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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Are you tough enough? There are many times in life when you and I need to be tough. Far too many of us are still weak, soft and squishy. 🙂
Is your life so comfortable that you are becoming soft and weak? I love a comfortable life as much as you do, but I also realize that too much comfort makes one weak.
Plus, weak people are more focused on pleasant methods than they are on real results!
I’m not saying that we need to remove comfort from our lives, but we do need to do a few important things to make sure that we are tough enough to handle the challenges of life. 

I want this idea that I just love. It’s about being tough. I love studying the life of Theodore Roosevelt junior because that guy was so tough! He was a mean machine! But as a young boy, he was sickly and his dad told him: “Son, you have the mind but you have to make your body” and so he went after it. He got into boxing, then he became one of the rough riders and went out into the west and became one of those rough ranchers. He went to the wars, then he went and traveled the earth and went exploring. Even after his second term as president he went and explored the “rio da Duvida” or the “river of doubt” in the amazon in Brazil, which no other white person had ever explored before. The guy was as tough as nails!


And I realized many years ago, especially after being out on my own, that there’s a side of us that has to be tough. We’ve got to be able to endure things. We’ve got to be able to do hard things. Life sometimes will throw challenges at you and some really big obstacles and we have to be able to outgrow and overcome them.

Too many of us are soft and squishy and we’re too weak! 

And I believe in the goodness of people. Most people are just so great! But most people are also soft and squishy! And in a lot of ways, not just physically. But mentally, emotionally and spiritually we’re weak! So how do we get tougher? Well, here’s how to tell if you’re weak. Weak people are more concerned about pleasant methods than  they are about real results.

Let me give you an example of physical fitness. If you want to be in a phenomenal shape, you have to push yourself. You’ve got to get uncomfortable. You’ve got to burn those muscles! You’ve got to go after it.You have to push yourself to where it hurts so bad that you can’t do anymore and then you do a little bit more.  

But weak people want pleasing methods, but tough people are willing to have uncomfortable and unpleasant  methods in order to get great results.

But what about education? Successful people are willing to get up early, study hard and pay a price even when it’s uncomfortable, even when they’re tired, even when there are other pleasant and more enjoyable things to do.They pay the price and guess what! They get great results! They get a world class education! And it’s because they’re willing to pay the price.

So look at yourself. Are you choosing the easier way? It’s easier to just sit around and do nothing. It’s easier to just turn on the t.v. and let it in to your life. It’s easier to go to the gym and only LOOK like you’re working out. It’s easier to just do the minimum amount of work. That’s the easy way. But it’s also the weak way.

So I want to challenge you to get tough. I want to challenge you to look at you’re life and look at all you’re comforts. Now, I love comforts but sometimes too many comforts make us soft and squishy. I think it’s an excellent idea to get out in nature and do some backpacking. And do some things that really challenge you.

Challenge yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, socially and financially. Look at your whole life and ask “Am I too weak? Am I too comfortable?” So get uncomfortable and challenge yourself.

Be willing to face uncomfortable and unpleasant methods in order to get great results. 

Here’s to the new and tougher you.



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November 8, 2016
© 2016 Greg Denning. All rights reserved.