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Get The Man A Spoon! Leprosy Affected Blind Man in India

This is an incredible story of a leprosy affected man in southern India who was blind for 20 years. Great experience and a great life lesson.

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In India, people eat with their right hand. Well, I am not saying that they eat with a fork and a knife with their right hand, I am saying that they literally eat with their hand. They mix the rise and their food up with their right hand’s fingers and never use their left hand. They leave their left hand under the table and eat everything with their right.

Well, I never considered what that meant to a leprosy-affected individual who’d lost his fingers, I just hadn’t thought about that until one day when I met a woman who doesn’t have fingers and needed a spoon to eat with. She only uses a strap and tight it with her hand and then inserts the spoon between her hand and the strap. So, my first thought was well it can’t be that much though -not remembering that they don’t use spoons-. So, we got in the van and we have driven all the way across Chengalpattu to this little metal specialty store on the far side of the town and bought 2 spoons. But after how far we had to go and find a specific store, I realized -man! that’s kind hard to get a spoon-. Afterward, I realized ‘hey they eat with their fingers and if they loose them then that’s going to put some tough situations’. And it was humbling and grateful that we were able to go and get those spoons. And I wanted just to make a reminder of how blessed we are to have our parts of our bodies complete.

Let me tell you about a famous guy who was a little bit famous and why -well, famous among us I guess-. He went blind and was blind for 20 years! And the reason he was blind is because the hospital refused to offer help to the leprosy-affected. Fortunately, a good doctor (Kumar) was in there and just kept trying and finally the hospital accepted to perform a pretty simple operation and his sight was restored after 20 years of darkness. And whenever he was talking to someone he would turn his head so his side is facing the individual with whom he is interacting. But as doctor Kumar came in, the man looked directly at him before even he knew that was his doctor. He had this powerful connection with him without even seeing him. And for doctor Kumar, that was one of the great experiences in his life and a great reminder of why he entered the medical profession.



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