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How to blow your chance for success

This is one of my favorite recordings.  It is chuck full of great principles and proven practices for success!

You WILL learn something in this that may alter your life.

Are you doing one of the things that kill the recipe for success?  One of the most common killers is focusing on the effects and neglecting the cause.  Are you guilty?  Find out.



Fable 23: The Mistress and Her Servants.

assA Widow, thrifty and industrious, had two servants, whom she kept pretty hard at work. They were not allowed to lie long abed in the mornings, but the old lady had them up and doing as soon as the cock crew.

They disliked intensely having to get up at such an hour, especially in winter-time: and they thought that if it were not for the cock waking up their Mistress so horribly early, they could sleep longer. So they caught it and wrung its neck. But they weren’t prepared for the consequences. For what happened was that their Mistress, not hearing the cock crow as usual, waked them up earlier than ever, and set them to work in the middle of the night.”

First, the lady had a great recipe for success. She is thrifty, industrious, gets up early, and a hard worker.

There are some great benefits to getting up early in the morning. Some people do like the morning and function better but the others don’t. It is true that we all have our very best time of the day, but believe me, there are some huge benefits from getting up early in the morning. And we ought to try to do that as often as  we can. What? Is it hard for you? Well, just give it a try. Exercise some self-discipline and start your day with some prayers and some studies and get that morning routine going.

Second, attitude.  The servants disliked intensely getting up in the morning. And ignorantly, they thought that the cock crowing was the cause. They didn’t know that the cock’s crow signals the morning; it doesn’t create it, nor does it create her habit and her self-discipline.

How foolish to think that the chicken was the cause of her industry, her thrift, her hard work and to think that killing it would change her good habits.

How often are people – you and I included- working on the effects instead of the cause?

Let’s just quickly hit a couple of ideas.

Many people think that the lottery would solve all the financial problems. And I am here to tell you nope it wouldn’t! Because as a general rule, those who win the lottery are broke again within 18 months.

Another fault idea is that liposuction will make you healthy. Not so my friend!  Because the problem is about the habits and not the surgery. Many people who have liposuction have their weight back within a short time because the cause is the mouth to stomach and the eating habits.

Therefore, if you keep fighting the effects it’s just not going to work. You have to look at the causes in your life.

There are some other principles in this fable. You cannot pick up the choice stick without also getting the other end of the stick which is consequence. In other words, you cannot make a choice without getting the consequences. If I make a decision, I am necessarily going to receive the consequences of that decision. We have to watch out our attitude and how much it affects what we do.

Someone once said that as we persist in doing things, they become easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing changes but our ability to do is increased. So think about that. It may be difficult, hard for most, but necessary for success to do these things.

Let’s focus on having a great attitude. Whatever it takes, go for it. And let’s focus on the cause and not the effect, so whatever your goal or dream, fight for it.

You and I have got to stop focusing on the effects and really focus on the cause.

Focus on the cause and the effects will take care of themselves!



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