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People Who Do These Things, Have No Future!

Brian Tracy taught that people who have no future watch TV, go to ‘happy hour’ and drive around listening to the radio.  Don’t be one of those people.  Apply these five principles and create a bright future for yourself.  Life is what you make it!

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brian tracySeveral years ago I was listening to an audio recording by Brian Tracy and he said something very powerful which really hit and affected me. He said:

“People who have no future, watch TV, go to happy hour and drive around listening to the radio”

Brian Tracy gave a lot of principles about successful people versus mediocre people. So today, I am going to hit five principles that he shared:

#1 You Have Got to be a Long Life learner

Spend an hour a day, at least, studying what you want to become great at.

#2 Skills and Abilities



Be great at what you do! Do not sit back and just let life happen! Years are passing and you may not be any better than you were years ago. And YOU and I have no business being the same people this year that we were last year! So we have got to be growing and improving.

#3 Build Great Relationships

The more people like you and trust you, the more successful you will be. So build those relationships and be sincere. Try to become that kind of person who has tons of friends all over the world!

#4 It Is All About Money

Money is powerful. It is not the number one in your priorities obviously, but money provides freedom and opportunity. And it provides the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities. So develop the habit to set aside money and invest in yourself!

“If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you”

#5 Good Work Habit

Always ask yourself, what is the most valuable use of my time right now? And then act accordingly.

Be disciplined to do what you want to do. Develop those habits of getting it done. Use the 50/10 principle. Work hard and focus for 50 minutes and then take 10 minutes off.

Whatever it is what you are doing, just do it RIGHT without the need of a supervisor.

Hence, you can take these 5 principles and prior them as you want. But just make sure to follow them and I promise that your life is going to change for the better.





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The Golden Ticket for Personal and Professional Growth

This is the number one quality of uber-successful people .They are always consistent and vigorous in their personal and professional growth and development. They take it very seriously. Here’s a video that may change your life.


I want to share with you a success formula that has worked for me and for thousands of people. When I apply it, I get great results, when I do not apply it, I get mediocre results.

I came up with an acronym for it, which is CAVI:

  • C stands for Consistence.

  • A stands for And.

  • V stands for Vigorous.

  • I stands for Improvement.

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CONSISTENT:  is a person, a behavior or process that is unchanging in achievement or effect over period time.

So you set your mind on a habit, on something you want to become and you become unchanging until you achieve it.

VIGOROUS: is an adjective that means strong, healthy, full of energy, characterized by involving physical strength effort or energy.

So many people have a million dollar dream and they put only 4,99 dollar effort! But this just doesn’t work! Because when they face the first obstacle they quit and stop. That is why we have to be consistent and vigorous so that we can continue until we achieve our dream.

You need to have a vision of what you really want. If you hold that vision in your head, it will give you the required energy and effort. That is why you have to be both vigorous and consistent. 

Get some passion and enthusiasm behind your consistent efforts.

IMPROVEMENT: is making something better. To develop and increase the mental capacity by education or experience.

So if you are consistent, vigorous and what you do makes you better, then you are on the right path!

Live a life that lights you up! Do not live for others!

Do You Want to Become Unstoppable?

Unfortunately, most people’s most common objective is tension relief or entertainment. So they put passion and effort into being just entertained. But this is not the right way! We have to put some efforts on something valuable and can improve our lives.

You want to become unstoppable, right!

So keep reminding yourself constantly:

  • That you are unstoppable.

  • That you will have your goals dreams.

  • That you will live on your terms.

And put the required efforts in order to achieve this. You have to sacrifice, you have to struggle and you have to give all your strength to achieve what you want. If you want to succeed, you have to pay the price. You cannot expect to reach those million dollar dreams with a fifty dollar effort! You are not going to get it!

There’s a great book called “The Slight Edge” about the consistent effort and I highly recommend you to read it.

Franz Kafka said:

franz kafka


          “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”




Whatever your goal is, you can do it! Even if it is just happiness, enthusiasm and just feeling alive, CAVI can make that happen. It is that productivity of something you are able to do that you weren’t able to do before. You can create the life you want with CONSISTENT and VIGOROUS IMPROVEMENT.

In order to make our days count, our weeks count, our months count, and our years really count, we need to have consistent and vigorous effort.


  • Keep going.

  • Keep moving forward.

  • Give a little effort each day.

  • Just start.

  • Take actions.

How to Become the CAVI Person

You can write the CAVI acronym with huge letters and put it wherever you can see it clearly so that you can have it always in front of your eyes. Try to become that CAVI person.

Orison Swett Marden said:

swett marden



          “It is like the seed put in the soil – the more one sows, the greater the harvest.”



I highly value my time with my wife and my children. I wanted to get time for reading, studying, writing and working but I didn’t want to take away from my time with my children. So one of the commitments I made was to get up at 4:oo AM  in the morning. It is hard though, but when you get used to it it becomes a habit.

Benjamin Franklin said:

benjamin franklin


         “An ethic of constant self-improvement is the yeast that makes an individual rise.”




Will Rogers said:

will rogers



         Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”




I promise YOU WILL RISE!

Use CAVI to,



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How to Live Longer And Live Well

I want to live for a LONG time. But not just to be alive, merely existing. I want to really live. That won’t just happen. Great health isn’t a default; it demands effort. Here are a few changes that will make a huge difference!! Watch the video and learn the principles to live longer and live well.

Without Good Health, Little Else Matters!

 I want to be healthy, fit and alive. My kids are still young so I want to take big adventures with them, climb mountains and go in races with them. I don’t want to be the guy who quickly get tired and quit the game.

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Greg Denning

I really want to be healthy for a long life. I want quality and quantity at the same time. And that matters for what we do each day. Because what I am eating today and  what I do for exercise today is added to the recipe of who I am. Literally, everything is the sum total of what my body will become.  

  • So how do we want to live?
  • Do we want to love healthy and strong?

Honestly, even if I have tons of money, I got all the things I want, I have all the relationships.. if I don’t have HEALTH, then I don’t have anything!

We have to value this miracle  body we have! And do everything we can to keep it awake, energized and alive.

Make Some Resolutions

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to make some resolutions about what are you going to do:

  • What are you going to do to permanently alter the way you eat?
  • What are you going to do to be active?
  • What are you going to do to better yourself?
  • What are you going to do to become healthy?

Well for me, as a traveler, I do a lot of push-ups and cardio workouts. Since these are really powerful and you can do them anywhere. Just get out and try to push yourself harder! If you like to play Bball and that’s how you are going to get your cardio, then go and play it!

Here is a list of some workouts that you can do:

Greg Denning

  • Sittings.
  • Pushups.
  • Running.
  • Jumping.

That’s what I do! Because for me, I want the benefit more than  the entertainment.

  • What do you want to become?
  • What are you going to do to your diet?
  • What kind of exercise habits are you going to follow?

Let’s make some change! Let’s form some habits right now that will stick with us until we leave this world!

So let’s be awake, energized, alive, feel good  and protect our HEALTH for our long live!



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How to Get More Quality Family Time!

There are things you can start doing today in order to get more quality family time. These simple steps will help you build that special relationship with the most important people in your life.
Quality and quantity time matters. Find out how to make more time for your family.

Greg: Hi I am Greg from DISCOVERSHAREINSPIRE.COM and this is Shawn with me today. We have been together for sometime and we have been talking a lot about our missions, our purposes, our goals and our objectives.. And we want to live deliberately, we want to make sure that everyday is awesome!  So I am going to let Shawn tell you about his story and his objectives.

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Sean: Well, what I think is interesting is that we have such a common story. We have this family base. We can change the world by making a change in our family.

It depends on you.

  • How do you want your life to be like?
  • Do you want to go after a job and spend 8 to 10 hours a day and left your family?
  • Or do you want to live and create an awesome life with your family?

We are very inspired by Greg and Rachel!

We know that choosing to live deliberately is totally possible! Because we are a proof of that!

Kids and me in sea

Greg: What we have been talking about is that  you can line your priorities, your objectives, your goals, you can spend more time with your family and live your life deliberately. You only need to decide what you want and live accordingly.

We realized that the fewer things we have, the big freedom comes! We always get rid of the things we don’t need, and focus on the things that matter most. Things as family time and spirituality time.

Sean: Yes that is right. We both have the same objective. But I think is neither of our message is to tell people that they need to sell everything they have. We chose this because we both have the traveling passion and traveling is what matter most. But this doesn’t mean that everyone should do the same.

seanThe message is that; so many people are working to pay for stuff they think they need. But this is not the right way I guess. Because at the end of your life, what you want your hours to be dedicated to? Do you want them to be dedicated to a job that pay you to get stuff that you don’t really care about? Or do you want them to be spent on the things that you really wanted to do  most!

Our message is that you can live your life the way you want. Technology is there, time is there.. you don’t have to be stuck doing things that you think you have to do! So the question is that do you want to follow the normal way -from high school all away to college and then to a job- or to live your life the way you decide and want it to be.

Greg: Deepak Chopra said:

“Questioning helps you break out the hypnosis caused by the social conditioning.”

So as some action steps, start asking yourself some questions:

  • What do you really want?
  • What do you really want to do?
  • What do you really want to accomplish?
  • And here is a great exercise to do. Leave your life forward and look back, and say:
  • What is the great thing that I did?
  • What do I regret not doing?
  • Where my hours gone?
  • Are my hours going toward my priorities?
  • What I need to do to make what I want happen?

Let’s all live deliberately an awesome life!

Sean: I am listening to you Greg and I think that there are people out there saying — Oh yeah that is good for you! Whatever!– So what do you say for people like that?

Fam wrestle

Greg: That’s a good question. Shawn and we both were there! We were both sitting in a job and thinking “ Oh come on is this what I really want to do with my life?!” So you really have to decide what do you want, and then you can find the steps that will lead you to your wants. So what I am going to say to all the people watching is that you all can do this! You can totally live your dream! You may have to sacrifice some things to have what you really want. So often in life, we give up what we want most, for what we want at the moment!

Sean: So the overall  message is, choosing actively to do what you want you life to be like. So for our family, we defined our goals and then structured our life according to those goals. For now, traveling, seeing new people and exposing new places is our big deal. For us, there is no need to a lifestyle that keeps us at the same place. I have a message for everybody which is choosing actively how you want to live your life every day.

Greg: You need to decide. If you are one of the people that hate their jobs, find a new one. If you don’t  like the location, decide to move to a better place with a better weather! Make sure you are living on purpose by choice. Decide how you want your life to be like and move toward it!

Sean: This is real! It is not for some specific people but it is for everyone who wants to have a great life.

Greg: Absolutely!

Follow both of our stories in and and you can see what we are doing and what we are heading to. And you may get some ideas for what you want to do!

So set those goals and objectives and start moving toward them! Make them happen!  




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New Years Resolutions Are Lame ==> Here’s a Better Way!

Most people fail miserably when it comes to accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions; and most goals too.  Watch and learn how to accomplish your resolutions!


It is already been a week in 2014. Which means that some people have already dropped out the years’ RESOLUTIONS! Well, to be honest with you.. new year resolutions can be lame though. It is like being a Christian on Easter and Christmas and then being Godless the rest of the year!

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But there is a much better way. If you know me, I do resolutions, goals or challenges all the year long. And I love new beginnings, I love the new year because it is the big picture where you can get the whole part. And new year resolutions are worth if they fit into your growth plan.

And yes you have to have a GROWTH PLAN!

Growth Plan

If you do not have a detailed plan for personal growth, You have to get one. It doesn’t happen by default!

Every new beginning to me, a new year, new month, or even a new day.. is an opportunity to grow. So I have a huge plan for 2014 and then I start breaking it down month by month, week by week and day by day. And I have clearly defined action plans that will work.

In my life, this is how I have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished.

So don’t be that kind of people who are so excited by the new year and have a lot of plans to do but then by February they do not even remember what their goals were!

Instead, make 2014 a rocky awesome year! Where you accomplish great things because of those habits and because of those rituals. Thus, if you are going to make new year resolutions, resolve to change your habits. Clearly, define and identify a habit that you need in order to capture and accomplish what you want most! And if you do that and you stick to that habit, then you will GET IT!

Instead of focusing on that resolve and that resolution, focus on the habit.

So let’s have an awesome year! Let’s get those growths!

Do Not Be a Walking Dead

Someone said:

“Most men die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 80”

Please do not be that kind of people. Do not be one of the walking dead that is going to walk in 2014 in a coma!


  • Wake up!
  • Have a plan!
  • Set some goals!
  • Set resolutions!

Set resolutions that will fit that plan and spread throughout the year and fit with habits. Habits will make a big difference, therefore set some big habits.

It is your habits, it is who you are and how you live  what will make the difference! And then RESOLUTIONS can complement that and be part of your major definite purpose for the rest of your life.



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How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Reaching Your Potential

There isn’t any reason why you cannot have an incredible marriage, great health, wonderful children and a close relationship with God.  

Happy New Year!

2013 was awesome and we had a great year. We finished the year exploring the beaches of El Salvador and we had an awesome year!

Now we are here in Costa Rica and life is fantastic!

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

I hope that you are dreaming big and setting audacious goals. I hope that you have a great exciting plan for 2014.


I just want to share a quick message:

  • Well, there is no reason to not have a great health.
  • There is no reason to not have a wonderful marriage.
  • There is no reason to not have fantastic relationships.
  • There is no reason to not have a fabulous relationship with your children.
  • There is no reason to not have a great relationship with God.
  • There is no reason to not have a life full of excitement.

There Are No Reasons! But Excuses Are Many!

If you are always putting excuses in front of your way, then you are neither going to make any difference in your life nor singing your song!

If you have any excuses that are blocking you, then just get rid of them! Do not let them stop you from living a tremendous life. Because there is no reason or nothing else that keeps us from achieving those great objectives except ourselves. We really have to decide and be honest with ourselves and realize that it is just an excuse.

If others have done it, I can do it too!

Push All The Excuses

You have to push all the excuses out of your way and overcome all the obstacles. Set yourself on these lofty dreams, on these great goals and try to reach them. And remember that the only thing blocking you from not achieving those dreams is excuses. But the only thing that will help you to get your dreams is the level of your determination to succeed!

There are no reasons that we cannot have all those wonderful things. So set aside the excuses and  go after your goals in 2014 with enthusiasm, with consistency and have a fantastic year.



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How to Tell If You Are Really Living

Do You Feel Like You Are Really Living Your Life To The Fullest?

Here’s how to tell.  Make the time to think about and write about each of these questions.

  1. Are you awake, energized and alive?  How do you show this?

  2. Are you excited about life?  Do you get up each morning with excitement for the tasks of the day?  What are you excited about?

  3. Do you have a major definite purpose and goals leading toward it?  What is it?  What are you short and long term goals?

  4. Do you have clearly identified priorities and act accordingly?

  5. Are you living the kind of life you want to live?  Can you easily describe it?

  6. Do you love your work?

  7. Are your relationships fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable?  Why or why not?

  8. Are you singing the song you were born to sing?  What is it?  Can you explain it in one sentence?

  9. Are you anxiously engaged in a good cause?

  10. Are you as healthy as you would like to be?

  11. Is your mind alert, active and expanding? What are you doing to exercise your mental muscles?

  12. Are you appropriately content AND divinely discontent?

  13. Are you free? Do you really feel like you are free?  Financially, socially, spiritually, emotionally?

As I look over this powerful list, I’m reminded that I still have a lot that I want to improve on.  It’s a journey for all of us, but we need to make sure we’re on the right path.

Let me know how your doing in the comments below.  What are you doing well?  What do you need to work on?  What would you like to learn how to do better?

Reach upward,


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How to Access The Power to Change Your Life

Never underestimate your own power to change your life.
Within you is a power plant that, once activated, can completely alter your life for the better.
Change is great. Seek change and the results will naturally follow.
Learn how to access and harness that incredible power for change.

When the Pain Is, the Power Is

Never underestimate your power to change. Within you is a tremendous force, that once is activated, can drive you to make incredible improvements in your life.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

With change comes opportunity and with significant change comes significant opportunity. But too many of us never activate that power! And too many of us let some parts in our lives get rusty! And that creates problems. Problems in marriage, in health or in relationships. But the great news is, when the pain is, the power is.

Never underestimate your power to change!

Do not focus too much on results, but instead, focus on change and it will bring the results you want.

You Need to Change!

CHANGE is fantastic! Look for to CHANGE! Look at your life right now and say what can I CHANGE?

So :


  • Be active.
  • Move often.
  • Try new things.
  • Change the way you think.

So look at any period in your life when you are facing pain or frustration and figure out how you can change it. Activate that power source inside of you and CHANGE for the better!




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How to Overcome Negative Emotions with a Positive Attitude

Life is too wonderful to allow negative emotions to rule your days.
You can learn to replace them with a powerful positive attitude. I did.
I moved from depression and desperation to living on a positive high almost constantly. One friend describes me as a walking anti depressant. 


Attitude is a tool that you can build a great life with. But it can also be a deadly weapon! Thus, attitude is both a tool and a weapon, and you can make it either a tool or a weapon depending on your choice.

So decide today and right now that you are going to make the choice and do something about it. Because you can change what you want to change.

ATTITUDE has a huge effect on you

Emotions and Feelings!

Success in life is not about things, it is about feelings and emotions.

Samuel Johnson– said:

“He who has so little knowledge of human nature has to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition, will waste his life in fruitless efforts.”

So we are in charge of our own disposition. We can CHOOSE!

The “As If” Principle

Because life is about emotions, about feelings and it is measured by motions and not things, we need to go for long lasting peace contentment joy and happiness. Thus, decide what you want your major determinant feeling to be. And what you want your disposition to be like. It is not always that easy, but you need just to make a decision and go for it! And you may want to try the “act as if” principle and start thinking the way you want yourself to be and eventually you will succeed!

Decide today that you want to be optimistic and that you want to be positive and eliminate all the negativity from your life. And make that choice to start practicing that “as if” principle.

Well, sometimes we all get to experience negative feelings. But those moments should be brief and those negative thoughts should be quick and overcome. So if you catch yourself in that moment, just break it and get rid of it right away! Try to replace that situation with a better one.

ATTITUDE is the lens in which through you see the life!


We are going to decide today and right now that we want to have a positive attitude. That our dominant disposition is a positive attitude.

Cut off and eliminate negativity, pessimism and bad attitude totally from your life.  

There isn’t anything that we cannot accomplish with a great positive attitude and persistence!

So starting from today and from this moment decide to be great and to be happy! Put that big smile on your face and make your life awesome!

  • Look at the others with a positive ATTITUDE.

  • Look at the events with a positive ATTITUDE.

  • Look inside you with a positive ATTITUDE.

And if you are the kind of people that have great attitude already; then that is awesome, but you can absolutely get BETTER!

So decide to have that great ATTITUDE and I promise you that life would be so much better!



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How to Have a Positive Mental Attitude. “The Secret Ingredient!”

I grew up in a broken home and was out on my own at an early age. Those were hard, lonely years.
I learned how to overcome depression and desperation by developing a positive mental attitude that has literally transformed my life.
I’m a walking anti depressant!
You can be too.

The Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient my friends is attitude! Winston Churchill said:

“Attitude is the little thing that makes a big different.”

Someone said:

 “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Attitude affects everything we do in life.

  • It affects the way we look at life.
  • It affects the way we look at the world.
  • It affects the way how we live among each other…

Attitude is that major determining factor in life and it creates the lens through which you and I see the world.

Victor Frankl who was a psychologist and was involved in what happened around World War 2 and the concentration camp, found that the attitude of mind was the only thing that they could not take away. He observed men who were starving and who still have a great attitude. You and I have absolute one hundred per cent control of what goes on in the heart. And that absolutely affects what goes on outside of us.


William James said :

“The greatest discovery of our time is that men and women can change the the attitude of mind and thereby change their outer circumstances.”

George Bernard Shaw said :

“I do not believe in circumstances. The men and women who get on this world are those who get up in the morning and look up for the circumstances they want, and if the cannot find them, they make them.”

My daughter -three years old- is a great example. In October 2010 we were in a car accident, and she was at the point of impact and broke her femur. And they put her in a body cast for six weeks. And I was instructed by my three years old and she showed me what a positive attitude can do!

There are great stories from the Bible. Jonah as an example of bad attitude and Josef as a great example of good attitude!

There are so many stories that we can learn from them. There is great attitude all around us! And we can learn from those attitudes.

How Attitude Affects Your Life

Attitude affects so many things in our life. And some of the main things that can affect are

  • Our self-concept
  • Our confidence
  • Our steam
  • Our perspective
  • How we feel about ourselves
  • How you think others view you

As I mentioned earlier, attitude affects the lens through which we see the world! If that lens is dark and depressing, and we see everything through that dark lens, then it is going to affect the way we think and the way we live.

  • But what if that lens is great?
  • What if that lens is clear and clean?

Then we can see others, the world and ourselves with a positive mental attitude!

  • Can you see how that will change things?

That will make the biggest difference in everything we do,in everything we see and it can affect our emotions and feelings as well.

What we think about we bring about!

Attitude can make us and shape us. So let us have a positive mental attitude and we will get what we expect.

We Have the Choice

You and I have the choice! We can choose to look for the best or to look for the worst. And we will see and find what we look for. Let’s choose to be positive and eliminate the negativity from our lives. Let’s decide, even in a world that is full of negative people, that we can be optimists. It is a choice! We can stand up and smile in a room full of frowners. No whining and no complaining, those are foreign languages in which we are not fluent.

  • How do you look at your failures?
  • How do you look at your setbacks?   
  • How do you look at your disappointments?
  • Do you fall down and stay down or do you fall down and get back up?!

We are all going to make mistakes, we are all going to fail, but we need to learn from all of them.

One success man was asked about the fastest way to success and he said: “Increase your rate failure” And you cannot do that without a positive attitude.

“To be upset about what we do not have is to be upset about what we do have”

Focus on the good things you have, do not focus on the lack! And if you want something, go for it -with a positive mental attitude-.

The things that bother us, that throw us down and set us back, to a large degree that is a measurement of how we are progressing in our personal development.

  • So are you bothered by smaller things?
  • And how you respond to things?

Well, a positive mental attitude will get us past all the struggles, trials, challenges and setbacks. And if we take them as stepping stones, then we can grow our progress.

I read a great quote says:

“You got to take the bricks that people throw at you  and build your dreams with them.”

Too often we take that brick as fall down. Some people may even get the brick and hit themselves!

We have 100% control of our emotions. People cannot make us mad! We have the choice and the power, we can choose to respond because of our attitude.

Many are eager to change their circumstances but unwilling to change themselves! It is like looking in the mirror and you do not like your hair or your outfit and you blame the mirror!! You cannot see your external circumstances and blame them!

It all starts from the inside!



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