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Some conventional thinking is good; some of it is terrible! Do not be one of those people who floats along blindly through life accepting all the scripts that other people hand out. Choose to question conventional thinking and then wisely embrace the good you find after asking hard questions. Nonconformity can be wonderful, if you’re moving in the right direction. Life is so much better when you find great answers to hard questions.

Conventional Thinking

I want to challenge you to do something and also ask you how you maybe have done it. The invitation is to question conventional thinking! I would love to know: — In the comments section below.

  • What things have you questioned?
  • What is some of the conventional thinking that you’ve  questioned and has brought excellent results to your life?

I wanted to bring out this challenge because I think that it’ s so important. Too many of us are just going through life embracing or accepting or acquiescing to a socially conditioned path! We’re accepting scripts that others are handing out and accepting conventional thinking that was just given to us! And nobody ever stops  to think that there may be a better way! And I believe that each of you has genius and greatness in you. I believe that there is a unique path and a unique mission  for each family and for each individual. BUT, you have to question conventional thinking before it is too late!

Too many people don’t ask until it’s too late like Ivan Ilyich, Tolstoy’s character in his book “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” who doesn’t ask until the end of his life, on his deathbed, and he says: “What if my whole life has been wrong!” But it’s to late then! And the exchange rate has been way too high.

So, I want you to question conventional thinking. But I want you to do it with the right intent! And it’s not just to do something different or just to break away. Some of us just do it to be rebellious, but you don’t want to do that! Don’t do it just because it’s different. I want you to think through it. And you are going to find that some, or a lot, of the conventional thinking is okay and might fit in your life! BUT, at least you’ve THOUGHT through it!! At least it’s deliberate. At least you are choosing it! And that’s the big thing.

Some of it you’ll find, doesn’t take your life where you want it to go. You may want to live differently, to live unconventionally, to live deliberately, to live life on your terms and not fit into the little plan they have prescribed for other people!

Ask Good Questions and Get Great Answers

So whether it’s social or financial patterns and habits, where you live, how you live, your work, mental, emotional or physical patterns… just look around and ask good questions.

Here’s the most important principle,  and I hope that you really let it sink in. One of the best thing we can do in life to can ensure that we have a great life is to ASK really HARD QUESTIONS and get really GREAT ANSWERS!



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