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The Death of a Child: The Ultimate Reminder of What Really Matters

This amazing experience that I share in this audio recording was a HUGE reminder of what really matters in life. I hope you listen to it, and with me have a change of heart for the better. I hope you’ll join me in an effort to become better, to maintain perspective and to cherish every precious moment of life!

A relative of mine lost their sweet four-year-old boy to cancer. We attended the funeral, where by chance, I witnessed a very sacred experience; I stood on holy ground.

I was greatly affected by his death because I have a 3 year old son and a 4 year old son. It was real for me and I could sense in the slightest way what it might be like to lose one of them.




I have a powerful experience today that I wanted to share.

I have a 3 year old and a four year old boys and we were going with him to the church to participate in the funeral and we were a bit late. And because of our lateness we went there quietly with respect and I stepped in the back  and had the opportunity to witness a powerful experience.

casketThe only people left in the room were the family saying goodbye to their little boy. For the last time as they close up the casket and put his sweet little body on the ground. And I was so quietly witnessing that powerful experience.

Because I have a little 3 and a four year old boys, my heart was touched deeply. Therefore, I am going to appreciate my children all the more and I am going to spend time with them.

I invite you to spend some more quality time with your kids and to be better parents.

Let’s not yell and scream anymore on our children.

Let’s not be angry.

Let’s let our children be children.

Let us resolve today to be better and to live in the moment.

Let’s set aside petty things and count our blessings.

I hope that we can look and see our children as tremendous blessings.



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