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Are You Insecure? Here’s One Way to Tell

What do you do to get attention?

Is your sense of self worth attached to the opinions of others?

Do you feel insecure?  Do you try to use foolish behavior, your body, or your possessions to get the praise and attention of those around you?

Your value is not determined by the opinions of others, nor should your self esteem be.

Consider what our lives would be like if we removed the ego from our conversations and actions… and confidently lived on purpose.

Find out how to lift your self esteem and confidence and feel more secure about yourself.



The Mischievous Dog

dosThere was once a Dog who used to snap at people and bite them without any provocation, and who was a great nuisance to every one who came to his master’s house. So his master fastened a bell round his neck to warn people of his presence. The Dog was very proud of the bell, and strutted about tinkling it with immense satisfaction. But an old dog came up to him and said, “The fewer airs you give yourself the better, my friend. You don’t think, do you, that your bell was given you as a reward of merit? On the contrary, it is a badge of disgrace.””

Notoriety is often mistaken for fame.

Some people often do something ridiculous to get attention and they succeed in catching attention eventually. But the people who are looking at them are not looking in admiration.

That is one indication of insecurity. When you use small things to try to get attention, to try to get people to praise you and try to get a sense of self-worth by the opinions of others.

But that’s not the right way. We need to absolutely live independent of the opinions of others.

I think it’s an absolute tragedy that men and women use their bodies to try to get attention. And others go around trying to get attention with their objects.

We need to live our lives confident in God’s approval and to live according to his ways. And we have to always remember that we are the children of our heavenly father and that we are special because of that. We don’t ever need to look around us for self-worth but we need to look up to heaven.



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