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How To Be Grateful Every Day of The Year (Thanksgiving Reminder)

I LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. Why’s it so great? Because it is based around gratitude.
We all have so much to be grateful for, yet so many of us only make an effort once a year to muster up some thankfulness. The rest of they year is spent griping, whining and complaining. Learn how to develop today an attitude of gratitude!

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 How to be Grateful 365 Days a Year

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!A thanksgiving

I want to share some thoughts today so you and I can be GRATEFUL 365 days a year! Let’s talk about how to be GRATEFUL all the time! Yeah 🙂

I remember days and nights when I was all by my own. 16 years old, out on my own, no friends, no family and nothing but struggle! But what happened is that I moved through my own journey as I started to see and understand things clearly. I completely changed my perspective and that was the biggest  thing!

There was a great lesson illustrated in the wonderful book Robinson Crusoe when he was so depressed and at one instance he says he was willing to compare down and he says:

“Only to fill my heart mind with gratitude”

And I like to use that strategy.

How to Deal With the Feeling of Ungrateful

Greg Denning IndiaI have had the privilege to travel around the world, getting a lot into wonderful places and getting to know a lot of amazing people in very hard circumstances. And honestly, in some other places I have been around the world, it makes my own struggling seems so easy!  Because there are a lot of people in this world who are going through some really hard times. Thus, there is a thing that I do. In my mind, if I ever feel attempted to be ungrateful, I quickly acknowledge that there are many many other people who need help and who have a harder situation. For me, that helps me to get back into gratitude and feel so GRATEFUL.

To think that there are many people who are really struggling a lot and that I have got nothing to complain about makes me feel good.

Get Out and Serve

Too often we get only worrying about ourselves. It is all the time just –me, me, me- and how everything affects me! But STOP! No more pity parties! Do not allow yourself for that because it is not for any good. Instead, rise above that, think about happy thoughts, count your blessings, get out and serve others and then focus on having this attitude of GRATITUDE all the time.

You May Want to Use This Good Strategy

a blesssingdEvery morning,  get up and write down three to five things that you are GRATEFUL for. The idea is to keep your mind focus on the things that you are very GRATEFUL for. Focus on the list of the things that you have, the abundance, the blessings in your life and even the little things you have. They may be just your fingers, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose…

I hope you’ll have a fantastic thanksgiving, I hope that every day will be a thanksgiving for you and that you give thanks for the wonderful blessings you have. And I promise you, there are always good things even as bad as time gets, there are always more blessings that we can count and more great things that we have to be GRATEFUL about and that we don’t have to complain about.



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