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What is My Purpose? Discover Your Passion And Purpose In Life

What you are about to listen to is a recording of Mohamed Tohami’s P.A.S. Technique for
finding your life’s purpose. He did this with one our MasterMind groups and the results were fantastic. 
You’re going to love it! How exciting!

“What is my purpose?”  You’re only one hour away from discovering your life’s purpose.



You will need to use this PDF during the course.

Here’s to discovering and living your life’s purpose!


Here’s the transcription:

Greg: Today, we have a great speaker and a friend as well, Mohammed Tohami. He is a best-selling author and the author of the “P.A.S techniques”. Which is the easiest way to find purpose in life. He is known with his series of interviews of successful people.

PS: He has recorded over  150 interviews.

I am so excited to have him here. Well, I already know what is my purpose but I am so excited because I know that there is more.

So let’s get started and let Mr. Tohami expand and explore. So go ahead Tohami it is all yours.

Mohamed Tohami

Tohami: Thank you so much Greg, I am so excited to be with you today. Just for your information, here in Egypt is 4:00 Am and I have just woke up and it is so good to coach at this time. I just want to know if you all have the P.A.S Techniques exercise sheet. So let me give you a foundation about what is the P.A.S Techniques. P.A.S is an acronym, P stands for Passion, A for Advantage and S for Solution. And I consider those three are the purposes of living. Each sheet that you have has one of these and we are going to cover it so that at the end we will have a very clear and concise purpose. Are you excited about this?

Greg: Yes!

Rachel: Yeah!

Tohami: So let’s start with the first sheet which is Passion. The first small exercise that you are going to do is that I want you to mark all the feelings of interest to you. And you have five minutes to do so. Okay?

Greg: Go ahead and pose the podcast and take your time.

Tohami: The five minutes are over so are you all done?

Rachel: Yes.

Tohami: So the next thing we are going to do is a little interesting game. I want you to imagine that the items you have chosen are in the form of a list. For example, let’s say that you are interested in cooking, traveling, history… etc. So you are going to compare cooking with travel, which one you like and you are passionate about more? So when it is travel, then travel wins and cooking loses. Then take travel and compare it with history, the one which stays wins. So based on this game, you will find out what is your great purpose that you cannot live without.

Now, prepare your list of the things that you like most then compare one item with the other and define which one wins and which one loses. At the end, you’ll come up with one dominant passion.

Rachel: Okay.

Tohami: This doesn’t mean that you have to neglect all the other secondary passions from your life, it is just that you will be focusing on the dominant passion that will lead your life and the other passions with it as well.

So take your five minutes to complete this game.

Greg: I think what makes it so difficult for us to define a passion is that we have so many interests and so many likes.

Rachel: Here’s my list: writing, personal transformation, dreams, and travel.

Tohami: So we have personal transformation and dreams which we find that they are very much related. Therefore, you are left with writing and travel. So let me ask you. Would you like to have a business about writing and write about traveling, self-transformation and everything else you want, or would you like to travel the world and write about your traveling experience and how you see people transform their lives from culture to culture?

Rachel: I pick writing!

Greg: Oh! That’s big.

Tohami: If you are able now to define your dominant passion, we are ready to move on to the advantage part of the game. As you can see in the PDF sheet, you will find fields of interest, just mark the things that you are good at. Except the green box. And of course, if you are good at other things that are not listed here, feel free to add them as well. So take three minutes to complete this one.

We are done with the three minutes guys. And here comes the interesting part. In the green box, I claim, based on 9 years of purpose life changing experience, that anyone can have one dominant advantage in one of five areas (These areas are represented on the green box). So let me explain what each area means so that you can pick up your dominant advantage.

  • Gathering and sharing information: anything that is related information comes under this category.

  • Creativity and imagination: anything that is related to visualization comes under this category.

  • People: the ability to work in teams or to work with new people and strangers. And the ability to understand people and gain their trust.

  • Tangibles: the ability to work with your hands and create things. Basically, anything that you like to do with your own hands.

  • Implementation: the knowledge of implementing things and getting them done.

Of course, you might be good at more than one of them, but we are again looking for the dominant advantage. And you can find it easily by doing one of two things. You can either look at the item that you have chosen in the first exercise and just classify them as you see relevant and then count. The one that has more advantages will automatically be your dominant advantage. The second way is to look at the items that you have marked and see what’s the average and define the dominant advantage that can embrace most of them.

Take a couple of minutes to decide what’s your dominant advantage.

Rachel: I can’t decide which one I’ll pick actually!

Greg: This is awesome! I like seeing this big picture of all the things I like. I love taking the whole picture of what I like and of who I am.

Rachel: So, what did you pick?

Greg: Gathering and sharing information.

Rachel: No wrong! It must be people.

Tohami: Mine was gathering and sharing information too. Although people who know me said that I am good at people but for me, I inspire and move people by the information I already have. That’s why I totally understand why Greg chose gathering and sharing information.

Greg: I love to meet strangers and talk to people but behind it as I looked at all the things I selected, I found that I am so passioned about learning about them and sharing with them what I learned.

Rachel: Yeah! I think your ability to motivate and inspire comes from all the gathering of information you’ve done for so long.

Tohami: Are you all done? If you are, please share with us.

Rachel: Gathering and sharing information.

Woman 1: Mine is definitely people.

Man: Mine is implementation.

Woman 2: I will say creativity and imagination.

Rachel: For me, what helped me decide, even though I like photography and blogging, but to me, it’s less creative than it is actually gathering things and then sharing them.

Tohami: Okay, now let’s move to the final part. It is the easiest one and it is dynamic as well, which means that it can change over time.

Now, you will find items in the white boxes which present ways of delivering solutions. So by dynamic, I mean that the way you deliver a solution can change but still doesn’t do any damage. So pick one thing that you see relevant for you.

Greg: For me, I am going to go with inspire, motivate and counsel.

Tohami: So let’s move to the other boxes, the orange ones which represent the circle of influence. Because to live on purpose you don’t have necessary to change the world. So you are the one who can determine your desire of influence. Would you like to impact a close or a wide circle? The choice is yours. And again it’s dynamic which means that it can start small and then go big and bigger. So just pick one now that you like to have your impact on and then in the future you may want to upgrade it.

Finally, we will come to the most interesting part. From my experience, I claim that we have four solutions that we can deliver to people. These four solutions are represented in the green box.

  • Live better: which is anything related to the quality of life.

  • Connect better: anything that is related to relationships.

  • Perform better: anything related to performing a task in an easier faster way.

  • Be better: how to become a better version of yourself.

So choose between these four solutions where would you fit most. Here’s the question: in which category you want your problems to be solved?

Tohami: Next, you will use this statement to define your purpose in life.


Greg: my purpose in life is to use my gathering and sharing information advantage driven by my passion for personal transformation to help a wide circle of people be better.

Tohami: Awesome!

Man: My purpose in life is to use my implementation advantage driven by my passion for web development to help a close circle of people live better.

Woman 1: My purpose in life is to use my people advantage driven by my passion for cooking to help a wide circle of people live better.

Tohami: My purpose in life is to use my gathering and sharing information advantage driven my passion for success and motivation to help an open circle of people be better.

Greg: Just out of curiosity, how do you define an open circle?

Tohami: That’s the whole world.

I think we are done at the moment and I am so glad to be with you today and I hope that you find this technique useful.

Greg: Thank you so much this was awesome.

Rachel: Yes, very helpful and very concrete.

Tohami: Thank you so much I am so glad to hear that.


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SAP 002 M.A.T.A. Massive Action Toward Achievement–Start Getting It Done

Stayin Alive Podcast




M.A.T.A.  Massive Action Toward Achievement

How to get more done in less time

Have you ever been really frustrated with yourself for not doing what you know you should be doing?  Maybe with eating or exercise?  With work or business? Perhaps with your relationships?  Maybe even with your spiritual life?

There are some people who are just talkers.  They are always talking about what they’re going to do  I honestly don’t think they are lying, but they just don’t actually ever get it done.

My Story

I know I’ve done this before in my life.  I’ve had ideas–life changing ideas– I write them down, tell my friends and family, get all pumped, work on them for a few days or weeks and then…

Successful people face these same challenges but they think and act differently.  That is what separates them.  Not that they don’t face the same temptations or obstacles, but that they have a discipline and a plan in place to DO IT ANYWAY!

Power words, acronyms

M.A.T.A.   This is high-performance stuff, we are not shooting for mediocrity so we can sit around and pat each other on back and celebrate our mediocrity like we see so commonly in our society now.

Oh no!

This will seriously SUPERCHARGE your life.  Implement it with each important role you fill.  Spouse, parent, leader, philanthropist, contributor, entrepreneur.

This will be an honest call to action.  Not common sense, but common practice.

What are you producing?  Seriously.  I don’t want lip service.  Show me results.  What have you done with the last 90 days, the last year, the last 5 years?  What do you have to show for it?

We often use excuses, justification, rationalization.  ‘Life gets in the way.’  I’m very busy with…

Always talking about what they’re working on but never get results; never actually ship it out the door.

Some are waiting for perfection, constantly reworking and reworking, and never deliver the goods.  I did this for years.  I read and wrote and talked about living my purpose, but did it on such a small scale that it was hardly noticeable.  I kept telling myself that I’m spending so much time with family and putting them first, so I don’t have time to actually deliver.  It was pure hogwash.  I can do both.

Steps and Strategies

Work in 50/10s, but it must be completely uninterrupted work time.  Nothing that beeps, alerts, or distracts.  No phone, no email, no social media, and no coworkers.  This must be focused time.  Know beforehand what you will be working on and work on it.  Get laser focus beforehand, maybe the night before.  Successful people work from a list, and they prioritize that list and work on the most important things first, not the easy tasks.

You will want to make this a habit in your life that becomes automatic.  The first couple weeks will require tremendous discipline, but after that, it will come more naturally and easily.  Do the morning routine in How To Totally Transform… Before Breakfast.

I’ve been doing this for 17 YEARS.

Then I would say that you can take the first two hours and just plow through uninterrupted.  You’ll get more important work done in those two hours than most people get done in a day or two.  These two hours should be dedicated to producing your best stuff, in whatever you are working on.

Do the 50/10 for the rest of the work day, but the first two you can crank out your best stuff.  Again, highest priority tasks only, during those first two hours.

A word on breakfast.

If you fill your tank with garbage, it’s going to slow you down and those two hours will feel groggy.  Same if you don’t get in a little exercise.

“Yeah, but that means I would have to get up so early in order to do the morning routine and start my day right; and no more stops at the fast food joint for a McCrap breakfast, no more donut shop stops.”

Yep.  What would you rather have?

If you really want to transform your life, you’ve got to make some serious changes.  Massive action=massive results.

Would you rather sleep in and eat junk and keep getting the same results, or actually start getting the results you’ve been dreaming about and talking about for years?

I know a guy who gets up at 3 or 4 am to train for an Ironman and do his morning routine, then he gets in his private jet and flies to work.  Very successful businessman.  Not surprisingly, he’s also a spiritual leader.

People who discipline themselves to get done what needs to get done quickly become highly developed people in multiple areas of life.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to spend even more time away from your family.  It will hopefully equate to the opposite because you’ll really work while you are working and get it done in less time.

MATA formula will also work in your family too, not in a weird way, but you’ll focus on family time as well.  Make sure your time with family is quality time, high-quality time.  Not just in the room together, totally disconnected, and count that as time with family.  Nor sitting there watching your big screen junk box together.  Be very clear about the long term results you want with your family and take Massive Action Toward Achievement.  Plan and execute meaningful service with your spouse and children.  Plan and execute rich study sessions together.  One big difference maker for many families is to direct meal time conversations toward great and important topics.

Small minds talk about people, mediocre minds discuss events, but great minds discuss ideas.

Intentionally do that at meal times.  Try it.  Be deliberate, tactful, and you’ll start seeing some really cool results in your marriage and in your children.  Get yourself a copy of the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy and start learning and discussing what’s in there.

I challenge you to take action right now.  Make a list of your most important tasks, set up your workspace to be efficient and effective, and begin taking Massive Action Toward Achievement (MATA) today.

For those of you who are serious and ready to take it to the next level, having a trainer to help you design this plan of action and hold you accountable will be a tremendous help.  If you’re interested, I offer several mentoring packages and I guarantee I will help you get results if you are willing to act.

But even if you aren’t ready to do this, at least enter your name and email on the home page and let me send you regular tips, techniques, and high-performance training to supercharge your life.



Will You Be Great? The Journey Toward Greatness. SAP 001

Stayin Alive Podcast

Will you be great?



What has happened to the pursuit of excellence?!!!

I read a book a while ago that has become one of my all time favorites.  It’s called the Walking DrumI highly recommend it. 

In it, the main character is dealt a tough hand in life, and instead of playing the victim and acquiescing to circumstance, he decides to go for greatness with some vigor.  He seeks out the very best.  He has an insatiable love of learning and pursues it intensely.  He becomes a great fighter and a great scholar.  His drive for greatness is so inspiring.

What has happened to the pursuit of excellence?!!!

Read the lives of the founding fathers and great men and women.  Their quest for excellence is so inspiring.  Our day is different; with even more knowledge, information, and understanding; with easily accessible learning literally available in our pockets, with a life-time of education literally at our fingertips… ignorance is increasing.

It has become a pursuit of video games, porn, mindless, dramatic entertainment, and the celebration of mediocrity.

Where are the individuals and families who hold themselves to very high standards of excellence and WILL NOT tolerate mediocrity and loathsomeness in their lives?!

There are many, but we need MORE.

What do your actions and use of time reveal about you?

Are you dedicated to a life of God, family, and service?  A life that is meaningful and actually makes a difference?

Are you focused on living a life on purpose?  A real, excellent purpose!  Far beyond, eating, drinking and entertainment!  A life that is NOT dominated by tv, video games, social networking, happy hour, or other mindless stupors!

Bread and circuses.”  Learn about it!

Where are your goals and dreams of accomplishing great things?  Where is your ambition to become a person of influence and make this world a better place?  Why have you settled for less?  Why is your personal standard lower than it should be?

Turn off the tv and the video games!

It’s really not that hard to get ahead in your field of choice because most people don’t read or study.

Stopping seeking happy hour and start seeking happiness, the true kind that comes only from incredible family relationships, a close relationship with God, and serving the poor and needy!

What has happened to the pursuit of great health?

What has happened to the desire to be married and have a family?  Has selfishness taken reign entirely?

Has fear become the dominant deciding factor in your life?

Where is the burning desire for greatness?!!!  Where?!

Where is the commitment to end poverty, ignorance, prejudice, prostitution and human trafficking?

Come on people.  Light yourselves on fire with a noble purpose and passion and people will watch you burn.  And they will be warmed and inspired by your vision and drive and they will be able to see more clearly by the light that is shining from your mission and accomplishments.

The world needs you to transcend mediocrity and become a hero!  Do it now!

The goal isn’t to set yourself up as a light.  But you won’t be able to hide the light that will shine from you as you work toward some meaningful, significant accomplishment.  Make a difference in the world!




Where Do I Begin? How To Live The Life You Love

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to live a live they love.

In fact, one of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Where do I start?  How do I create a life I love?”

How to live the life you love?  That is the question of questions!

Listen to this audio session to learn how to successfully begin that wonderful process of designing and creating the life you love!



“I am having a difficult time figuring out the direction in my life. I don’t want the 9 to 5 or the many years of college.. I want to do something I truly enjoy. Like you. But I don’t know where to begin. How did you break the chain?”

Let’s be completely honest, Thoreau was right.  “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them.”

 Whatever you do, don’t let that statement describe your life!

Who would honestly want to spend years in quiet desperation, with an occasional burst of happiness and excitement?  Not me.

I’d rather share the music that is inside my soul and spend my ENTIRE life living according to my highest priorities, and doing work that matters and that I enjoy.

The majority of people don’t love their lives, they just accept them.  Most people admit that they don’t really love their jobs, they just get up every day and go to their job because they have to…. for 40 years.

 People dream about being happier, being more fulfilled, being great… but rarely do they make it a reality.


Life Doesn’t Have to Be Like That!

You can do work that you love.  You can live an extraordinary life, filled with enthusiasm, fulfillment and peace.

Be advised: it will take work.  You will have to bust your tail to make it happen.  You will have to become a life-long learner, devouring the best books and information available.  You will have to join the quest for excellence and give your very best.  You will have to make sacrifices and pay a price.  And yes, it will be worth it.

There will probably be times when you are broke, when you have to take odd jobs to cover your bills.  There may be things you have to go without while you are creating your ideal family lifestyle.

But if you truly long to live a life that most people can’t, you must be willing to pay the price that most people won’t.

Let me clarify before you begin to think that I am suggesting that you sacrifice your family, your faith and your fitness on the altar of the almighty dollar.  I am NOT suggesting that at all.  Many have done that, to their deepest remorse and regret.  Laying the most important things aside in order to make fortunes is most certainly not what I am talking about.  Those stories almost always end in tragedy, like Larry H Miller.  Read his autobiography, Driven.

No, the price tag that I am talking about–the one I have paid in my own life, and the one I’ve seen many other people pay to design and create fantastic lives–does not sacrifice the most important things in life in exchange for money and honors.  No, it does the opposite.  It requires the protection of those most precious things and the sacrifice of the unessential.

You have to sacrifice social conditioning and conventional thinking.  You have to be willing to dance to the beat of music within you.  You have to handle the ridicule and the scorn.  You have to believe in your dream when few others will.  You have to fall on your face, probably more than once, and then deal with the “I told you so” that follows.

You have to throw away your television,  take a solemn vow to not listen to the radio anymore and instead turn it into an audio university, only listening to the best audio books and programs available.  You have buy great books first, and then buy groceries.

You will want to sell all your crap, because you will come to understand the burden of possession, realizing that everything you own takes up thought, time, energy, effort, space or money.  You’ll want to become a prioritized minimalist, only purchasing and owning the things that will add real value to your life.  The rest of it goes.

You have to commit to using all your time very wisely and stop wasting it on anyone or anything that isn’t on the path to greatness.  You have to learn to say NO.  No to the people and practices that suck time out of your life.  No to killing time idly surfing the internet, texting endlessly and updating your social media feeds.  You will likely have to end some friendships, because who you associate with does influence the outcome of your life.

While others sleep, you will study.  While others eat, you will practice.  While others are out seeking entertainment and stress relief from a life they don’t love, you will be working vigorously to build a life you love.

You’ll get your body out of bed early in morning to study and exercise; really early because you still want to spend quality time with God and with your spouse and children.

There are only so many minutes in a 24 hour day.  If one priority gets added, another one naturally gets removed.  That’s the law of time.  Where most people go wrong is by removing the wrong things.  They stop exercising and start eating fast food, and they pay for later in life.  They neglect their relationship with God and feel the void that leaves behind.  And they spend more time with bosses and coworkers than they do with their family.  They make time for ‘happy hour’ at the local bar and of course for their favorite TV series or sports games–they’ll never miss those.

Don’t do it.  Keep first things first.  Sacrifice the fluff first!

 So Where Do You Start?

We just covered the basic life philosophy that will be a measuring device for your decisions and actions.  Now you need to get the vision.  You cannot hit a target that you cannot see.

What does your ideal family lifestyle look like?  What are you doing to really live, not merely exist? You have to see it and feel it.  The greatest sculptors can see what they are carving out of the raw stone.  Become the sculptor of your life.

  • What are you relationships like?  Do you love like you should?
  • What do you do with your time?  How you spend your days is how you spend your life.
  • What kind of shape are you in?  No matter what else you have in life, you cannot enjoy it if you do not have great health.

What kind of work do you do?  Is it meaningful?  Does it matter? Do you get up everyday excited to do it?  Is it fulfilling to you?  Is it utilizing your God-given talents and gifts?

What are your gifts and talents?  What are you passionate about?  In what field would you love to be GREAT?  What service, knowledge or advice do people come to you for?  What do you love to do so much that you could do it all the time?  What is it that just lights your fire when you’re doing it?  For me it is speaking and teaching; helping others in their quest for excellence.  That just lights me up.  I love it!  I truly feel like that is my mission; it is the song I was born to sing.  What is yours?

You have to clearly answer each of those questions in writing.  Spend some time in thought and prayer.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Ask God to guide your life.  I believe He has a specific plan for each of us.

Write it all down in detail so that you have absolute clarity about your vision.

Each of those questions and elements are critically important.  I’m creating a 5 week training program around them entitled, The Five Fundamental Factors For a Fantastic Life.

The five factors are: Fitness, Family, Future(education and skills), Funding, and Fun.  Each week we dive deep into the why and the how of each one.  I just can’t emphasize enough how important each of those are.  Make sure you are excelling in every one of them.

The Next Step is That You Have to Want It Enough to Get It.

You remember the story when the young man went to see Socrates and said he wanted wisdom.  Socrates took him out into the ocean.  Then he grabbed the young man and held his head under the water, long enough for him to really struggle.  When he finally let him up, the young man came out gasping for air.  Socrates asked him what he wanted more than anything else.  He wanted to breathe!!!  He wasn’t under the water wondering if he’d gotten any emails or texts.  He wasn’t thinking about updating his twitter feed about his meeting with Socrates.  He wasn’t thinking about the party this weekend.  He wanted to breathe!!!  The wise leader taught him that when he wanted wisdom as desperately and as intensely as he wanted to breathe, then he would have it.

The same holds true for me and for you.  When we want our vision so intensely that we are no longer distracted by trivialities, that we no longer use the lame excuse that ‘life gets in the way’, that we no longer blame others, or our past, or our circumstances, then we will pay the price and achieve what we desire.

And don’t be surprised when you knock on the door of opportunity and Work answers the door.  Opportunity is always dressed in work clothes.  She has her boots on and she’s ready get it done.

Get that level of desire.  Get it until it burns in your bones.  Get it until you eat, drink and sleep it.  Let that vision permeate every cell of your body.  Then get to work.

Write Out a Clear Plan of Action.

In your mind, jump ahead 5 years and see your life.  Then work backwards from that point and identify each of the mile posts along the way.  What will you have to accomplish to have reached each one?  Be very clear and very specific.  Continue working backward until you reach today.  What will you do today to start moving toward your goals?

Make sure your plan has prioritized, actionable steps that you can work on everyday.  Now work on something each day.

One of the biggest inhibitors to success is that people don’t work one their goals each day.  They think about it, they talk about it, they plan on it, but they don’t actually do it.  So weeks pass, then months, then years pass and they have that sad realization that they could have achieved their dreams if they had just worked towards it each day.

So you could break down your plan something like this: 3 five-year goals,  3 one-year goals, 3 monthly goals and 3 specific goals for today.  Breaking it down like that keeps it simplified and forces you to prioritize.

For example, today’s goals could be to choose a business name, sign up for web hosting and buy a domain name.  This month’s goals could be to have a logo designed, have the website designed, and write all the needed content.

Visualize, prioritize, plan and do.

Life is what you make it.  Make it AWESOME.

Please share this with your friends and family who want and need to live a more meaningful life.  Let’s work together to help people be happier!

Please share you comments and questions below.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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