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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

“No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”
I grew up in a broken home; no fun. I am making sure my children grow up in a loving and strong family. What legacy will you live and leave?

What Are You Going to Leave?

In church today, I met a really nice old man and we had a great conversation together. And it got me thinking about what I’m going to be like when I am older.


That really got me into this mindset of:

  • What am I going to leave?
  • What am I going to give?
  • What is my legacy?
  • How am I making a contribution?
  • What am I doing that is meaningful and matters?
  • How am I delivering the goods for my children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and for the whole world?

I hope that you think about this all the time. Who do you want to become and what do you want to leave.I think a lot of people go through life and don’t even think about it. So I  invite you to give it some thought. Who do you want to become? And what legacy do you want to leave?

When you get older, do you want to be surrounded by your children, grandchildren, friends and family? Or, like some people I know that are lonely and my heart literally aches for them. They become bitter and cranky and as the get old, they get old alone. But it’s not enough because you are awesome and you can do more, give more and be more. So go out and make it happen.

Here’s a Hard Lesson For You. Make Sure to Not Do This

IMG_0896I  grew up in a broken home, and my father took off when I was born and I have no relationship with him. And I think about him sometimes; he is all alone and didn’t leave that great legacy and he is just off by himself. And in total sincerity, my heart aches for him! He doesn’t have what I want and so I am putting my focus on building the family, the culture, and legacy that I want to have in my life. Because for me, that is the most important thing in life!

So make sure that you are on the right path, and if you are not on it, make sure you get on it!

You are AWESOME! You can do more, you can be more and you can build more! So go out and make it happen and do things that really make a difference.




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April 27, 2016
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