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Building Self Confidence


Do you believe that? Well, it’s true and you are the first person that must believe it.

Your level of confidence affects everything else you do!

That’s true in school, sports, relationships or work.

Building self confidence will improve every area of your life!

The higher your self confidence, the better your results, period. Plus, you’ll obviously feel better about yourself and enjoy life more.

So how do you develop a healthy feeling of self confidence?

Listen Now.


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Hey this is Greg Denning, and this session is about building self-confidence.

You are awesome, fantastic and fabulous! But you know what? You’ve got to feel that way!

We all struggle sometimes with the lack of confidence and security. But when we feel that way, are we on the top of our game? Are we playing our best? Question yourself a bit.

In order to overcome that lack of confidence, we’ve got to discipline our thoughts and stay on the top of the game.

YOU ARE AWESOME! Don’t ever forget that.

So let’s look at the keys to building confidence and remembering who we really are. And that’s actually step number 1.

#1 Remember Really Who You Are

You came to this world as William Wordsworth said

“Trailing clouds of glory. You are a precious and a wonderful child of a loving father in heaven.”

You are a divine being! You have infinite potential and goodness inside you. God created you with a grand purpose in mind. Whatever your circumstances, you can know that he loves you and will bless you with all the righteous desires of your heart.

It is crucial to understand and always remember that you are unique, special and that you have something special to offer the world that only you can give it. Yes, YOU! So get the negative thoughts out of your mind.

#2 Live Independent of the Opinions of the Others

Far too often in life my friends, we think and act according to what we presume others think. And that’s a sad way to live! Often, we are even mistaking of what we assume others are thinking. But mistaking or not, making decisions based on the opinions of others is a poor way to live life.

Make absolutely sure that you are living your life on purpose and that you are doing the things you were born to do. Seek God’s blessing and approval and live confidently with that. Do not allow yourself to give too much importance to what other people think.  Discipline yourself to live independently of the opinions of others.

#3 Disciplined Detachment

Detach yourself from the crap. I know that sometimes it is so hard to detach, yet, despite the difficulty we’ve got to let go of things that are hurting us or holding us back.

We have to detach from other people’s garbage and let others own their own rude comments and opinions.

Likewise, we need to detach from the social ‘peacocking’ that really distorts what’s truly important in  life. You know what! Looking like somebody else is not important, being your very best self is. So detach yourself from the peacocking that’s going on.

Another thing we’ve got to detach from is the past. We’ve got to detach from the past and from our mistakes. Don’t try to live in the past! If you are trying to walk forward down the difficult path of life while you are looking backward, you will surely stumble.

Detach from the past, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Because life stinks when we carry around our all baggage.

Don’t chain yourself with the ‘old you’ and drag it around like a dead body for years! But instead, learn from it and move forward!

Do everything you can to fix your mistakes, learn from them and then move forward to become a better and a wiser person.

Keep your eyes, your thoughts and your actions on your goals and your dreams.

#4 Endophasia

Endophasia is self talk, it’s this dialogue that we all have. And inside our minds, there is often a negative voice and a positive one. Some people call them the two fighting dogs. And guess who wins? The one that gets fed the most.

Think about that. Do we feed our negative dog or our positive dog?

Remember, input determines output! What you and I put in our minds, is what we will get out in our lives. So we’ve got to feed the right dog.

The mind is so powerful that it can affect our lives dramatically. You and I are, literally, what we think about most of the time. There is a phenomenal book by James Allen called As a Man Thinketh that is absolutely worth reading over and over again.

So we are what we think most of the time, so make sure our thoughts are positive.

So let’s look for positive powerful input in the way we think and in our endophasia.

YOU have a CHOICE! So choose to have a POSITIVE attitude!

#5 Fail Forward

Get a little better every day and fail forward. Yes! We are all going to fail because that’s a part of life. Try new things every time, and when you fail, fail forward. Because you have two choices, you can either fail back and stay down or fail forward and get up again.

Failure is actually a great thing!

Orison Swett Marden said:

“Many a man has finally succeeded only because he has failed after repeated efforts. If he had never met defeat, he would never have known any great victory.”

I believe that to be so true!  

All successful people meet  lots of failures along the way, and that what helps them increase their resourcefulness, their creativity, their discipline and their determination. And they become wiser, better and stronger because of it.

Very often, our confidence will increase as we improve ourselves a little every day. That’s a simple objective, but just be a little better every day.

Remember, like a chain, you are only as strong as your weakest link, so work on that.

YOU are AWESOME! YOU have greatness in you! YOU are so SPECIAL and YOU have something so VALUABLE to give! Having weaknesses does not make you less valuable as a person, but  it certainly affects your results as you move forward to reaching your goals and objectives. So push yourself to overcome your weaknesses.

Next, work towards your strength, find out what you are strong at, what you are good at and focus there. Find out what you’re good at and go for it.

Confidence and competence often go together.

The inability to do something well has nothing to do with your divine heritage. You are still a precious daughter or son of God.

YOU are AWESOME! YES YOU! You have talents, gifts and abilities that no one else does! You have a mission and a purpose in life. There are things that you, and only you, can do that no other person can.

Here’s what Emerson said:

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

Furthermore, you and I are superior to everyone else in some way providing an opportunity to serve and to help others.

I am confident that you have hidden talents and gifts that you have not yet discovered. First, ask God what he would have you do? And what gifts He has given you to make a difference in the world? Second, try new things. Try a whole ray of new activities and you may find that you are naturally gifted in one of them.

So, lets’ review:

  • First step, remember who you are.

  • Second step, live independent of the opinions of others.

  • Third, discipline detachment. Detach from the things that are holding you back.

  • Fourth, Endophasia. Keep your self-talk positive.

  • Fifth, get a little better every day and fail forward.

My friends, YOU are AWESOME!!

“Deep within man, dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.”

YOU are filled with POWER beyond your beliefs!



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