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How To Be Grateful Even When Times Are Tough

Being grateful is the most powerful force in the world.

But sometimes giving thanks is difficult when life is tough.

I have a special habit that keeps things in perspective.




Here is some of what’s in the recording.

I believe that deep, sincere gratitude is one of the greatest driving forces in the world. Think about it.

  • If you are truly and intensely grateful for your spouse, what are you going to do?
  • If your heart is full of thanksgiving for God’s blessings, how will you respond?
  • How will you care for your body, if your soul is filled with gratitude for it?

Always focus on gratitude. Develop the life long habit. It will literally alter your life.

So how do we do it? Especially if life is a little, or a lot, tough right now?


Always count your blessings. Robinson Crusoe learned that the only value in ever comparing down is to fill your heart with gratitude. Honestly, as bad as it gets sometimes, there others, probably many, many others who have it much worse off. There is always something to be grateful for.

Maybe you could pick some go-to perspectives. I have done this for years and it has helped me maintain perspective in tough times. It works well to choose examples of situations and people who have really touched you; things that really affected you when you learned about them.

Whenever I feel like complaining about discomfort, I think of others whose living conditions are deplorable. I’ve been in the shacks of some of the poorest people in the world. I’ve never lived like that and I count many blessings. I was really affected, and still am, by the history of slave trade and the suffering they experienced in tiny cells for months at sea. How could I ever complain about being uncomfortable. I don’t even know discomfort. Hunger? Thirst? Many are the stories of good people who have starved for long periods. I often think of pioneers, refugees, or holocaust prisoners.

How about handicaps perspective. Have you thanked God recently for your eyesight, your ability to hear, how about taste? To turn your head? The leprosy affected people in India really helped me feel deep gratitude for my health.

When my children are ill, or perhaps testing my patience, I often remember a very sacred experience I once had at a child’s funeral.

These memories have helped me maintain perspective, and perspective has helped me count my blessings.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Discipline yourself to focus on the good in your life. All too common is the ugly and destructive habit of focusing on what we lack. Let your heart and mind dwell on all the wonderful things that you have in life.



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Knowledge is power! How To Live Life On Your Terms

Hey guys, Greg Denning here!

Knowledge is power, TRULY!

What you know will make you. What you don’t know will hurt you.

If you long for a more fulfilling life, LEARN!

See what knowledge did for this family!

Knowledge and freedom from Rachel Denning on Vimeo.

Ignorance Is Expensive

Recently, I had an experience with a guy who is doing some amazing things and business. He has a completely located independent business and  has been to 32 countries with his family.

Talking to him, I realized that it is his knowledge and what he knows that gives him power!

Ignorance is really expensive than knowledge! Do you think learning and education are expensive? Try ignorance then! Because what we don’t know will hurt us. The books we don’t read can’t help us.

I highly encourage you to spend time studying and learning. Learn from the leaders and  from the experts. If you want lifestyle design, study it and learn it.

What we don’t know will hurt us.

We need to be learning, studying, moving forward, reaching upward and make a habit of real study.

Leaders Are Readers

bookLeaders hardly know that there is never a graduation from education. They recognize they are ignorant in many ways but they keep studying and trying to find the answers and trying to take it to the next level.

I highly want you to always ask yourself,

  • Is there a better way?
  • What should you read?
  • How much should you read?

Just knowing how to read the letters doesn’t mean that we really know how to read a book and get out of it what’s meant to be received.

A good reading habit will take you to the sky! There’s nothing will stop you but your own  ignorance.

From now on, develop the habit of lifelong learning. Never stop learning!

Admit and recognize your own ignorance in so many fields and just go after it!

Find the answers and pay the price!



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Look Up And Live

Good morning,sun

good afternoon,

good night,

whatever it is, it’s GOOD!

There are so many things that have to be done. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking.  Meetings, work, errands.  It never ends. That’s why it’s so easy to put your head down and just march onward.

But we have to stop ourselves and look up!

Make sure that during the routine of life you take time to look up and see all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Take time out to create memories with family and friends, and love them.

Look up and see all the opportunities to make a difference and then do something.

Look up and behold the incredible creations of God, and thank Him for them.

(Recorded while living in the Caribbean a few years ago.)


[powerpress]  audio:]



bikeI wanted to share some thoughts today. I absolutely love hiking, walking and spending time in the mountains and in God’s creations.  And if you’ve ever read anything that I write, you know that I love getting out and seeing God’s creations and enjoying getting away from men’s creations.

But I noticed something. While hiking in the trials, I used to keep my head down and speed up a little bit. But wait a minute,I haven’t seen anything! I have had my head down the whole time and I missed what I actually wanted to see! For me, I like to go to the mountains to see God’s creations, but if I get my head down, I miss out on a lot of experiences.

When I realized it finally and looked up, I saw an amazing surrounding! I got to stop and take this for granted.nat

For me, I love to keep my head up and look at things and appreciate them.

I can go out every morning and peacefully walk around and be inspired by the beauty that I see, hear and feel.

What a great lesson I learned that day ! To keep your head up.

How often do we get going in life and our heads are drop down and we just go to work?

By putting our heads down, we miss some of the beauty and the wonders of life. We have got to keep our heads up!

Someone said:

“Who is so cut up in getting it done, that they missed out on the joy of actually doing it.”

So, just stop, pick up your head, look up and live!

 Lift up your head and find the joy in the doing and not so much in the getting it done.

Find joy and gratitude all around you.

Look up and find joys and creations,

look  up in the sky, the rains, the clouds, the seasons and live,

get your head off the path,

and look up and live!

In everything you are doing, take that effort to raise your head, where you have a  better perspective, and live your life.

Open your eyes, lift up your head, look up and live! And life will be so much more enjoyable!

Ironically often, as we look up and live, we actually see things that help us get the job done faster, more effective and even better than we could have done it if we just kept our head down.

☛Look up and find that inspiration!

☛Look up and find those other paths!

☛Look up and enjoy the doing and not so much in the getting it done.



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