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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Are you strong in one or two areas and weak in many others? I know that’s how I felt for a lot of years until I realized that I needed to become a well-rounded person.
If we only work on a few aspects of ourselves, we can become lopsided like a volleyball or soccer ball with a blown out seam. It just won’t work right.
In order to thrive and survive; to live successfully and happily, you and I neeballd to be well-rounded in our personal growth and performance.
That includes education, travel, perspective, emotional mastery, spirituality, and relationships.

The Lopsided Ball

I love sports, I love playing ball, and I grew up playing volleyball, football, and baseball. Overall, I love competition and having fun while playing any kind of sport. But this is not actually the main topic. Then what are you talking about right?

Well, while playing a kind of sport that require a ball, several times the ball smashed and gets a little lop-sided. And deflated-ballguess what? You can’t play with a lopsided ball. And this leads us to the important thing here. Too many of us are like lopsided balls!

Imagine this with me. We  all want to grow and expand and become our very best selves right? We are like this whole center and we are trying to grow from the center and expand out in order to become bigger and better. But, a lot of us are expanding from one area which makes it unbalanced and lopsided. Thus, I want to challenge you to expand in every direction from the center and from your core.  As we grow and expand, we need to grow in everything.

It Is Not the Way It Is

Just because the way it is in your little world you think ‘that’s the way it is’. Well, there are so many different things outside your world as well as so many different ways to live and they are all great.


Are you expanding in your education?

Are you expanding in your character?

Are you expanding in your reality?

Are you expanding in your paradigm?

Are you expanding in your goodness?

Are you expanding in your relationships?

Are you expanding in your emotional mastery?

Are you expanding in your mindset?

These are few questions to examine different areas of your life. Because growing and expanding should reach every aspect of your life in order to grow as a whole being. We actually need to grow in every way; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually…etc. And in all this, we need to keep growing as a well-rounded whole and not like a lop-sided ball.



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November 14, 2016
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