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World schooling, as we define it, is the best way to get a phenomenal education for yourself and your children. It’s the perfect combination of study and experience. It’s homeschooling and intensive traveling. Learn about something in the best books and resources, then go experience for yourself. My son Parker (10) and I had a once in a life time experience together. You’re gonna love it!

What Is WorldSchooling?

Today I want to talk about Worldschooling. I want to talk about what it is and why I think you should do it. Worldschooling  for us is getting a GREAT EDUCATION. And in my view, great education and learning comes from three sources:

  • Great books, great study (interviewing people and learning)

  • Experiences (getting out, touching, feeling, and having great experiences)

  • Inspiration (it just comes from heaven and just lights up your mind )

And WORLDSCHOOLING incorporates all of those.

Sea Turtles Experience

Let me share an experience I had recently. It was this week when I went out surfing with my son Parker at 5:00 in the morning, and while we were surfing and watching the sun rise over Costa Rica, and we saw a bunch of baby sea turtles, swimming out to start their life’s journey. I caught one and we played with it on our board for a little bit and then released it and let it go on it’s journey, and it was an awesome experience. It was a great way to start the day and it was so meaningful and awesome.

 So it’s about  getting out and having these experiences. You have to feel, touch and sense. Now when we read about sea turtles in books or online, there’s a connection there, and that power and excitement is there because we experienced it and made it happen.

Somethings Can Be Learnt Only If You Had The Opportunity to Experience Them

I want to encourage you to consider that. Whatever your educational goals are; homeschooling, unschooling, public or private schooling, whatever you are doing, incorporate great experiences around the world. And yes, I think travel has to be a part of that. Because there are things that you can only learn by going out and experiencing another culture, another society, other people, food and things. When we’re traveling and we’re intense and engaged in a new country and we’re embracing everything it has to offer, the growth is unbelievable!

WorldScooling Is The Perfect Combination of Study and Experience

That is great Worldschooling. We take tons of books all over with us, we study intensely, we’re curious, we’re voracious learners, we’re getting out and creating great experiences and memories and learning at a phenomenal level.



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May 25, 2016
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