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Are You The Reason? Social Influence

Social influence is a major factor in why people do what they do.

Make sure you are never the reason some people give for having chosen the lower road.

In this recording, I tell the story of a future NBA star who was encouraged to make the right choice on the basis that others would see what he chose and some would follow in his footsteps.



Don’t Become the Reason

The other day I heard a great story. I don’t know all the details and so I am not going to share names or exact details about it but I want to share the principle and which is the most important.

basketballThere was a pretty famous athlete who was a professional basketball player for many years. When he was younger, he wanted to be involved in something that was great and he was trying to decide whether he should do it or not, he had a little hesitation though. So he went and spoke with one of his church leaders and the last said –you know what! I am not going to tell you what to do, it’s your choice. But let me give one piece of advice. You are an example and people are going to look to you and all I can say is ‘don’t become the reason that’s somebody else doesn’t go. In other words, people are going to watch, people are going to see us, they are going to know what we are doing and you never want to become the reason why somebody does something bad or chooses not to do something that’s good.

What a great principle. Don’t become the reason!

Jesus of Nazareth in the bible often uses those examples (beware/ behold).

And all around us, we see people doing those things that are good and those that are bad.

Let’s make a commitment in our lives to be the reason for some people  to do good things. And never become the reason that some people would do bad things.

Let us make choices and stand as examples.

Let’s seek to have a great influence and to be the kind of people that can be followed.

You and I know both that we are being bombarded from all sides with so much noise. Thus, we all of us need mentors, heroes and examples.

Let’s become people that others can look to for an example.

Let us never be the reason that somebody doesn’t go and let us always try to be the reason that somebody does do the good thing and the right thing.



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Are Your Actions In Line With Your Dreams?

How often do we dream about doing something great and then ruin our chances through inattention or foolish actions?

“We want to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible” but just keep buying worthless stuff every month.

“We want to save” but the daily coffee stop is just too tempting.

“We would love to help some poor children in third world countries,” but that would mean we would need to cancel our cable (heaven forbid).

“I really want to pay off my debts, but I need that money for music, video games and satellite TV.”

I constantly hear people say, “Oh I sure wish I could….but…” followed by some lame excuse. The truth is that you can do it, if you want to do it bad enough, and if you act accordingly.

Do NOT miss out on this critical principle!



The Milkmaid and Her Pail.

A farmer’s daughter had been out to milk the cows, and was returning to the dairy carrying her pail of milk upon her head. As she walked along, she fell a-musing after this fashion: “The milk in this pail will provide me with cream, which I will make into butter and take to market to sell. With the money I will the-milkmaidbuy a number of eggs, and these, when hatched, will produce chickens, and by and by I shall have quite a large poultry-yard. Then I shall sell some of my fowls, and with the money which they will bring in I will buy myself a new gown, which I shall wear when I go to the fair; and all the young fellows will admire it, and come and make love to me, but I shall toss my head and have nothing to say to them.” Forgetting all about the pail, and suiting the action to the word, she tossed her head. Down went the pail, all the milk was spilled, and all her fine castles in the air vanished in a moment!

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

Keep Your Mind on Your Business

What a great lesson!

It is great to dream. We all ought to have dreams because without a vision the people perish –says the old testament. We’ve got to have a vision and we’ve got to dream, but we’ve also got to keep our mind on our business.

I had a coach when I was playing football as a young boy in Texas who always said with a deep Texan accentkeeep your miiind on your business’. He said that over and over and I had to get that into my mind. And a few years ago I realized that that guy was right.

It is good to dream but you have got to work toward that dream and not just sit there and daydreaming about it.

Let’s keep our minds on our business. Yes it is great to dream, yes it is great to plan, yes  it is great to envision and yes it is good to think about it but you have got to keep focused and make sure your actions are in line with your desires.

Often, people get these dreams but their actions aren’t even close to be in growth with their dreams and goals. So dreaming about being on one path while walking down another.

Let’s aline our action, our thoughts, our desires and our habits with the things we want most in life.

You can prove your priorities by the way you spend time and attention.

Let’s aline our lives,

Let’s keep our mind on our business and act accordingly.



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