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Manliness: Are You Less of a Man if You Are More at Home?

Greg Denning

Are you a real man?

How do you know?  

How do you define manliness?  

This, my friends, makes all the difference!



Begin transcript excerpts:

I measure manliness not by the size of the beer bottle but the size of the book shelf; not by the size of the bank account but by the deposits made into the lives of his children.

If manliness is staring at a large screen TV for countless hours, and screaming like a barbarian as though the referee can hear you, count me out.

If manliness is defined by how many other men you can climb over as you seek the elusive top, I’m not interested.

If manliness is spending more time with the buddies or going to happy hour than it is spending time with my wife and creating a happy home, then I want nothing of it.

If having sex with many different women is how you measure manliness, shame on you!

If foul language and coarse behavior are qualities of your manliness, no thanks.

The manliness I seek is refinement and kindness.

I have a tender heart and gentle hand.  Yes, I am bothered by filthy language, violent behavior, immorality, and indecency.

Am I less of a man?  That depends on who’s defining it.

But who am I to define it?  Who are you?

We can best be served by looking through the annals of history, and especially to God.

How Does God Define Manliness?

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not puffing out my chest here and trying to compare and compete.  Picture the male turkey strutting past his lady friend.  I’m not doing that.

I love guns, but I hate violence.

I love training in martial arts, but I hate fighting.

I love hitting the gym hard, but I abhor the peacock pageantry in front of the mirrors.

I love competitive sports, but can’t stand to waste time watching them.

I think we would all be served well by clearly identifying what we define and real manliness and comparing it to what the Lord has said.

The world’s definition of manliness is grossly distorted.

Have the courage and the manliness to be a leader in your home.




Tough Times Bring Great Ideas. Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Do you want a more meaningful and exciting life! Do you want to be your best self! Do you want to have great relationships! But too often so many don’t know how to reach these! So whether you are struggling in your relationships, whether you are fed up with overweight, you are struggling with depression, you hate your job… And you want to just have meaning in your life?

Then the principles that I teach on will help you transform your life and begin achieving your goals today!

Enjoy this next audio session and REACH UPWARD!


Necessity is the mother of invention,” Aesop tells us.

And so it is, IF we are reachable, teachable and touchable.




With the right attitude, necessity can turn on our creative resources and produce incredible results.

But it certainly requires the right attitude and the right thinking habits. You cannot let necessity crush and debilitate you, and expect at the same time, to create solutions.

You and I must maintain a problem-solving posture and attitude. Discipline yourself to think about solutions, not to dwell on the problem.

Better yet, let’s try to anticipate necessity. Take the time to carefully consider what will happen if you neglect your health, your finances, your relationships, etc.

Try to foresee the potential problems and prevent the necessity. And let that “mental necessity” be the mother of “prevention-invention.”

Train your mind to habitually find solutions.


Hey this is Greg Denning with the fable number 20 the crow and the pitcher.

A thirsty crow found a pitcher with some water in it but so little was there that the crow couldn’t reach it with its beak. And it seems that it would have died of thirst and last it hit up with a clever plan. It begun making bubbles into the pitcher, and with each bubble the water arose a little higher until it reaches the bream. NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION.

And we have seen that a lot in our life. When there is a guy who comes to the doctor and the doctor tells him that his heart is really ill and he needs to shape up and then the guy figures out how to change his life. So these times of necessity will snap and come up with great inventions that really make tremendous changes in our lives.

It is not that lack of resources but it is the lack of resourcefulness and necessity will create that.  And there are other levels of necessity. There is fear, there is absolute discuss, and there is also this desire that time when you want something so badly and then that drives you to just get it.

We all need to put necessity in front of us and make moves before it is too late!

Ask yourself constantly, is there a better way? Because this is how you get all these inventions.

You got to make it happen and go for it! Put that emotion back and drive!


Here is a fantastic thing to do. Look back at your life and make a list:


  • I am so grateful that I.. and then finish the sentence.
  • I wish I had… and then finish the sentence.


Let these sentences push you and get perspective and create  that necessity in your mind! You must have excellence. You got to become a fantastic individuale. You got to have wonderful relationships and good health. Put that in your mind and let it push and drive you!

Get your mind going, get that respect.


William Shakespeare says:

” It is not at the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.’’

A German said: 

“Everyone is the architect  of his own fortune’’


Have great experiences and learn from them and really feed your mind and soul with great ideas and figure out how people did it.

Get the ideas and list them down and force yourself to write and make it happen. And the time when you are about to give up, that is when the idea will come!

We have got to get so motivated to find a way to create the life we want. Ask God to help you figure out that! And you decide with determination to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

This is one of my stories that I feel that it might help and inspire you somehow.

At the end of October 2010, we were in a pretty serious car accident and it was a bless that we didn’t lose any of our kids that night but it was a wakeup call!


I try to live on purpose every day. I try to value my family every day.

Creating that necessity have absolute excellence in your life!

REACH UPWARD and be creative, let those necessities and priorities become the mother of invention. So that we can create the life that we are born to live.

These great principles only work if you apply them!

Check back regularly!

And remember,



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You Can Do More in This 90 Day Challenge Than Most People Do In a Lifetime. SAP 003

The Ultimate 90 Day Challenge




Transcript begins

Today is the first day of a new quarter.  March is over.  January and February are already long gone.  It’s pretty sobering to think that those days are not coming back.  Whether you took advantage of them or wasted them… they’re gone.

The first quarter of the year is over; I hope it was good to you.  I hope you accomplished some big goals and hit some of your New Years’ Resolutions.  Statistically, most people have completely stopped working on them and probably don’t even remember them by now.

But the great news is that today marks the beginning of another quarter.  A chance to start anew.  Life is flying by.  This quarter and this year will be over before we know it.

But TODAY you have the chance to make these next 90 days special.

Most people don’t accomplish very much.  What they actually produce during their lifetime usually isn’t very significant.  It’s so easy to get in a rut and stay there for years, even decades.

People get up and do the same things day after day after unproductive day, with very little variation.

They sleep in as long as they can, they drag their feet during the day, they do as little as they can to get to grade or to keep from getting fired.

Most people spend their lives seeking entertainment and stress relief from work they do not enjoy.

But HIGH ACHIEVERS think differently, act differently and LIVE differently.

If you’ll turn it on and get serious, you can SUPERCHARGE your life with high performance thoughts, actions and habits.  It will require tremendous discipline, deep self mastery and vigorous effort, but you can literally do more in 90 days than most people do in a lifetime.

Many great businesses and great lives were founded in less than 90 days.

“In the first two months of business, Amazon sold to all 50 states and over 45 countries. Within two months, Amazon’s sales were up to $20,000/week.”  You know where they are today.

Do you know why?  Because Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos TOOK ACTION.  He used what he called his “regret minimization framework” to fend off any regrets for not taking advantage of opportunities.  He quit his job, moved to Seattle, and started his business in his garage.

What can you accomplish in the next 90 days?

You could get a new job… one you actually love.  Many people have stayed in a career or a field they disliked for their whole working lives; up to 45 years.  I met a couple one time who had been retired for years, and still literally wept with regret as they told me that they had always planned on pursuing their dreams, but never got around to it.  He worked at the mine for 41 years, and when he retired, his health was too poor for them to pursue their goals.

You could move to a new place.  How many people spend their lives in a place that was chosen for them, by ancestors or employers?  Decide where YOU want to live, and figure out a way to move there.

You could seek, and find God.  You could stop neglecting your spiritual self, and really draw closer to the Lord.  Then make eternal commitments and covenants with Him that will alter the course of you life.

You could create a product, or start a new business.  I know of multimillion dollar products that were born and raised in less than 90 days.

You could train for and compete in a marathon or ultra marathon.  Maybe a triathlon or a long bike race.

You could take the next 90 days off and go explore Asia, Africa or South America.  I know loads of people who are so grateful they decided to take a trip like that.  You could set everything aside and go wonder the earth for a while.  Could that help you grow as a person?

In 90 days you can write that book you have been thinking about writing for years.  How many people have wanted to write a book, talked about writing a book, even started writing a book, but never ‘got around to finishing it.’

There are many books that have sold millions of copies over the years, that were written in less than 90 days.

Louis L’Amour wrote 126 books.  That’s a literary empire.  And he knew his stuff.  He was so well read in history and literature.  And he had gone out and experienced first hand so many of the places and stories he wrote about.

Just for fun, let’s say that he wrote a book every 90 days.  3 months x 126 books = 378 months.  Divide that by 12 months and you get 31.5 years.


John C. Maxwell, known by many as the leadership expert has written over 60 books and sold over 19 million copies world wide.  Discipline.  Hard work.  Focus.  Dedication.

Great people accomplish great things by seriously going after it with bursts of energy and effort over a lifetime.  They make a consistent habit of taking action in a great way.  I would say that high achievers are more like life-long sprinters, than endurance runners.  They work vigorously on their goals for a few hours each day.

Writing one or two thousand words a day for years, will be far more effective, most of the time, than trying to write 20,000 words over a weekend every once in a while.

One highly successful business man who’s created more than 10 businesses that did over a million dollars each; 4 of them doing over 10 million and one of them over 50 million; recently said that there are only two things that high performers ought to be doing.

1- Work vigorously on your highest value tasks.

2- Relaxing.  Not just doing nothing, but doing the things that rejuvenate you and inspire you.

Everything else, in his opinion, should be outsourced.  He has accomplished some amazing things.  I would think we ought to carefully consider his opinion.

So get up every morning and sprint!

Do it for the next 90 days and you will be shocked at what you can accomplish.  Make a habit of these 90 day bursts, and you will create a life time of unbelievable accomplishments.

You can lose the twenty pounds that you’ve been talking about losing for years.  Seriously, do it.  No more talk, just results.  I want you to imagine how your life will be better once you drop those 20-30 extra pounds you’ve been packing around… and you do it in just 90 days.

In the next 90 days you could reinvent yourself.  You could rewrite your agreement with reality and with life.

You have to power to take your current relationships or start new ones and make them into world class relationships.  In less than three months you could take your marriage from a 5, 6, or 7 up to a 9 or 10.

In the next 90 days you could become a new you!!!

You’ve probably heard me talk about my story, but I grew up in a broken home and was out on my own at an early age.

Honestly, my life sucked!  I had to make some serious decisions.  I’ve had to alter my life.  And it had to be self-made because I was left on own to figure things out. There were very wonderful people along the way who offered a helping hand.  And of course, God helped me.  He has shaped and molded me.  But He left it in my hands to do the work to overcome weakness, outgrow challenges and transform myself.

No more poor health.

No more temper.

No more timidity or insecurity.

No more depression or desperation.

No more frustrating, contentious, roller coaster relationships.

I had to fight off my fears and doubts.  I was determined to become the kind of person that would achieve greatness, and I am still going after it.  I’m definitely not there yet, if getting ‘there’ is even possible.  I believe that a person should be striving for greatness everyday until they leave this wonderful place called earth.

You can break a bad habit or addiction by replacing it with a great habit and new lifestyle.  Someone said that it takes 30 days to start a new habit and 90 days to start a new lifestyle.

You could even change your personality, giving up an undesirable personal flaw and adding a new desirable characteristic.

This is one of the most powerful ideas I’ve ever come across.  You can literally transform your life and change the ultimate outcome of your future in just 90 days.

YOU CAN DO THIS!  You can recreate your life, to whatever you want it to be.  And I sincerely want to help you do it.  It’s always easier to grow if we have a trainer.

This is why, after years and years of studying and speaking, or teaching and mentoring, and working with so many people in several different nations, I’ve created an intensive, high performance training called 5 Fundamental Factors for a FANTASTIC LIFE.  Those fundamental factors are FAMILY, FITNESS, FUTURE, FREEDOM AND FAITH.

This is just pure, high performance, awesome-sauce training to help you maximize your potential, dramatically take each of these crucial areas of life to the next level and totally supercharge your life.  I teach you the specific steps and strategies, the proven principles and practices that the most successful people have used throughout history to build truly happy lives on the foundation of these 5 fundamentals.

This may not be what you are looking for, or it may not be the right time, but if this is something you think would add tremendous value to your life, then I encourage you to visit the home page at and enter your name and email so I can send you free, high performance trainings and let you know when we start the 5 Fundamentals training.

For those of you who are ready to ROCK IT, I also offer two different 90 day coaching packages; one is really hands on and the other is more of a do-it-yourself program.  Shoot me a message if your are ready to get after it!

I’m not trying to be a salesman here, I just want to offer real value to those of you are ready to make some serious changes and understand the value of having a personal trainer to do it.

This 90 day challenge is so mind boggling and exciting.  You have the chance to change.  You can remodel your marriage.  Renew your relationship with your children.  Reconstruct any broken aspects of your life.

In 90 days you could really dig in with diligence and learn a new skill or trade.  Think about that!  In 90 days you could obtain the knowledge and abilities to revolutionize your own future.  I know a lot of people who have.

My friend Michelle, for example was doing very well running her businesses in Great Britain.  She was living what many would call the dream life.  She had all the nice things, a great income and a growing business, but she wanted to live a different lifestyle.

So she got rid of everything and moved to Egypt.  She didn’t know what she was going to do, but she was determined to succeed.  She went after it, just like we’re talking about with these 90 day bursts.  She taught herself all kinds of new skills and built herself a virtual assistant lifestyle that now earns her more than $30,000 per month and allows her to travel around the world with her husband and children.  And now she trains people just like you to do what she did.  (Click here if you are interested.)

Here’s what I challenge you to do.  Share this podcast with others and encourage them to start this 90 day challenge with you.  Then, in the comment section below, please tell me what you are going to do in the next 90 days to SUPERCHARGE YOUR LIFE.

And last, make this commitment!

The next 90 days will change the rest of my life!!!

Do it!