember, GREAT things have a GREAT beginning!

Your life is made up of days, and so every great day has a GREAT beginning. And here’s where you are going to start from: HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE. Start the day out right and that helps the day go right! Here’re a few suggestions on how you are going to do that:

#1 Morning Routines
a morning routine

First thing in the morning you have to set your mind right. Write five things that you are grateful for that day. Start being grateful and set your attitude right. Then, write three or five things that you are going to accomplish that day.


#2 Exercises

a exerciseNext, you really need to have some exercises! There is a great thing about this. It literally releases happy drugs in your body! So wherever you are just get out of those doors and enjoy nature. You need to get to the point where your body feels excellent so then it will work in your favor instead of working against you.

#2 Food

a foodIf you want to be happy, you need to make your body in happy conditions. And this drives us to food. There is happy food as well as bad food! So make sure to eat healthy and good food. Because this will help your body stay awake and energized all the time.


#4 Hydration


hydYou need to feel really hydrated! Most people are dehydrated, they are way from where they should be. So you have to drink A LOT OF WATER! Because hydration affects your mental, physical and your motion levels. So get tons of water in your body and make it a habit.


 #5 Smile

a smileYOU HAVE TO SMILE!  Smiling does something. There are chemical reactions to smiling. Put on a big smile and you’ll feel better! And whenever you catch yourself just kind of a ‘humdrum’ just smile. Force yourself to smile and you will be surprised how that will affect your mood. I want you to smile at least 20 times a day. I know this is somehow weird but just try it and you will get great results just from smiling. Smile to people and they will smile to you back, and here you are, great feelings will come to you and by that, you will be HAPPY!

There is a physiological reaction to smiling! It will change your thoughts, it will change your feelings and your physiology. So SMILE and just be HAPPY!

 #6 Dance

danceDANCE! Dancing can really make you very HAPPY and feel alive! Put on a piece of music that is lifting and try to move your body freely and in harmony with the beautiful music. If you have to dance three or four times a day, then do it! Just get HAPPY and FEEL GOOD.



Do you really want to be HAPPY? Then do whatever needs you to do to be HAPPY. Develop new habits and make sure that they are HAPPY HABITS.


#7 Thoughts Replacement

a thinkIf ever there is a negative, pessimistic or depressing thoughts, then you have got to replace them with GREAT THOUGHTS. The biggest enemy for some people is right between their ears!! Seriously! They are killing themselves and creating their own misery by having these negative spiral thoughts.

You have to do what I call it ‘The Emergency Catch’. Which is whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, JUST STOP RIGHT THERE! Grab that emergency break and say: NO I AM NOT GOING TO GO THERE! Now you might be asking what that break can be. Well, it can be a poem, a scripture, a song, a little action or even the action of rubbing your wedding ring. Just whatever works for you that can stop you right away from that negativity.

What To Do With All These Things

I want you to memorize some of these things that you’ll go through. Make sure to carry with you three or four cards that have some powerful words on and great thoughts and principles. One thing that you may want to do and I highly encourage you to do is The Prayer of Saint Frances. Those prayers are absolutely AMAZING! If you can let that touch your heart and your mind, then that will absolutely change the way you think and the way you live!

Happiness is really simple and not complicated at all. You just need to follow some steps, make them habitual and then create those HAPPINESS HABITS.




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How to Stop Being Bothered by Small Things and Actually Live Your Priorities!

A lot of people live in an almost constant state of frustration; being bothered by all the little things that often go wrong. There’s a way to get over that; there’s a way to out grow it. The other great tragedy is that so many people go through life talking about their priorities but rarely ever LIVING their priorities. There are a few proven strategies that you can put in practice right away to make sure you live your priorities.


You will have in your life the things that are most important to you, and you cannot outsource your priorities! For example:

  • You cannot have someone to do pushups for you.
  • You cannot have someone to eat healthy for you.
  • You cannot have someone study for you.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

You will have something in your life that is most important to you, and you will improve that by your ACTIONS!

Our actions, words, and thoughts reveal us. We can actually say what is important for us, but what we do reveals the truth.

We have got to line up our ideas, thoughts, and actions so they are moving toward our goals and dreams and living on purpose!

Being bothered by small things is the business of small people!

What Bothers you, Reveals the Real You

a bothered


What bothers you to a large degree, reveals your level of development!  It reveals where we are in our priorities. And big people are concerned with big things obviously. We cannot maintain excellent priorities and pathetic priorities at the same time. So it is very insightful for us to take a good look at what bothers us. Because it is indicative at where we are in our priorities.


What we are consumed with, what we are concerned about and the things that can bother us can be indicative. And so if you get bothered by small things -like me- my invitation is to outgrow that. You need to establish those priorities so clearly that small things don’t even get in the way.

a focuse


Take a good inventory of what bothers you and keep your look focus on what matters most. Let’s move past the ‘Mickey Mouse’ problems! And keep your focus up! Let’s look to God, to greatness, to our top priorities and not be looking down at the little things that can get in the way.



Let’s reveal our ACTIONS and let’s make them crystal clear. Every positive change in your life will come with a clear unequivocal decision to either start something or stop something. That clear decision of where are you going.

Eliminate everything else gets in the way! If you have to move to a minimalism, then DO IT!

Write down how are you going to dedicate mind, thoughts, energy, and emotions to live your priorities.

Decide clearly:

  • What obstacles are in your way.
  • What things that are lower in the priorities list are acting as blocks
  • Make a resolution.

Be determined and disciplined to remove out of your path whatever prevents you from moving forward fast.

Make sure you make those clear decisions


Go after your DREAMS, go after your GOALS, set higher PRIORITIES and GO FOR IT!



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This is Why Most People Fail AFTER Setting Goals! And Here’s How YOU Can Succeed!

Most people fail to reach their goals. They want to change; they want to improve their lives, but for some reason it doesn’t quite happen. What are they missing? Intelligent people, talented people. Why aren’t they reaching their highest potential?

Consistency is the High Price

-Richard Scott- said:

“We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become”.

Consistency is the high price required to accomplish great things, and it is a high price because it is so easy to be inconsistent. It is so easy to be distracted by either people, thoughts, things or even emotions.

Consistency is a high price, indeed, but there are all these great things that come with a high price.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

 Well, there is a huge civil war going inside of us and there is a great book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde which  illustrates what’s going on. And the appetite and the passion grow on what it feeds on. So with this war going inside of us like a dog fight, we have to decide which dog are we going to feed.

We are going to become what we are consistently doing! That is why we have to choose which dog we are going to feed.

So what are you going to do? You are the only one who has the answer my friend! Because you know what obstacles you are facing, what challenges and distractions are in your way.

Make Your Plan

I highly encourage you to make a plan! Jot down everything and right now, do not wait until that moment because it’ll never come! Believe me. Write down whatever to be consistent, write down your distractions and get it on paper so you can see it clearly.

Write down:

  • Where am I weak?

  • Where am I strong?

  • Who can help me?

  • Who can I surround myself with?

  • What can I read?

So write down your plan, write your weaknesses and your strengths and your whole plan to be CONSISTENT.

Consistency is that high price required before we obtain what we want!

Keep yourself DISCIPLINE to be CONSISTENT in your newly established priorities and goals. And I promise, this will take you down that path to that wonderful destination you want!



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Minimalism Matters, Frugal Living Can Give You Perspective and Freedom!

It’s great to have nice things. There are so many wonderful inventions that make our lives so much better. If it edifies you and brings real value to your life, then keep it. If not, maybe you should consider living without it. Living simply makes a difference.

You Actually Own Nothing

I am Greg DENNING, the author and creator of Get Out and Live How to Create a Life That Really Matters and The Five Fundamental Factors for a Fantastic Life”.

the new testamentA great story in the new Testament where a rich young ruler comes to Jesus and says: “Master what do I need to do to be saved?”

And Jesus says to him: “You need to keep the commandments”

And he named the commandments and the rich young ruler said: “ I have done these in my youth. What lack I yet?”

And Christ responds to him specifically: “Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor”.  And the rich young ruler went away sorrowing because he had many great possessions.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]


I’m not exactly sure what all of this means and there may be multiple meanings but here is what I know.Being ATTACHED to stuff and to things, PREVENTS us from making PROGRESS in our lives. Whether that’s spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially or in our relationships. Being attached to things can cause problems. There is a Chinese saying that says:

“I never saw the rise of the moon, so well until my house burned down”

Once you are free from that, you will see better. Things are great and I do love things. I love having nice clothes, I love my MacBook, I like cameras and lighting systems.. and there is a lot of great stuff in the world, but we have got to be careful how much of that we bring into our lives. And more importantly, we’ve got to be careful how  attached we get to them.

You really CAN’T own anything! Because when you die and leave this life, you are not taking anything with you EXCEPT WHO YOU HAVE BECOME. That includes knowledge, experiences, characteristics, values, beliefs and understandings. Everything else that is physical remains. And that is a profound lesson for all of us, everything is  temporary and we are just taking care of it for a time.

So how that does change things for you?

You really CAN’T own anything. Does that shift your mindset now about how you feel toward things?

-Bertrand Russell- said:

“It is the preoccupation with possession more than any other thing that prevents men and women from living freely and nobly”.

So what do you become when you are attached to possessions?

How to Be Detached From Ownership

You need to learn how to detached from that kind of ownership that ties us to something. Eventually, you get to a point where your possessions possess you. And you don’t own things because they own you because you end up giving all  of your time, effort, energy, money, and resources to taking care of your stuff. And that brings us to an idea of having sufficient for your needs. And I am not about getting rid of everything because I know that there are some good things that bring real value into our lives.

I can never judge or tell a person what is sufficient for their needs We just can’t do that. But I can wholeheartedly and without reservation encourage and challenge everyone to live simply, to live freely and to live without the burden of possessions and to try to reclaim your life and break away from being consumed by consumerism.

There is a great example of this in the great book “Les Misérables by -Victor Hugo-  the priest in the beginning who is an absolutely incredible man. The first 100 pages describe how a great  man he was. It says that  large sums of money passed through his hands but it did not change the way he lived. He stayed with a simple life doing good and serving and so he was able to let all of that abundance come in through his life without changing the life of simplicity that he had chosen. He wanted to live purely, fully and meaningfully.   

Here’s a Challenge for You

I want to challenge you today, and this could be tough, to get rid of anything and everything in your life that you keep because of status or ego. And learn to eliminate anything that is unnecessary from your life. Remove anything from your life that tears you down, that is holding you back and distracting you from living with purpose. And this gets to anything or anyone that brings negative energy to your life, or anything that makes too many demands on your time, attention, your feelings, your attitude and even your stress level. A lot of people are stressed out  because they live in a constant state of fear or worry about their things. But if they would remove all of that then life would be so rich and fulfilling.

So start today, grab something that is ATTACHED to your ego or your status, something that is just taking too much, and if it is not edifying your life, if it is not blessing your life and your family, and if it’s not adding real value to your life, then have the courage to get rid of it.

Start today to clear the path, get the obstacles out of the way so you can really move forward without that extra load. And get to where you are free to focus on what you want your major purpose to be in life.

Learn From Gandhimahatma

Gandhi did that so well. He had so few possessions and ironically he had far less than the people he served. And that is because there is a difference between living simply and being poor. Poverty is a mentality and a lot of people think that if I have few things then I am poor. Gandhi chose to live simply so that he could focus on serving the people. And look what he did for billions  and we are still talking about him today, and yet he had so few material positions.

I don’t think that all of us should get rid of all of our stuff and go out and live that ultimate simplicity, although there may be some of you that want to do that and if that desire is in your heart then go make it happen.   

But otherwise, I just challenge you and invite you again to get down to a minimum level. It’s like things pile up to the point where you can’t see because they block your view. We need to bring them back down so that you can have a clear and proper perspective of the world and of life and to clear away the rubble and the clutter out of the way so that you can take off running in the direction of an EPIC life that is so exciting and fulfilling for you.

We have become experts in acquiring more stuff but completely incompetent to be able to use value and enjoy what we already have.

We can minimize. So many people have done it and it’s hard but once they drop that extra load, life becomes so much better. Some people even say that they don’t even care about their stuff anymore and life is so much more enjoyable because they don’t even have to think about their stuff and they can focus more on their children, and service, and on what really matters most.

Bertrand Russell also said:

“To be without some of the things you want is indispensable part of happiness”

There is also a Swedish proverb that says:

“He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself”

Again, keep what you really need and the rest  give it away.

Attachment to stuff  is a cage that keeps a bird from soaring to freedom.

I want to give you another challenge. I sincerely think that everyone at some point ought to move away from what they know and from where their comfortable and just break away. And move to another country or city or just move to another place. Go somewhere else where you don’t have your status and things, and for some time, you can even disconnect from technology. I don’t want to be extreme because I love iPad’s, iPhones, the internet and all of these wonderful things we have. But it’s started to overcrowd our lives so we have to be able to disconnect and have quiet time. I challenge you to just leave it and go away. Break away from that a little while and just live with who you are and see how it opens your vision and understanding and changes the way you view things.

Again, I challenge you to focus on what matters most, remove the clutter and live deliberately. Don’t let it jeopardize your relationships and your purpose. And don’t die with your song inside you because you were distracted by things and stuff.

Ivan Illich who I’ve mentioned before was trying to keep up with social expectations and had spent his whole life trying to get the things, status,  and recognition. Ironically he died while trying to impress people. He fell and got hurt and on his deathbed he asked  what if my whole life has been wrong? He is a fictional character but there was a real woman who spent her life with all her nice things and her house was so fabulous that she didn’t want her children or grandchildren to come over because she was so concerned that they would break things. Later, she found out that she had a terminal illness. She regretted so much about carrying a lot about her stuff and things and neglecting the ones she loves the most.

So let’s not do that. Let’s create and design a wonderful life and let’s not get the barnacles on us like a huge ship so that we can’t just really move forward or cage ourselves in our things.

Go out and create your world. Get rid of something today, get down to a minimalist level where you can see clearly, where your  path is clear and you can move forward to the direction of your DREAMS.


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How to Get Rid of Stress and Be Happy.

In this blog post I share what I’ve learned as I lived and traveled around the world, among the rich and the poor, about how to get rid of stress and frustration and inner turmoil.

Learn two critical steps to eliminate worry and anxiety, and replace it with peaceful, happy feelings! Start feeling better today!

You have the Power to Choose Happiness!

I’ve had the opportunity to live in several different countries, in a lot of different places and among a lot of wonderful people. I’ve also had the opportunity to live in beautiful neighborhoods and around very wealthy people. I also grew up in a broken home and was out on the streets at a young age and lived among the poorest of the poor. As I’ve traveled abroad I’ve been around and worked with people who literally have almost nothing!  And what I have observed is that a lot of people -perhaps most- are dealing with a lot of turmoil, anxiety, fear and frustration. And most of the time, they are just kind of numb! Just kind of hurting.

 [iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

I have often asked people about what is their most predominant feeling. More often, the answer is frustration! And they realize that they’re not really happy most of the time. Happiness really is a choice. Circumstances can affect us but happiness is always a choice. That is the one thing that we get to choose. People don’t make you mad, and they can’t make you lose your temper nor force you to feel something. You have the POWER to CHOOSE HAPPINESS and PEACE! And yet, too often, we give that up! We sacrifice it and exchange good feelings like excitement and enthusiasm. We really want to feel alive! But we trade that because we set rules in our heads.

A Challenge for You

So I want you to do two things:

#1 Decide right now what do you want your predominant emotion and major feeling to be for the rest of your life. I know that sounds crazy, BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION RIGHT NOW! This is one of the decisions that transforms you and that alters the course of your life. So I want you to decide today what kind of person do you want to become? What kind of feelings do you want to have?

#2 Sustain THAT! I want you to put up reminders and to ask people to help you remember that. I want you to write that down, I want reminders in your car, on your mirror, on your fridge, on your computers and I want you to do whatever you can. Identify the things that bother you most. write them down and find out how to deal with them in a good way. Understand that you can disagree without being disagreeable. You can not like something without getting bitter and bothered. Inside you can still feel happy and jovial but still hold a standard. Have requirements of how you allow people to treat you because people treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

Decide today, a real deep transformation level resolution, of how you are going to feel and then set up reminders and tell everybody to help you.

Make a decision to become BETTER and HAPPIER because life is so sweet. Don’t fake it. Don’t try to put a smile on top of your depression. Try to change your inside and then the outside will manifest what’s in the inside. Because it all begins right inside the soul and the mind. Life will get better. Circumstances and relationships will get better. People will treat you differently because of who you are becoming.

This will literally change your life, I promise! Be HAPPY, have a FANTASTIC LIFE and…



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You Wouldn’t do This if You Knew Better.

If you’re like me, then every time you learn something new, you realize how little you actually know. We are all ignorant in a lot of ways.   AND WHAT WE DON’T KNOW WILL HURT US! What key knowledge are you missing in order to take your life to the next level? What would you do differently if you were an expert in fitness and nutrition? How much money would you be earning AFTER you earned the education of a multimillionaire? What don’t you know, that is keeping your relationships from being so much better?
Ignorance is keeping us down. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

You Wouldn’t Do This If…

I have been studying voraciously personal development for a lot of years. And this made me an observer of people and cultures. I love to watch people and learn from them and to try to make my life better so that I can share, teach and mentor others.

One time I was out for a run -early in the morning- and I ran by a particular fast food restaurant that is known to have deadly food, and it was packed!! There were people everywhere, and I remember that I was shocked! I mean seriously!! People still eat there! They wouldn’t do that if they knew BETTER!

 [iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

And that is what I want to talk about today.

You wouldn’t do what you are doing if you knew BETTER! You wouldn’t act, think, say, or believe the same things if you knew BETTER. And that’s the problem. If we were more educated we wouldn’t do that. And that doesn’t mean schooling. That’s another part of the problem. We think that we’re “educated” if we’ve been schooled but real education starts when school ends and you can spend your time getting a phenomenal education.

Now I hope that you’ve read a great book that really altered the way you see things. The way you view the world, the way you think, what you believe. You have one of those books that like Kafka says is like “an ice ax that breaks up the frozen sea inside us.” Now, what if you’d read a hundred of those books, or a thousand! It totally changes you!

You and I wouldn’t do the same mediocre things if we knew better. And my point today is that we NEED to know better. What would change if you knew more?

If you took a great book on health and fitness and devoured it and became passionate about studying that subject, how that would change your life? I guarantee you it would change a lot.

For some of you, you might need to sit down for what I am about to say: YOU AND I ARE IGNORANT! And it is IGNORANCE that keeps us down and keeps us mediocre. We have got to fight against IGNORANCE. IGNORANCE is like apathy, it is the default and it is what happens when you don’t fight against it. The thing about ignorance is that it just happens. And unless we are fighting against it by devouring, learning, thinking, meditating, applying and really trying to gain knowledge, then ignorance happens and we don’t even know it! In fact, the more I study and the more I learn, the more IGNORANT I realize I am. We have got to FIGHT against IGNORANCE. And that will change what we do, what we think, what we believe and will change every aspect of our lives as we fight against it.

I said it and I believe it! YOU and I are far too IGNORANT!

You Are Not Improving Because You Don’t Read

The average American reads less than one book a year!! Another study says that the average American doesn’t even read a good quality book after their last graduation. What an absolute tragedy!! We don’t do good and hard thinking. The kind of thinking that makes us uncomfortable and the kind that DEMANDS change. That’s why we have got to fight off that IGNORANCE with great books and great thinking.

I promise you that you wouldn’t be doing the things that you’re doing if you overcame your ignorance. That makes us hurt but it makes us wonder what we are doing or what belief we have that is caused by our own ignorance. We have to fight off ignorance the same way we would fight off apathy or indifference.

Our muscles are not going to grow on their own, nor is education and wisdom  going to come without reading great books and searching words of wisdom from them. A lot of people do read, but they don’t get the greatness out of their books. They don’t get the wisdom because they don’t know how to find it and apply it.

Go After It!

We need to go after it with passion and enthusiasm. I can say, confidently, that we all can do BETTER but we are all IGNORANT in a lot of things. We can be a lot better, we can be more educated and wiser. That’s why we have to go after it. We need to be disciplined because there are things that we all need to know! There is a high price attached to excellence and to education. Mediocrity is easy and that’s why it’s the average. It’s the norm and that’s why it’s common. We’ve got to pay the price and dig in.

I want you to go after these ideas and expand them in your mind.

Someone said:

“A mind once expanded by a great idea can never return to its former dimensions”.

I want you to change the whole way you see the world. I want you to dig into something so deep and so profound that it alters the way you live. I want you to go after this excellence and really achieve something in the areas that are most important.

The Challenge

Now here’s a challenge for you:

I want you to pick one of these subjects, they are all important but just start with one of them, and dig deep and see how it alters the way you think, the way you act, the way you think and the way you live.

  • Health.
  • Fitness.
  • Leadership.
  • Marriage.
  • Parenting.
  • The Bible

If you really dig deep and study hard it will change you. It will change what you believe and how you feel. It will alter the way you see others and the world. I promise, you wouldn’t do the things that you are doing if you knew better. And you’ll know better by digging in. So that is my challenge to you. Pick one of those topics and dig deep. Pay the price. It WILL change you and you’ll become a new and improved you! It will change every aspect of your life for the better. I promise you that it will change you. Let’s fight off our IGNORANCE and seek EXCELLENCE through a great education.



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