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Don’t Get Left Behind: How to Change In a Rapidly Changing World

IMG_5493The rate of change continues to increase each year.

Technology is changing everything.

How fast can you adapt?

Are you too rigid and inflexible?

Each of us must be able to adapt and change, and learn and grow, if we are going to be successful in the future. Holding on to the old ways, or even the current ways of doing things will cause us to be left behind the ever-changing tide of life.

True, some things, like high standards, should never change. But those things that can change, will, and we must be able to change (improve) with them!

Learn how to change right now.

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Fable number 7: The Bat and the Weasels.

batA Bat fell to the ground and was caught by a Weasel, and was just going to be killed and eaten when it begged to be let go. The Weasel said he couldn’t do that because he was an enemy of all birds on principle. “Oh, but,” said the Bat, “I’m not a bird at all: I’m a mouse.” “So you are,” said the Weasel, “now I come to look at you”; and he let it go. Some time after this the Bat was caught in just the same way by another Weasel, and, as before, begged for its life. “No,” said the Weasel, “I never let a mouse go by any chance.” “But I’m not a mouse,” said the Bat; “I’m a bird.” “Why, so you are,” said the Weasel; and he too let the Bat go.

— Look and see which way the wind blows before you commit yourself.

The bat was wise to learn from the weasel what the weasel wanted. When he wanted a bird, the bat was a mouse. And when the other weasel wanted a mouse, the bat was a bird.

There are principles we always need to hold by. There are principles and truths that never change no matter how much the world changes. But, there are other things that change rapidly. For example, the newspaper industry is going under because of the internet. You can get the news instantly for free and you don’t have to wait till tomorrow morning. Another example, video stores are going out of business because of the little DVD kiosks and even those are going to go out of business because you can now rent tons of DVDs for a very inexpensive monthly fee.

There are principles and truths that never change and we should not fluctuate in our morals, standards and in our integrity. But when it comes to businesses and being flexible, don’t be so absolutely rigid.

Often, we have very limiting beliefs which we  picked them up maybe from our parents or from our society when we were kids.  And by that, we miss out on so much. We’ve got to be flexible, we’ve got to see which way the winds blowing and then adjust.

Don’t get so rigid that you end up breaking.

Bend where it is okay to bend and be flexible and willing to make the changes.

Be open to perceive the changes coming.

Make sure your education and your life are well rounded and well balanced that you are not really overdeveloped in one area and really undeveloped in another.

Where do you foresee the greatest need to adapt? Please share.



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