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Fortify Your Family Part 3–RITUALS

Want your family to remain happy, healthy, loving and strong? Set up rituals that become your family traditions and culture!
The things that you and I do daily, weekly and monthly will be the things that determine the level of success and happiness in our lives and in our families.
Watch the video to find out what things you need to be doing on a consistent basis to fortify your family.

What Rituals are Working Well for Your Family?

The first one was to recalibrate, I hope you have done that and you are doing it.

The second was to reduce, to simplify, and I hope that you did those decisions

And the third video is rituals.  This is huge, this can be called a routine but rituals are more specific and important. Now on this video I just want to share a few rituals that really make the difference.

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And here is why ==> there is so much influence outside home and less influence inside the house. So we need to set home rituals.

Make the effort to make rituals so that you can have time for your family and have conversations to discuss important subjects.

Meal Times Rituals

Here is a ritual, try to have the principle meals together as a family, try to find time for this because it is very important. Make the effort, get up a little earlier and do everything that needs to be done with your family at meal times.

Morning and Evening Rituals

Other family rituals that we have are morning rituals -on an individual level-. Because remember, the best thing that you can do for your family is to make the best of yourself. So have a personal morning ritual where you can study, exercise, read and where you can be present and really dig in and examine yourself. So try to have personal mornings times when you can share ideas and discuss topics as a family at breakfast time.

The evening rituals include reading, always read to your kids from great books every night before bed and what a great family ritual is being together at the evening. What a great evening rituals to be with your family.

Creating Experiences Rituals

Creating great experiences is another great ritual. Create meaningful and memorable  experiences as a family and if you do this, it will create a strong bond family. When you go out and make new experiences, live meaningful family experiences, when you do this, you will by that creating a great bound family.

So make sure that your precious time together is high quality, make sure it has a purpose and a focus. So set up these important rituals, these secret times and secret habits that you do consistently and that they are always guiding you toward a bigger goal and a big objective. They have the aim to keep your family together and take it to the next level.



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Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Own Future?

  I want to share a couple of stories that I hope will dramatically improve the quality of your future life.

The Soldier and the Horse

The first is called The Soldier and The Horse from Aesop’s Fables.

(In a time of war, the soldier gave his horse plenty of oats and tended him with the utmost care. He was strong and he wished him to endure the hardship of the field, and swift to bear his master, when need arose, out of the reach of danger. But when the war was over he employed him all sorts of drudgery, bestowing but little attention upon him, and giving him, moreover, nothing but chaff to eat. The time came when war broke out again, and the soldier saddled and bridled his horse and having put on his heavy coat of mail, mounted him to ride off and take the field? But the poor half -starved beast sank down under his weight, and said to his rider, “You will have to go into battle on foot this time. Thanks to hard work and bad food, you have turned me from a horse into an ass; and you cannot in a moment turn me back again into a horse”

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

The story gives a great principle. It says that sometimes we turn ourselves from a horse into an ass! And we unknowingly sabotage our own future!

The Broken Neighbor

I had a neighbor one time who most of the time was doing nothing! Seeking entertainment, smoking, drinking, and doing very little else. And I remember that I was talking to him one day and he said that he wanted to quit his job. I asked him what he is going to do after that and just with total remorse and shame he said –you know I have been going to my job every day for 13 years and I have done nothing to prepare for something else! And so I have nothing to turn to!– He had 6 kids, his wife was pregnant with the 7th and he had nothing to turn to.

In Order to Improve my Life, I had to Improve Myself 

And I want to contrast that with my own experience. Well, I grew up in a broken home and I was all alone in an early age, those were hard years, really tough times. But I realized that the only way to improve my circumstances was to improve myself. Every morning I got up, I studied, learned, and I improved my skills and my abilities and I worked on myself harder than I do on anything else. And it made all the difference and I am sure that it going to still make all the difference in the future.

Well, that is the lesson that I want to share with you. That every day you and I can be doing something, even if it is little, to improve ourselves. So with this in mind, I created three great products based around how to really make the best of ourselves.

Three Programs that could Change Your Life For Ever

The first program is about purpose, potential, and peek performance.

The other called how to transform your life before breakfast.

The last is called bibliotherapy.

So let’s go out and create an incredible life and secure our future by being ready to take advantage from the opportunities.

Get the LIFE-CHANGING Courses that I mentioned here.



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Fortify Your Family Part 1–Recalibrate

Here is the first video I promised! Where we will be talking about how to strengthen our families, how to keep them close, strong and prevent them from falling apart!

The Most Important Thing to Do in Order to Strengthen Your Family

You remember that we talked about five key steps about strengthening our family and this is one of them : TO RECALIBRATE. We have to set aside time to recalibrate and to spend some time to get real lined.

Each of us needs time to settle, and life is like always  up and down and it flows naturally. We have the day time and we have the night time. But too many of us get so busy , there is so much noise and so much destruction that we never have quiet time. I mean there are a lot of people that never have quiet moments. So we have to set us time to recalibrate, to get real lined and to spend some time and get clarity and really focus on the matters that are really important for us.

[iframevideo] [/iframevideo]

First, many of us have picked up many limited beliefs and we have believed on what other people have told us or what the society told us  –This is just like how things are– or –that is what you fit in or there is where you belong

So we are kind of picked up those beliefs and let others think for us and for our family. We allowed social conditioning or others to decide for our family!

What Do You Want for Your Family Best?

So I am challenging you to challenge these ideas and say this is what I want for my family and this is how I am going to build a strong family.

You know what, the primary thing that allows the great people to do great things, is that they are convinced that they can do them. So I challenge you to set time and go through your family believes, and always think on paper!

Get a big piece of paper and really force yourself spend some time to think. And I guess this is the good time to think how to do it and how often.

We do it regularly, I set some time to think and to analyze. Each week my wife and I set down and we have a planning session for our family, we go through and talk about relationships, we talk about our schedules, we talk about each child individually, we talk about big long term goals and small long term goals. We talk about everything. So we recalibrate as a family every week. I try to do this as a part of my morning routine.

So try to do this, try to disconnect and do this.

As a Family, You Need a Family Plan!

So set a regular time to recalibrate, and I want you to do this on paper, I actually want you to do this today, I want you to spend some time before you go to bed writing, thinking and recalibrating on how you are going to get your family back to where you wanted to be.

I don’t want this to be inappropriate but I just want you to imagine that what if someone from your family is going to die in a few days or months? How are you going to act? How would that will change what consistently you are doing? And really feel this and experience it. What would you do differently? How would you treat that person? What kind of culture would you like for your family through those left days?

A family without a plan is like a boat without GPS.. you are just going to go around and let the flow of society and the conditions and circumstances just blow you around and they may smash you and your family will fall apart. So create a detailed plan, what you are going to do each day, week, months and years…

So take the time now, get that calibration, get the ideas flowing, and get everyone to participate in your family.



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